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We provide diverse attraction solutions, most of which are non-electric attractions. For example, rainbow slide, bouncy cloud, Comprehensive amusement castle, multi-person swing bridge, etc. We also offer thrilling attractions, such as glass water slide, glass swing bridge, cliff swing, sky bicycle. In addition, we have other types of non-powered solutions.

exciting Cliff Swing

Cliff Swing is a thrilling but safe project that tourists could swing above the cliff.

Rainbow Slide is a multi-colored long slide which makes tourists feel excited.

double rainbow slide

Glass Swing Bridge is a popular and exciting attraction project that tourists could enjoy scenery from above the cliff.

glass rope swing bridge
pillow jumper

Bouncy Cloud is a soft and resilient attraction project for all ages.

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Attractive features of ride on steam train for sale

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As childs ride on train with track, ride on train rides are immensely popular among riders for its appearance similar to the real train. And riders could ride on the top of it to...

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