Parameters of tourist trains for sale

Rail train rides for sale

Crown Train rides

16 seats trackless train for sale

Product properties Parameters
Capacity 4*4+1
Limit Slope ≤3%
Power supply Maintenance-free battery pack
Weight 1.8tons
Running Speed ≤10km/h
Turning radius ≥3m
Emergency Braking Distance ≤0.5m
Overall Vehicle Size 12.5m*1.5m*2.1m
Product properties Parameters
Capacity 20*2+1
Limit Slope ≤5%
Power supply Lithium battery pack/diesel engine pack
Weight 4.5tons
Running Speed ≤25km/h
Turning radius ≥15m
Emergency Braking Distance ≤0.5m
Overall Vehicle Size 15m*1.9m*2.6m
white attractive tourist train

40 seats train ride without rail for sale

Popular Children Sightseeing Carnival Train Rides

70 seats trackless train ride for sale

Product properties Parameters
Capacity 35*2+1
Limit Slope ≤5%
Power supply Lithium battery pack/diesel engine pack
Weight 5tons
Running Speed ≤25km/h
Turning radius ≥18m
Emergency Braking Distance ≤0.5m
Overall Vehicle Size 17m*1.9m*2.6m

Trackless train rides for sale

sea train ride with track

16 seats train ride

Product properties Parameters
Capacity 16+1 passengers
Limit slope ≤3%
Running speed ≤7km/h
Turning radius ≥7m
Power supply Lithium batteries
Weight 1.8ton
Emergency Braking Distance ≤0.5m
Overall Vehicle Size 13m*0.53m*0.6m
Product properties Parameters
Capacity 12*4+1 passengers
Limit slope ≤3%
Running speed ≤7km/h
Turning radius ≥17m
Power supply Lithium batteries
Weight 5.5ton
Emergency Braking Distance ≤0.5m
Overall Vehicle Size 26.5m*1.1m*2m
medium rail train ride

48 seats train ride

tourist train with rail

96 seats train ride

Product properties Parameters
Capacity 24*4+1 passengers
Limit slope ≤3%
Running speed ≤7km/h
Turning radius ≥20m
Power supply Lithium batteries
Weight 12ton
Emergency Braking Distance ≤0.5m
Overall Vehicle Size 32.6m*1.6m*2.3m

Our tourist train for sale is a amusement train ride on which tourists can sit and enjoy the scenery. It is often used in shopping malls, parks, scenic spots, amusement parks, etc. And scenery train ride is suitable for people of all ages. In addition to that, scenery train ride has different drive methods, including diesel and electric. Moreover, some sightseeing trains are with tracks and others are trackless train for sale. You may choose according to your needs. In addition, we provide various styles of sightseeing train rides, and could also customize styles according to your requirements.

Small, medium and large tourist train for sale, which do you want to buy?

We provide different sized tourist train for sale with different capacity and amount of seats.

Small tourist trains for sale: 16, 20, 24 seats

Small tour train for sale is separated into 4 cabins, and each cabin include 4-6 seats. You can freely match water and coal carriages and box carriages. And they are powered by batteries. The top speed is <=7km/h, and limited slope is 3%.

Besides, they are suitable for places with low foot traffic.

Crown Train rides
trackless train rides for sale

Medium tourist train ride for sale: 27, 36, 40 seats

27 and 36 seats train rides for sightseeing are separated into 3 cabins, and each cabin include 9-12 seats. And 40 seats tourist road train for sale are separated into 2 cabins, and each cabins include 20 seats. The water and coal carriages and box carriages can be freely matched. 27, 36 seats are powered by batteries and 40 seats tourist land train for sale are powered by batteries or diesel. The top speed is 7-10km/h, and limited slope is 5%.

Large road train for tourists for sale: 56, 70 seats

Large scenery train ride is separated into 2 cabins. And you can match water and coal carriages and box carriages freely. They are powered by batteries or diesel engine unit. The top speed is 25km/h, and limited slope is 5%.

They are suitable for large venues such as amusement parks, parks, zoos, scenic spots, farms, etc.

white attractive tourist train

Rail & Trackless tourist train for sale


We provide various types of tourist trains ride for sale, including rail and trackless trains. The speed of tourist railroad excursion trains can be faster than trackless sightseeing train, like a small and low roller coaster. Nonetheless, it also has the function of sightseeing. Trackless sightseeing train is mainly used for enjoy the view and it drives on the ground by riders, so it is slower.

Come and buy tourist rail trains!

Along the railroad, riders take the tourist railway train to tour the whole park and enjoy the aesthetically pleasing scenery. They will experience as much fun as if they were actually on a train. In addition, part of these tracks are suspended, so people enjoy the scenery from the sky, which is so interesting.

What’s more, the speed can be adjusted as your request, music and time also being adjusted as your request. Riders press start button on the control box, and then it run. When the time riders set up is over, it will automatic stop.

In addition, we offer ride-on train rides on track that can be set up in malls, fairgrounds, etc.

These are some of our tourist trains.

Come and buy trackless tourist trains!

Riders can go around the park by the trackless train for sale, enjoying the pleasing scenery and the breeze on their face. Besides, these trains come in a variety of shapes and are like real trains, and riders can experience being a “train driver”.

