Glass-made amusement projects for scenic spots are thrilling projects. They are very exciting, as tourists will have the illusion that the glass is very fragile. When they walk on it, they worry that they will fall off. However, the quality of them can be assured. We provide glass water slide, glass suspension bridge, glass canyon walkway, step by step shocking and so on. They are exciting and fun, safe and secure, keeping passengers safe while giving them a sense of excitement.


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Glass water slides can become a landmark of your scenic spot

What is the glass water slide?

The glass water slide is a glass-made amusement facilitates for scenic spots consisting of multiple layers of tempered laminated glass and steel pipe. It is very long in length and with twists and turns. It could be built according to the topography of your scenic spots. The slide is full of water so that tourists could slide down smoothly from the top. And when tourists sliding, they need to sit on an inflatable cushion. It bring tourists thrilling and fun experience, and is popular recent years.

What age is the tourists suitable for sliding it?

Glass water slide is attraction projects for children and adults over 12 years old. And it is family viewpoint project. Children over 12 years old are tall enough to sit firmly on the inflatable slide pad and cannot easily slide out of the slide pad as younger children can. Moreover, their agility and ability to control direction are better than that of young children, so they are safer than young children when sliding glass water slides. And since the speed is relatively fast, the tourists will feel nervous and exciting, which may be a little scary for young children.

details of glass water slide

Hot sale glass suspension bridge

glass rope swing bridge

What is glass swing bridge?

Glass suspension Bridges is also a kind of glass-made amusement facilitates for scenic spots. It have become very popular in recent years. And it is often built over a canyon river and between two mountains. Glass suspension Bridges have been put into use in scenic spots around the world. What’s more, visitors walking from one side of the bridge to the other can enjoy a high view of the landscape below. Therefore, it is exciting but safe and very attractive to tourists.

glass swing bridge

The construction of the glass suspension bridge

The bottom of the Glass suspension bridge is a multi-layer transparent Laminated Glass, which has higher safety and durability. On both sides of the glass is steel handrail. On the handrail are a number of suspended steel cables, which are connected to a thick steel cable high up, which is the main beam. The main beams are fixed to the hills on either side, holding the glass suspension bridge firmly in mid-air. In order to ensure strong load-bearing capacity and strong steel cables, steel cables are made of high-strength steel.

Purchase an exciting glass walkway bar for your business

The glass walkway is also a very popular glass-made thrilling amusement facilities for scenic spots in recent years, which is built halfway up the mountain. On the glass walkway, visitors could see the scenery halfway up the mountain.

Why is glass skywalk exciting?

Its bottom, like the Glass suspension bridge, is made of transparent, specially Laminated Glass. Visitors standing on the clear glass will worry about falling, but the safety of the glass is high enough that they will not actually fall.This seemingly dangerous but actually safe recreational facility brings people enough excitement.

If your scenic spot has mountains, you may consider building a glass walkway halfway up the mountain. Thus visitors can not only see a mountainside scenery, can also enjoy the stimulation.

thrilling and beautiful glass walkway on cliff
thrilling glass walkway on cliff

Hot sale amusement attraction- Startling by Each Step

Step by step is the most exciting attraction in glass-made amusement facilitates for scenic spots. As there are gaps between the glass panels at the bottom of it, that is to say, visitors are likely to accidentally step out. So they must be careful of every step. However, the tourists will only fall a little distance and will not fall off the cliff, for the safety devices will stop them.

Startling Steps

What is the safety device of step-by-step?

The alarming safety device is a simple garment made of safety rope. It is placed under the person’s arms to wrap around the chest and back. So it can stop a person from falling if he accidentally oversteps. It’s attached to a main cable at the top. Since the main cable is the main load-bearing cable, we use a very strong, high-strength cable. In addition, the bottom of the step is a multi-layer laminated glass, very strong and not easy to break. We warmly welcome you to come to our factory and check out the quality of step by step shocking.

Startling by Each Step

We do not recommend children under 13 and people with acrophobia to pass it

It’s not recommended for children under the age of 13, as children are relatively small and the steps can be scary rather than exciting for them. And kids under 13 may be too thin to be protected by safety device.

And people who are afraid of height should not walk on it. We advice that you put up a notice near the Startling Steps.

For kids, we have kids attraction projects include swing bridge, bouncy cloud, multi-person swing, etc.

Among scenic attractions, in addition to glass-made amusement facilitates for scenic spots, we have other exciting attractions such as high-altitude bicycles and high-altitude flying chairs. We also have kids non- powered amusement facilities such as color slides, net red swing, net red bridge, jumping cloud and so on. And we also provide small venues attraction rides and family attraction rides. In addition to scenic attractions, we also have Ferris wheels, sightseeing trains, bumper cars, flying chairs and carousels for sale. If you are interested, please contact us. We warmly welcome your purchase!

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