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Last July, we sold 2 antique vintage merry go rounds to a customer in Dallas, USA. Why this client chose us? Compared with other suppliers or manufacturers, what are our strengths? My friends, please come with me for details.


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  • Classic palace style
  • Double-decker&single-decker
  • Animal style

  • Christmas style

  • Ocean style

Various themes provide more possibilities for his business

Real-life strategy to reach your goals.

Our vintage merry go round for sale are available in these styles: double-decker, single-decker, palace style, animal style, ocean style, and Christmas style. Our client bought a classic and a double-decker vintage merry go round for sale in Dallas, US. The classic carousel is with some gold European-style patterns, which looks so luxurious and vintage. And the double-decker vintage carousel horse for sale is splendid, with some carriages. According to his feedback, these antique carousel horses attracted many customers as soon as they were put into use. And they also bring a lot of profit to our client.


How do our high-quality vintage carousel become recognized by customers?

Dinis  is a professional manufacturer with more than 20 years manufacturing and sales experience. And we have a factory of 20,000 square meters. We took the customer to see the workshop and samples, and he was satisfied with our factory and equipment.

For vintage merry go round for sale in Dallas, US, we use top-notch FRP and national standard steels. FRP is very tough and each piece of international steel has its own number.

Some manufacturers on the market add talcum powder to FRP to make it appear thicker. However, doing so will cause FRP to crack easily and will break after 2-3 years of use.

By contrast, there is no talcum powder in our FRP. We create strong FRP from multiple layers of fiberglass and resin. Even if people kick it hard with their feet, it won’t break. The surface of the carousels’ seats and carriages is made of FRP. We asked the customer to kick them hard with his feet, and there were no cracks.

the manufacturing of the carousel

DINIS factory

Reliable manufacturer

Why did he choose us in the end?

We generate results for our customers

Before visiting our factory, he also visited the factories and products of other manufacturers. However, after visiting manufacturers, he decided to chose us. There are some reasons why he did this:

1.Our company is well-known in the industry. In Henan Province, our amusement equipment are very famous. And our company is a large company with rich manufacturing and sales experience. So this customer has great trust in us.

2.The quality of vintage merry go round for sale in Dallas, US is first-class in the market. Our technology is advanced and parts of antique merry go round for sale are made of top-notch materials. Our engineers are professional and rigorous in design, and workers are highly skilled.

3.Our after-sales service is very complete. Unlike some small companies, as a relatively large company, we handle customers’ after-sales issues perfectly.

4.Our company’s vintage merry go rounds are the most cost-effective. While ensuring high quality, we also gave this client a favorable price. And we had some discounts at the time, so we gave him a very affordable price.

Chinese New Year is approaching recently, so we are having discounts and promotions. Take the opportunity to buy carousel horse antique now and add some retro charm to your business!

“I am very satisfied with your company’s antique carousel. It has a beautiful and gorgeous style, and it has a large passenger capacity. It has also brought a lot of profits.”

Marie Hibbler

“The appearance and quality of Disney’s carousels is pretty good. The workers who came to help install the carousels installed them very quickly. I will come to you again if we have any cooperation in the future.”


Evan Hoffman

“The quality is very good. It is still very sturdy and durable after 8 years of use. There were some minor glitches, but the after-sales service was very enthusiastic and responsible.”

Richard Jeremy

“It brings a lot of profits to my fairground. People love the gorgeous vintage carousel.”

Brent Schull

“Dinis Company’s vintage carousels come in many styles. I bought classic one and Christmas one for my business.”

Elizabeth Varela

“The vintage merry go round is the most classic and attractive amusement ride. Children and couples who come to my amusement park love it very much.”

Jay C. McLendon

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