Pirate boat ride, as a popular ride, can attract many customers. So many investors choose to invest them in their venues. Among them, pirate ship ride dragon is a classic style pirate boat ride which is with 2 dragon heads and colorful hull. Sea dragon boat swing rides are suitable for kids and adults, and you can invest them in many venues: fairground, carnival, park, attraction, shopping mall, etc. As a reliable and professional manufacturer, we provide high quality dragon pirate boat ride made of FRP and international standard steels for sale. And we provide 24 and 36 seats dragon pirate ship ride for sale, and they are at economical price. Besides dragon swing boat ride, we also provide Caribbean style pirate ship ride for sale. Do you want to learn more? If so, kindly read the following.


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What sizes of pirate ship ride dragon do we offer?

We provide 24 seats dragon small pirate boat and 36 seats large dragon swing ride for sale. You may choose them according to your venue size and foot traffic.

24 seats viking ship ride for sale

Production properties Parameters
Equipment height 10m
Running height 6.7m
Rotation diameter 15.2m
Single side swing angle 50°
Capacity 24 people/boat
Running speed 8.3m/s
Equipment area 14m*7m
Drive power 15kw
Equipment usage fixed

36 seats swinging pirate ship for sale

Production properties Parameters
Equipment height 15m
Running height 11.7m
Rotation diameter 24m
Single side swing angle 60°
Capacity  36 people/boat
Top running speed 11.3m/s
Equipment area 16.6m*7m
Drive power 37kw
Equipment usage fixed

How much does a dragon pirate ship ride cost?

Price range

Save 25%

$8000 – $49880

Where can you invest a dragon pirate ship ride in?

Dragon viking ride is suitable for many venues, such as funfair, carnival, shopping mall, park, attraction, etc.

Why do investors choose to invest dragon swing ship ride in fairgrounds?

Sea dragon boat swing as a classic thrilling ride, you may often see it in amusement parks. Dragon pirate ship ride amusement park can bring riders excitement, add more fun and diversity to the fairgrounds. In addition, sea dragon ride can attract more customers and improve the customer experience. Therefore, they are the preferred rides for amusement park investors.

Sea dragon swings boat for Carnival for sale

There are also many investors investing sea dragon boat swings in carnival. For example, many clients of our company are carnival organizers. And many of them chose to buy dragon pirate ship carnival ride for their carnival event. According to their feedback, the dragon carnival pirate ship rides have brought them huge profits, high foot traffic and compliments from customers.

Shopping mall – an ideal place to invest in pirate ship ride dragon

Investing in a dragon boat ride in shopping mall is also an ideal choice. Because dragon boat rides can increase the revenue and foot traffic of your mall. In addition, dragon boat swing can also increase the popularity of your mall. We provide indoor dragon boat viking for small mall, and kids can ride them; and we also offer 24 and 36 seats large dragon pirate ship for large mall.

Buy dragon swing pirate ship for your park

Whether you are a owner of a new park, or you want to add some new rides to you park, dragon viking ship is the best ride! As an exciting ride, sea dragon pirate ship can add charm to your new park; and it can also attract more customers to your old park and increase the revenue.

How do dragon boat swinging ride bring benefits to your attraction?

Many investors also choose to build a dragon pirate boat ride in the attraction. Firstly, there are many tourists in the attraction, and dragon pirate ship ride can attract them and increase the revenue. Secondly, building a dragon pirate ship ride for sale in your attraction can increase the popularity. Thirdly, pirate ship rides can add more fun to your attraction.

What age group of customers can ride on a pirate ship ride dragon?

We recommend 3-55 years old people can ride the dragon boat ride swing. People in this age group can enjoy the excitement of a pirate ship without getting hurt.

How do we manufacture the high quality dragon pirate ship ride for you?

To make the best quality pirate ship ride dragon, we use the best materials and our professional team manufactures them with care.

What are the materials of dragon swing ship ride?

We use FRP, international standard steels, and old brand paint.

FRP: there is a special FRP workshop in our company. And workers use multi-layer fiberglass and polyester resin to make FRP. Besides, they don’t add any talcum powder to FRP, which make FRP looks thicker yet easily crack. FRP that we make is robust enough and you can kick it hard but it won’t break.

International standard steels: the structure is made of international standard steels. And each steel plate is with a serial number that can be found online. And we use ultrasonic testing, fluorescence detection, magnetic particle inspection to ensure the soldering is strong.

Old brand paint: we use Chinese time-honored paint to paint the dragon viking ride. This brand of paint is bright, wear-resistant, durable, and non-toxic. We will paint the fiberglass multiple times to make it bright and smooth.

How do our professional manufacturing team produce the high quality sea dragon boat swing?

There are more than 60 people in our production team, and they are dedicated, experienced, efficient, and professional. Every step of production is under strict supervision.

Our company strength

As a reliable manufacturer, our company has about 21 years of sales experience. And we own a factory over 20,000 square meters. Besides, there are 11 workshops and about 60+ workers in our factory. What’s more, our company is currently building a new factory, about 40,000 square meters.

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