Our diesel train for sale is scenic train ride powered by diesel. It is of various sizes. And it could be placed in a lot of venues like funfair. Diesel train ride is different from electric train rides, so you may choose the one according to your needs. Moreover, we provide many kinds of diesel trains. For example, we have diesel ride-on trains, diesel Christmas train rides, Thomas sightseeing diesel trains.

Our company is a professional manufacturer, and is committed to offer quality and economical diesel train rides.

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What themes and sizes of diesel trains do we offer?




You have many choices in our company. Our diesel scenic train rides are of many kinds of themes and sizes. For example, we have cartoon themed trains including Thomas and his friends, Mickey and Minnie. Animal themed diesel trains includes dragon, and elephant, and sea animals like dolphin. We also have vintage diesel trains and Christmas diesel trains which are so popular among clients. Besides, we manufacture diesel steam trains with smokestacks that look like steam locomotives but powered by diesel. And we offer diesel ride on train rides which is so fun.

In fact, we manufacture trains of all kinds you like, that is, you could customize diesel train ranges you want, regardless of color, size, length, style,and so on. We have excellent workmanship, and will be able to create diesel trains you like.

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Big carousels for sale

British style sightseeing train

Medium carousel rides for sale

elephant themed small diesel train ride

Small carousel rides for sale

Differences between our diesel trains and electric trains

Are you finding electric or diesel train for sale? There are the differences of them.

As the name implies, diesel trains are powered by diesel; and electric trains are powered by battery. Diesel is easy to add and it keeps train rides moving soon. By contrast,battery is fully charged in 6-7 hours. Therefore, diesel trains are more suitable for a place with a lot of traffic such as amusement parks, malls, scenic spots.

One of the advantage of electric trains is environmentally friendly, for they won’t release exhaust gas like diesel trains. They are suitable for backyard since exhaust fumes are not easily exhausted from the backyard. Moreover, consumers could charge the train ride during the night and play in the daytime.

Dashboard of the diesel train rides

Diesel train dashboard

details of cab of the electric trackless train rides

Engine for electric train

Where could diesel train rides be invested?

Diesel trains for outdoor places

Diesel train for sale are often bought for outdoor places or backyards. In fact, they are suitable for many places, and could attract a lot of riders. For example, you could invest them in outdoor playgrounds, farms, fairgrounds, scenic spots and so on. Tourists travel around the venue on these cool diesel trains to have fun. You could buy large diesel sightseeing trains as outdoor sites are generally large, and large diesel train rides also bring more benefits to you. Many times, diesel locos for sale is used as a scooter in outdoor large venues. If you own farms or scenic spots, it’s a great choice to buy them.

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red semi-closed diesel train ride for fairgrounds

Diesel trains for amusement park

Diesel tourist train rides are popular among riders and could be invested in many places, such as fairgrounds, parks, malls, scenic spots, backyards, and so on. And diesel locomotive for sale are most often invested in amusement parks. Riders tour the amusement park without walking, enjoy the sight from diesel locos for sale and experience the same joy as if driving a real train. Owing to high passengers flow, the energy of trains is easy to run out. Diesel trains are suitable for amusement park in that you just need to add diesel to trains and then trains will continue to run. In this way, you don’t have to worry about running out of energy.

Purchase kids small diesel trains for your business

Do you want to give your kids a happy and colorful childhood? I believe so. Our small diesel train for sale are highly popular among kiddies. They ride miniature diesel trains as if they become train drivers, and smiles are so pretty on their faces.

You could buy a mini diesel train in your backyard, and drive it around with your children, enjoying happy hours. Apart from buy them for your kids, investing them in outdoor playgrounds or malls is also a great choice. Almost every time they pass our train rides, they tell their parents they want to ride.

For children, mini diesel train for sale is enough, as kids are small. Little trains that run on diesel for sale are mostly used in small venues as backyards and small parks. We can customize the size according to your needs. Moreover, we offer various style kids diesel trains, such as Christmas train rides, ride on trains, sea train rides and cartoon train rides.

Sea themed diesel train rides

Where to find diesel trains with fine quality and economical price?

The quality of amusement facility is particularly important for investors and riders; high quality amusement facility ensure safety of riders and enhance fame of amusement parks. Therefore, our diesel tourist trains are with fine quality.

Our diesel train for sale come out of a strict process, with durable performance and solid construction. And you could come to the scene to see commodities. What’s more, our products are easy to install. High standardization, easy installation and robust construction equate to reduced maintenance and operating costs. Additionally, we offer you economical and affordable price, trying to bring you the largest benefits.

Where you could find a reliable diesel train manufacturer?

manufacturing process of the diesel train rides

When you find a reliable diesel train manufacturer, you may consider the following: price, quality, after-sales service, benefits.

We will give you fair price; even if our price is not the lowest in the market, the quality is top notch.

I can assure you our commodities are of fine quality and coming out of a strict process so that working well, and you could come to our factory for inspection.

After-sales service guarantee of our company is that we provide maintenance for lifelong, 1 year free maintenance for mechanical parts, and 6 months free maintenance for electric appliances.

We have built a solid reputation for providing quality workmanship and superior service at a fair price, and try to bring the largest benefits to clients.

Cases:We sold a diesel train for sale to UK.

Last month, we sold a vintage diesel locomotives for sale and an animal themed diesel train to UK. The feedback from our customers is pretty good; client was so satisfied with the quality and appearance of them. He invested it in the mall, which actually attracted more children and their parents. Parents came to mall to ride train rides with their children and by some goods by the way.

Now let me show you some details.

It is not so large, which can carry 24 people. The highest speed is 25km/h. The power is 15kw. And the volume is 40HQ. Its turning radius is 6m. Diesel tank volume is 2.798L. The gearbox is IVECO Original aluminum transmission box.

Our company is with 20 years of experience, excellent quality product and great reputation. In addition to diesel train rides, we also offer ride on train rides, Christmas themed train rides, electric trackless train rides and tourist train rides. What’s more, we also provide various types of bumper cars, carousels, flying chair rides, ferris wheels and scenic spots attractions. If you are interested in them, please contact us.

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