Looking for electric bumper boats for sale or water bumper cars? We provide high quality electric bumper boats of various styles, sizes, and prices, and suitable for kids and adults. In addition, we also provide bumper cars used on ground.

Have a look at electric bumper boats of different sizes!

We provide small, large, 1-seater and 2-seater electric bumper boats for sale! And they are suitable for different people groups. These inflatable electric bumper cars could be used in amusement parks, on ice, indoor venues, etc.Please allow me to give some details to you.

red electric bumper boat with water guns

Small electric bumper boats

Small water electric bumper cars are for kiddies and for adults who are thinner and shorter. They have shorter seat belts and smaller spaces than large ones.

Large electric dodgem boats

Large electric bumper boats are for big kids and for most adults. They are designed according to the average height and weight of adults, and the seat belts can also be adjusted according to the size of each person.

battery powered inflatable bumper boat with water guns
battery powered inflatable bumper boat

1-Seater electric bumper boats

1-seater electric bumper boats are designed for people who drive alone, especially adults. Some kids also like driving 1-seat electric water bumper boats so that they could freely drive the bumper boats. Beside water, you could place water electric bumper cars in indoor venues and on ice.

2-Seater electric bumper boats

This kind of bumper boats are usually used by a parent with a child, or 2 kids. 2-Seater electric bumper boats are popular among investors as they bring more benefits than 1-seat bumper boats at same time.

battery powered colorful bumper boats

Electric bumper boats for sale suitable for kids and adults.

Electric bumper boats are for adults and kids, as they are not so thrilling, collisions are not very violent. And people’s safety is ensured. Now I will tell you features of Electric bumper boats for kids and adults we producing.

Speed of Electric kids bumper boats & electric bumper boats for adults

The speed of Electric kids bumper cars on water is not as fast as adults ones. Therefore, the collisions are not very violent, and kiddies won’t be bounced very far. That is, these water bumper boats are more safe for kids and not very thrilling. However, they are thrilling enough.

By contrast, the speed of adult electric bumper cars on water is faster, collisions are more intense, and adult riders will be bounced farther. Adult riders enjoy the thrill while safe.

battery powered adult colorful bumper boats

Theme of Electric kids dodgem boats & electric dodgem boats for adults

We provide cartoon, animal and ocean themed kids bumper cars on water, and boats bumper for adults in many colors. What’s more, you could customize themes, colors, and styles you need. In addition, we also provide bumper boats with water guns that produce more fun.

Electric inflatable bumper boats we designed for you!

Generally speaking, electric bumper boats are inflatable and light so that they could float on water. Now let me introduce the material features and shape of them for you.


In general, electric inflatable bumper boats are round. However, we could manufacture bumper boats in other shapes, such as polygon or ship shape. We could also manufacture animals water bumper boats for kiddies, such as goose and turtle. Nevertheless, round bumper boats are the most interesting because they are bounced farthest.

Material and its characteristics

We use PVC material to make up electric bumper boats for sale which is so light but robust, and don’t fade easily. As the skins of them are light and film, they are collapsible and portable. In addition, they are simple to assemble, so you could take it to the river on your outings.

details of the water gun of electric bumper boat

Where do you buy affordable electric bumpers boats for sale?

As a company that has developed for a few years, we have worked very hard to manufacture best products and hope to be accepted by investors and the market. So we provide electric bumpers boats for sale with the best quality, best materials and inexpensive price. We also provide kid bumper cars, adults dodgems, indoor bumper cars and amusement parks bumper cars at economical price.

Our company attaches great importance to reputation, so you can rest assured of quality. You could come to the factory to visit products. On the basis of ensuring quality, we try to keep the price down to get more people’s investment.

Use Electric bumper boats could in many places!

Electric bumper boats for sale could be invested in many places, such as amusement parks, pools, and small rivers.

Check out our electric bumper boats battery powered!

Electric bumper boats are only powered by battery. Let me give you more details.

Merits of electric bumper boats battery powered

One of the advantages of battery power supply is that they are portable, and don’t need to be plugged in grid on the ground or ceiling. Thus, the construction cost is saved and it’s so convenient to place electric bumper cars on water.

Compared with grid bumper cars, battery bumper cars can also be used in case of power failure, and they are easier to repair or maintain.

details of the charging port of electric bumper boat

Charging and running time

They can run for 8-10 hours, and need to be charged for 5-6 hours, depending on the frequency of use. Generally speaking, electric bumper boats will not run out of power. Besides, our inflatable bumper cars are also powered by battery.

After reading the above, do you find any kind of electric bumper boats for sale you need? In addition to electric bumper boats, we also offer kids bumper cars, amusement parks bumper cars, indoor bumper cars and adult bumper cars. What’s more, we also provide various types of bumper cars, carousels, flying chair rides, Ferris wheels and scenic spots attractions. If you are interested in them, please contact us.

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