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Looking to infuse your venue or cityscape with a sense of enduring enchantment? Look no further, as we proudly present diverse brilliant Amusement Park Ferris Wheels for sale.

These iconic and enchanting attractions, synonymous with joy and excitement, prove the magic of amusement parks. The towering structure of big Ferris offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the surroundings, making it a perfect addition to any entertainment destination. In addition, we also provide cartoon, childlike small Ferris wheel catering to kids and indoor venues. These amusement park Ferris wheel for sale is suitable for a wide range of age groups, bringing joy to each of them.

Whether you’re an amusement park owner seeking to revitalize your attraction lineup; or a visionary entrepreneur aiming to create a memorable landmark; Our company is here to provide the innovation and expertise that will make your vision a reality.

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What kinds of Spectacular Amusement Ferris Wheels Await You in Our company?

Our company takes immense pride in offering various selections of captivating amusement Ferris wheels catering to our valued clients. Our Ferris wheels are designed to not only entertain but also to yield substantial returns on investment. From grand, state-of-the-art observation wheels, to themed and innovative Ferris, we provide a diverse portfolio of investment opportunities.

Big wheel funfair

As a classical landmark attraction, big amusement park Ferris wheel for sale is a popular investment product in amusement parks, parks, harbors, etc. It has a high return on investment for there are many cabins and seats in it. What’s more, as a landmark, investing it in your venues is certain to attract tourists to visit your venues. Investing it not only obtain benefits from riders, but bring more traffic and benefits to your venues.

Mini amusement park Ferris wheel

Apart from big amusement park Ferris wheel, we also provide small ones. Miniature big wheel funfair are with childlike, cartoon and colorful appearance, which attract kids a lot. We provide cloud , lotus leaves , crab and clock mini big wheel funfair. Besides, we can customize big wheel fairground ride according to your needs.

Double-decker amusement park Ferris wheel for sale

The height and area size of double amusement park Ferris wheel is same to mini big wheel funfair. However, it is with 2 decks and double number of seats.

What Sizes of amusement park Ferris wheel for sale Do We Provide for Shrewd Investors?

Are you seeking exciting opportunities in the world of fairgrounds and entertainment? Our company offers a range of big wheel funfair sizes that cater to diverse markets and preferences. Our selection includes towering, grand Ferris wheels that draw crowds and become iconic attractions at larger amusement parks and fairs. What’s more, we offer small amusement park Ferris wheel designed for smaller venues or events, providing a charming experience for attendees. These are the parameters of them.

Parameters of large Ferris wheels

Parameters of 20m Ferris wheel

Product properties Parameters
Height 20m
Cabin 12pcs
Capacity 48 passengers
Area Size 17*14m
Turning Diameter 17.98m
Power 18kw
Driving power 6kw
Voltage 380V
Volume 3*40HQ

Parameters of 42m Ferris wheel

Product properties Parameters
Height 42m
Cabin 24pcs
Capacity 72 passengers
Area Size 26*23m
Turning Diameter 38.4m
Power 25kw
Driving power 16kw
Voltage 380V
Volume 8*40HQ

Parameters of 65m Ferris wheel

Product properties Parameters
Height 65m
Cabin 36pcs
Capacity 216 passengers
Area Size 38*32m
Turning Diameter 59.85m
Power 100kw
Driving power 26.4kw
Voltage 380V
Volume 18*40HQ

Parameters of small Ferris wheels

Parameters of double deck Ferris wheel

Product properties Parameters
Area size 8*8m
Height 7m
Voltage 380V
Power 9/11KW
Capacity 20/24 passengers
Volume 40HQ(12m)

Parameters of single deck Ferris wheel

Product properties Parameters
Area size 6*4m
Height 6.5m
Voltage 380V
Power 5KW
Capacity 10/12 passengers
Volume 20GP(12m)

With various sizes in between, we can accommodate the unique needs of investors. Our versatile Ferris wheel options ensure that your business aspirations are well-supported, promising financial success.

Who Can Ride Amusement Ferris Wheels? Discover the Perfect Fit for Thrilling Adventures!

From young children to seniors under 65 years old, these iconic rides cater to a wide spectrum of ages. Different size of amusement park Ferris wheel for sale cater to different ages. Big wheel funfair have a wide and diverse audience appeal, and mini big wheel funfair are only suitable for kids.

Big amusement park Ferris wheel catering to a broad range of ages

From aged 3 little kids to aged 65the elders, big amusement park Ferris wheel create a wonderful place to overview the panorama of the surroundings. Families can create lasting memories as parents view the scenery with their little ones, sharing smiles and excitement. What’s more, couples find the romantic ambiance of the Ferris wheel an ideal place for special moments.

Mini Ferris wheel funfair are suitable for kids

The capacity of the seats of amusement park Ferris wheel is smaller, and the height is about 7m. kids are always imaginative and love cartoon, colorful amusement attractions. These amusement park Ferris wheel with cartoon and cute design deeply attract kiddies. Unlike big wheel funfair, their low height produce less thrill. The rotating fun of them provide fun for kids while with high safety.

What Makes a High-Quality amusement park Ferris wheel for sale? Unveiling the Must-Have Features!

High quality big wheel fairground ride are with these features. Our company as a professional manufacturer, producing products that are proud to feature these characteristics.

Top-notch material

Material quality determines product quality. For producing the high quality big wheel funfair, we use top-notch materials. Compared with most businesses on the market, we use pure, impurity-free FRP(fiberglass). Big wheel fairground ride made by pure FRP correspond to smooth, robust, durable body not easily cracked.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Our company boasts more than 60 acres of area, more than hundreds of diligent workers, and several production workshops. Workshops includes FRP workshop, spray painting workshop, grinding workshop, and assembly workshop. With a complete equipment production line and advanced manufacturing equipment, we are committed to manufacture best big wheel funfair for you.

Reliable safety device

To protect riders, the security devices are carefully set up. It includes railings and door bolt that are made of aluminum alloy. The welding joint has been strictly inspected and there are no gaps.

manufacturing process of the mini Ferris wheel
manufacturing process of the cabin of the big Ferris wheel

How to assemble amusement park Ferris wheel for sale?

The installation of big wheel fairground ride is also an essential factor that investors care about. For big wheel funfair, assembling it demands careful planning and expertise. And installation for mini big wheel fairground ride is simpler.

The assembly process involves several stages, including foundation construction, the erection of the wheel’s support structure, the installation of passenger cabins, and the integration of mechanical and electrical systems. Experienced professionals and specialized equipment are typically employed to complete the task. Furthermore, ensuring the safety of these rides is of paramount importance, requiring thorough inspections and adherence to strict regulatory standards.

If you need, we can send some installers to your venues, and you need to pay their wages. You may also hire workers locally.

Our company is a professional manufacturer integrating design, production and sales, with a series of professional skilled workers. Many of our products are sold worldwide. Our company is with 20 years of experience and great reputation. We offer double Ferris wheel, kiddie Ferris wheel, indoor Ferris wheel, mini Ferris wheel and big Ferris wheel. If you are interested in them, please inquiry us. We will enthusiastically tell you more details.