February this year, a owner of a mobile rental business contacted us and bought our mini train for sale. He sought movable mini railway for sale catering to kids, and would use them in the summer this year. Last, he bought a colorful mini train ride for sale from us because of its delicate appearance, high quality and our company strength. After mini train for sale in France arrived, he was satisfied. And it brought huge benefits to him including increasing the revenue and popularity, and he considered the future cooperation.

small trains for sale in France
mini train for sale in France
Properties Paramters
Track size 10m Diameter
Voltage 220V
Power 2KW
Capacity 16 passengers

Senior Rides Design Engineer

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Meeting the France Client & Understanding Their Needs

In the February, our sales team communicate with this France client, and he told us his requirement. He wanted to buy a miniature railway train for sale that can suitable for the outdoor movable business and cater to a wide range of age group people. And he was planning to rental a venue.

miniature railway for sale in France

Solution: how do we design and manufacture mini train for sale in France for them?

Our sales team recommended some styles to them. And then, he chose a colorful cartoon style miniature railway track for sale, which can cater to not only kids but adults. Therefore, families can ride miniature railway locomotives for sale together.

And this kind of miniature railway train for sale can be both used in outdoor and indoor venues, which can allow him to rent indoor and outdoor places.

While he was looking at the styles, he was also very interested in the prices. Our sale team communicate with him about the price, delivery, design, and other details. Meanwhile, we invited him to visit our company. As a professional old brand manufacturer, we have about 21 years of sales and manufacturing experience, 11 workshops and 90+ workers. After visiting our factory, he trusted our factory strength and the quality of miniature railway track for sale. So he decided to choose us.

miniature trains for sale in France

Delivery and installation of mini train for sale in France

After workers finished making the miniature train rail for sale, we delivery the miniature train ride for sale in a large container to them by ship.

The installation went smoothly – our workers set up the tracks efficiently, and tested the operation of the small train carrying goods many times.

miniature train for sale in France

Perfect after-sales service

We provide 1 year free maintenance and lifetime warranty. If you have any problems during the use of miniature trains for sale, you can contact us at any time and we will provide enthusiastic service.

Result:A Surge in Popularity & Revenue

According to the France client’s feedback, his rental business is successful. Our mini train track for sale has brought great benefits to him, including increasing the revenue, improving the foot traffic, popularity and customers experience. This client is satisfied with this small train for sale, and is considering the future cooperation.

mini train for sale in France

How much does a mini train cost?

The price depend on the design, sizes, seats, styles, etc. We provide large and mini locomotive for sale with different amount of seats. In addition, we provide various themed miniature locomotive for sale, such as animal, sea, ride-on, Christmas, etc. Besides, the miniature railway for sale is a bit more expensive than trackless mini train for sale. The price range from $1000-$6500.

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