Trackless sightseeing trains is divided into electric trackless train for sale(battery powered) and trackless diesel tourist train. Its speed is not so fast, and the brake works well. We provide maintenance for lifelong, 1 year free maintenance for mechanical parts, and 6 months free maintenance for electric appliances.

These are some of our tourist trains.

Come see various theme tourist trains

We provide touring trains coming in a variety of looks and solidly constructed. These train rides includes cartoon, festival, vintage, steam locomotive shaped, etc.

Among cartoon themes, we offer famous Thomas and Friends series train rides. Also, we could paint other cartoon characters on scenic train rides.

For festival themes, we offer the Christmas train ride. It always bring happy mood to riders.

The vintage road train for tourists for sale sells the best. The classic colors and antique style of it attract riders and decorate your venues.

The front of a steam locomotive shaped sightseeing train ride could emit water vapor. And in fact it is powered by battery or diesel.

We also provide tour train for sale with shining colorful LED lights to make the vehicle operate at night.

In addition, we could customize styles, colors and patterns according to your requirements.

Where to buy affordable tourist train for sale?

Affordable prices for tourist trains for sale are wanted by many investors in order to save costs. Of course, the quality of affordable scenic train rides should be guaranteed.

Our company provides tourist trains of high quality and economical price. We are professional and reliable, having our own factory, certificate of quality inspection, and hundreds of works to produce exquisite tour trains for sale. As we manufacture train rides for tourist by ourselves, our price is economical than many other amusement equipment sellers. We are committed to save your cost and bring you more benefits.

Antique scenic trackless train ride

For prices, different prices corresponding to different sizes, lengths and styles. Despite the sizes, lengths and styles are different, the quality of all public touring trains for sale is guaranteed. You may choose sightseeing train rides according to the size of your site and style you like.

Different driving modes of scenery train ride.

We offer 2 driving modes of trackless sightseeing trains including diesel and electric powered. Two ways of providing energy both make sightseeing train ride run for a long time, and the energy consumption is slow. There is an instrument panel on the train, which displays the remaining power or the amount of diesel. Our tourist trains are easy to maintain and can be used for a long time if you take good care of them.

Electric tourist train ride for sale

The trackless electric tourist train is powered by battery, and it has a charger. The voltage from control box to motor is AC, from motor to track is DC— this is safe for passengers. The battery is fully charged in 6-7 hours, lasting 8-10 hours depending on frequency, and can be used normally for more than 2 years, depending on the frequency of use. Its advantage is more environmental friendly than diesel tourist train.

British style electric sightseeing train

Diesel tourist train for sale

The advantage of diesel tourist train is that diesel is convenient to add and adding it doesn’t take as long as charging. Therefore, when the train lacks energy, it can continue to run immediately by adding diesel. Diesel engine has a large capacity, so it can run for a long time. We provide safe and quality diesel tourist train to ensure riders’ safety and investors’ benefits.

Red antique diesel tourist train rides

Who are main customers of the scenic train rides?

Scenic trains rides are suitable for all ages, including kids, adults and the elderly.

Speed: The speed of it is 7-25km/h, which is not fast so they won’t get injured.

Braking performance: In addition, scenic train tours have good braking performance, so it can stop quickly when encountering obstacles.

Materials: What’s more, the materials of it is FRP and steel structures, which is so robust. Thus, the safety of riders can be ensured.

Opened and closed cabins: And we provide opened, semi-closed and closed train rides for tourist for sale. To ensure the safety of kids, you may choose closed or semi-closed scenic train ride.

Family-friendly: Besides, families can ride it together to enjoy the fun time, view the scenery and improve the relationship among family members. So it is a ideal amusement ride for families to have fun on holidays and weekends.

small Thomas themed scenic train rides
purple tourist train

You can invest tourist train ride for sale in many places!

Public touring trains for sale are often invested in scenic spots, farms, shopping malls, theme parks, amusement parks, carnivals, etc. And also, they can be used outdoors on a public road in small remote townships.

Many investors buy scenic train rides for their attractions and farms. As the scenic spots and farms are usually large, and tourists need to take sightseeing train rides to tour the site. We provide various colors and styles gorgeous scenic train rides for your attractions and farms.

Train rides for sightseeing are also usually used in malls. Malls are relatively large, and thus consumers prefer to ride train rides for sightseeing when going shopping. We provide scenic trains rides with various themes and shining LED lights for your malls.

Our trackless trains are approved by many investors. Contact us to make these Trackless Train your new business.

tourist train for sale for mall and attraction

How to buy a tourist train for sale near you?

Buying a tourist train near you seems a convenient choice, however, products near you may be ordinary or cost you a lot. Our company is a professional tourist train manufacture, having a trains tourist train factory, and providing the best scenic train rides. Our sightseeing trains are manufactured with the finest quality on the market. Wagon bodies are made of iron, with excellent brakes and attractive appearances. We ensure the riders’ safety and low repair rate of trains. They are available for your immediate purchase.

Our company is with 20 years of experience, excellent quality product and great reputation. In addition to sightseeing trains, we also offer ride on train rides, Christmas themed train rides, electric trackless train rides and diesel train rides. What’s more, we also provide various types of bumper cars, carousels, flying chair rides, ferris wheels and scenic spots attractions. If you are interested in them, please contact us.

If you are interested in our products, kindly contact us!