Mini Ferris wheel for sale is the Ferris wheel which is small and suitable for small places. Compared with the common big Ferris wheel, the mini Ferris wheel ride is more affordable and easy to install. And it has a short running time and a high seat change rate. What’s more, mini observation wheel is suitable for kids and babies. We could customize a mini Ferris wheel with 4 to 10 meters and 4 to 12 seats for you. In addition, we also design mini Ferris wheels with various themes. Such as Christmas themed mini wheel ride, which is suitable for Christmas themed carnival. Moreover, the details of the miniature Ferris wheel are exquisite and the workmanship is fine and high quality. Investors often set up mini Ferris wheel in indoor venues like mall and outdoor venues like funfair.


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Parameters of Mini Ferris wheel

Product properties Parameters
Area Size 6*4m
Height 6.5m
Voltage 380V
Power 5KW
Capacity 10/12 passengers
Volume 20GP(12m)
indoor leaves Ferris wheel

5 and 12 seats mini Ferris wheel for sale

We sell mini Ferris wheels with 5 seats and 12 seats. In addition to these, we also provide other quantities of mini Ferris wheels, including 10 seats, 8 seats, 6 seats, and 4 seats.

5-seater Mini Ferris Wheel

Generally speaking, the 4-seater mini Ferris wheel is  for young children. It is small enough to be placed at home. Its 4 cabins form a cross like a windmill. It is generally applicable in the home, you can put it in the backyard.

mini cloud Ferris wheel
kiddie clock ferris wheel

12 Seat Mini Ferris Wheel

The 12-seater mini Ferris wheel is a regular mini Ferris wheel. It has two seats per cockpit for a total of six spokes. And it is often used in business ventures.

4 to 10 meters mini Ferris wheel for your sites

We manufacture 4-10m mini giant wheel rides, which are suitable for different places. We can also customize the height of the mini Ferris wheel according to the height of your venue.

We are committed to providing you with the best quality mini observation wheel

manufacturing process of the mini Ferris wheel

The quality of our mini Ferris wheel for sale is top-notch in the market, and the price is economical. The various indicators of the mini Ferris wheel includes material quality, safety devices, structural design, transmission system, ride system, etc. They have reached the national quality standards, and have relevant quality inspection certificates. We warmly welcome you to come to the factory for inspection in person.

In addition, we have traded mini observation wheel rides and other amusement facilities with customers from many countries. We brought them benefits, gained their trust and praise, and established long-term and stable trade partnerships.

Where can you buy a mini Ferris wheel that babies can ride on?

manufacturing process of the crab mini Ferris

Riding on the mini Ferris wheel can promote the baby’s cognitive function, exploration function and development of spatial sense. And it also make them happy. We provide mini Ferris wheels that babies can ride on. You can buy it if you have more than one baby in your family. And it is very convenient to start it, and it does not require laborious maintenance

High safety baby mini Ferris wheel for sale

First of all, this kind of Ferris wheel is not high, and children will not be as afraid of heights as riding a large Ferris wheel.

Secondly, the cabin of the baby mini Ferris wheel is small, and the fence distance is close, so the child will not slip off easily.

Then, it is equipped with a seat belt, so that the child can be fastened to the seat so that it will not slip. Besides, its speed is not high, so it will not cause damage to children.

What are the details of the miniature Ferris wheel?

The details of appearance

The design of mini observation wheel for sale is exquisite and the workmanship is excellent. The canopy of cabin is in the shape of lotus leaf, and the bottom of it is decorated with leaf patterns. And the spray paint is painted completely and subtly above the surface. Moreover, the shaft and cabin of mini Ferris wheel ride is decorated with LED lights, which is dazzling and colorful at night.

details of the clock Ferris wheel

The details of security facilities

The safety measures of it is same to kid Ferris wheel. In order to prevent child passengers from climbing out of the cabin, we made the height of the fence very high. The top of the fence is very close to the roof, and the bottom of the fence is very close to the bottom of the Ferris wheel. In this way, it is not easy for children to climb out of the cabin, which is very safe. In addition, we also set up seat belts to double guarantee the safety of children.

Welding of mini Ferris wheel safety device

Buy Christmas mini wheel ride for your business

Christmas-themed amusement facilities have always been very popular with the public. We offer the Christmas themed mini Ferris wheel for sale, which can be put into operation during Christmas themed carnival events. It has a exquisite and attractive appearance; as It is adorned with bow knots, Christmas trees, candy canes, bells, or painted in red and green to match Christmas. People sit on the Christmas mini Ferris wheel and enjoy the festive mood, which is very interesting.

All of these things make mini Ferris Wheel a good investment choice. Our company is a professional manufacturer integrating design, production and sales, with a series of professional skilled workers. Many of our products are sold worldwide. Our company is with 20 years of experience and great reputation. In addition to mini Ferris wheel, we also offer kiddie Ferris wheel, double Ferris wheel, indoor Ferris wheel and big Ferris wheel. If you are interested in them, please inquiry us.

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