We offer many kids Scenic spot fun facilities, such as rainbow slide, multi person swing, swing bridge, air pillow trampoline and fitness park. They are fun and popular, and are of high quality and guarantee.

Colorful and exciting kids Scenic spot fun facilities–Rainbow slides

The rainbow slide is one of the kids Scenic spot fun facilities that is bright and attractive. It consists of 7 colors, and is especially popular with children.

Its length can be designed to be 100 to 300 meters. And we could customize the length of it according to your venue. 100 meter rainbow slide is small attraction project. Compared to traditional slides, it is high. And kids sliding down need a longer time.

When children slide down it, they pass through two or three undulating steep slopes. The speed of the sliding will slow down and then increase, which is very exciting and fun. In addition, it is also a viewpoint project for family.

2 types of rainbow slides

There is one kind of slide without air cushion, which is suitable for the slope length of short slide. Children don’t slide down to the finish line as fast, so they don’t need to carry air cushions.There is also a rainbow slide with an air cushion to slow down and protect children.

stright Rainbow Slide
Wave-shaped rainbow slide

About materials and composition:

Rainbow slide for sale is made of PE material, which is smooth, strong and wear-resistant. And it is made up of many small hexagons, which are hollowed out in the middle. Therefore, it is light and easy to carry.

Childlike kids Scenic spot fun facilities–Multi person swings

Multi person swing is one of the kids Scenic spot fun facilities that needs to be ridden by many people. It is also called net red swing. Additionally, it is also a scenic spot project for family.

The way of riding multi person swing

The method of playing the multi person swing is that children ride or stand on its pole or bench together, and shake at the same time. Children need to shake it in one direction, which could develop their ability to socialize with their peers, and bring them the pleasure of playing with their friends.

For the multi-person swing with a rod, children could stand on it and keep their body balance, which is more stimulating.

The construction of multi person swing

The pole or bench of it is pulled by a number of ropes on the top shelf. And the swing with the rod requires an air cushion underneath to protect the safety of the person who falls from the swing. In addition, the elastic air cushion can bounce the child up, which is also very interesting. It occupies a small area, so it is a project suitable for small venues.

Where are multi person swings built in?

Multi person swings are often built in outdoor playgrounds, attractions, etc. They do not require electricity and their structure is not complex, so they are less commonly found in the playground. And they can also be built in the outdoor physical park and indoor fairground.

Swinging rope bridges are interesting kids Scenic spot fun facilities

Suspended bridges are also called net red bridges, swing bridges, swing rope bridges. They are very interesting and popular kids Scenic spot fun facilities. The way it plays is that the children stand on it and shake, and the one who can stick to it is the winner. It is also a great amusement project for family and a project for small venues.

The experience of the net red bridge

As children feel unstable when the bridge is shaken, they have to try to maintain their balance. During this time, children will feel stimulated and happy. And playing it help them exercise their balance ability. When they lose their balance and fall onto the air cushion, they also feel the thrill of falling and being thrown.

Construction of network red Bridge

The bridge deck is made of cloth, plastic and wood. And the pier is made of square steel welded. The bridge is anchored to the piers by two steel wires. There are air cushions below to protect the children from harm.

Jumping air pillows– kids Scenic spot fun facilities like trampolines

The jumping cloud is one of the kids Scenic spot fun facilities that like a white and elastic cloud inlaid on the ground. And it can be used by many people to jump on it at the same time. When the kids jump on it, they can be bounced up. It is really fun and popular recent years. In addition, it is also a scenic spot project suitable for family.

Its difference from trampoline

Material of the bouncy air pillow

Adults can also jump on it

pillow jumper
bouncy air pillow
jumping air pillow

MBut its elasticity is not very high, that is, it doesn’t bounce the children up as high as the children’s trampoline, so bouncy air pillow is safer than the trampoline. Even if a child falls, it is not easy to step on or twist his neck.The outer membrane of the bouncing cloud is wear-resistant, and it doesn’t matter if the children jump about. And its material is non-toxic and harmless, no smell and no harm to children’s health.

Air pillow trampoline can carry many people, and with strong pressure resistance. Adults can also jump on it. So jumping air pillow is suitable for parents to take their children to play together and enjoy happy time together.

outdoor fitness playground is like the paradise among kids Scenic spot fun facilities

Outdoor fitness playground refers to a venue including many fitness facilities. These facilities includes the slide, climbing frame, swing, trampoline and so on. Kids could ride, slide, climb, go through theses facilities, etc. And the construction of it is easy and delivery is convenient. It is also a attraction project for small venues.

outdoor playground projects

Material of kids outdoor fitness playground

Most of facilities are made of steel and hemp ropes. They are robust enough to afford lots of people. Besides, they are also made of boards and FRP.

Maintenance of kids outdoor fitness playground

In fact, you don’t need to often maintain it. They withstand the rain and the sun and are very durable. And cleaning it is easy as fitness facilities are smooth so that dust hardly fall on them.

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