Last June, a owner of a park in Florida contacted us about our bumper boats for sale. His new park opened and there is a man-made lake in the park. He wanted to buy some bumper car boats back and put them on the man-made lake to attract more tourists and increase the revenue. Finally, he chose our water bumper boats for their various styles, multi-function and high quality. And our bumper boats for sale to Florida brought huge benefits to his business.

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Why did this Florida client finally buy our bumper boats for sale?

Before buying our commercial bumper boats for sale, our client visited some other company and their factory. However, he finally chose us for product features, product quality and our company strength.

Various styles and multi-functional bumper boat

We provide round bumper boat amusement ride with different shapes: goose, tiger, turtle, etc. Besides, we also provide bumper boat ride for sale with an awning.

Multi-functional: inflatable bumper boats for sale are with water guns so that riders can shoot with others, which is so exciting.

the structure of bumper boat for sale

High quality bumper boats for sale

To make high quality bumper boat rides for sale, we use top-notch materials: FRP, PVC, thickened inflatable airbag. We make FRP by ourselves in factory, and we use multi-layer fiberglass and polyester resin to make it. Besides, we don’t add the talcum powder to make the shell look thicker yet easy to break.

Our company strength

Company Size: As a professional manufacturer, we have 21 years of sales experience, 20,000+ m² factory, 11 workshops and 90+ workers.

Professional team: Our workers are diligent and meticulous, and every step of the production process is strictly monitored.

Service: We provide top-notch, comprehensive installation, maintenance, and customer service.

Global distribution: We sell products to the United States, Australia, India, Algeria and other countries.

Technical Capability: Our company is with our own technical team. And their technical strength is very strong.

What are the needs of our customer?

Our Florida client wanted to buy some bumper boats ride with different shapes to cater to multiple age groups. Besides, he also wanted commercial bumper boats with water guns that bring more fun and excitement to his business on the water.

details of the water gun of electric bumper boat
goose water bumper cars for sale

Sales process of Bumper boats for sale to Florida

Firstly, this client contact us to learn more about our bumper boat ride. Our sales team provide many pictures and videos for him.

And then, we invited him to visit our factory. After viewing our factory, he approved our factory strength and bought some bumper boats for sale. And he put forward some customized requirements for the shapes and characteristics of the bumper boats.

Finally, we customize bumper boats for sale to Florida in different animal shapes and round shapes with some water guns.

Transportation of bumper boat rides for sale

The delivery is simple and convenient. We packed bumper boats up in some large containers and shipped them.

Besides, we provide installation drawings and videos for them, and they hired someone locally to install it.

We can also provide installation service if you need, and our installation team is effective, reliable and responsible.

transportation of bumper boats for sale

Feedback of bumper boat ride sold to Florida

These bumper boats for sale to Florida attracted many tourists, increase the footfall and revenue of his park. Tourists praise water bumper cars and our client is also satisfied with them, and he will consider purchasing other rides from us in the future.

bumper boats for sale

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