Three types of bumper car for adults

Parent-child bumper car

Battery adult bumper cars

colorful indoor adult bumper cars

Grid powered adult bumping cars

Battery powered electric adult bumping cars

battery powered bumper car dodgem for sale

Battery powered bumper cars

Product properties parameters
Size 1.9*1.15*0.85 m
Voltage 24 V
Power 300 W
Capacity 2 people
Weight 200 Kg
Speed <6.5 km/h
Battery 2 pcs 12 V 80 A

Notes: this specification is a reference for you. For more details, please contact us!

Grid bumper cars for adults

Grid powered bumper cars

Product properties parameters
Size 1.9*1.15*0.85 m
Voltage 48 V
Power 350 W
Capacity 2 people
Weight 230 Kg
Speed 6.5 km/h

Ceiling/ground grid powered bumper cars for sale

Notes: this specification is a reference for you. For more details, please contact us!

Inflatable adult bumping cars

Inflatable bumper cars

Product properties Parameters
Inflatable Yes
Materials PE, Steel, PVC, FRP
Max capacity 200 kg
Size dia 2m with tube
Battery 24V 60AH


Senior Rides Design Engineer

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  • Suitable for adults and kids; family-friendly
  • Inflatable & classic style

  • Special: for ice & water, with water guns and laser guns

  • Suitable venues: indoor, outdoor venues
  • Customized styles&sizes&colors

Parent-child bumper car

Why are our bumper cars so popular with adults?


When you buying different sized dodgems, you may need to consider the applicable crowd of these bumper cars. Generally speaking, 2 seats adult dashing cars arecar-shaped. Meanwhile, 1-seat adults bumping cars are round. Besides, we could customize the size of dodgems according to your needs. In addition, we also provide kids bumper cars including 1-2 seats.

2 seats classic bumper cars for adults

Large adult dodgems are wonderful family-friendly rides for they are with 2 seats. Riders could ride them with their kids or a family member and enjoy the happy hour. They include battery bumper cars and grid powered bumper cars.

ground grid bumper cars

ground grid powered bumper cars for sale

battery powered bumper car dodgem for sale

battery powered bumper car dodgem for sale

1 seat round adult bumping cars

1-seat round bumper cars can be bounced farther than 2 seats ones. Moreover, they can rotate under riders’ control. Thus it bring more exciting experience to riders than 2-seat ones.

Some adults come to fairgrounds or indoor places to ride 1 seat bumper cars themselves. It is actually a excellent way to release pressure of work for adults.

In addition, we also provide kids bumper cars including 1-2 seats.

Exciting water bumper car for adults!

  • The happiness it brings to people

Bumper boats battery powered floating on the water are driven to dash and chase and riders feel the thrill like boat racing. It will stir up water splashes if water adult bumper cars for sale goes fast, which is very exciting; however, the boat won’t capsize and riders will be safe. Riders may be splashed by the water and feel cool, so adults drift dodgem cars for sale are more popular in summer.

  • Bumper boats for sale with water guns

What’s more, we provide a kind of electric bumper boats with water guns, and riders hold water guns and spray each other as they drove the boat. They could spray each other, laugh, play, and feel the leisure and happiness brought by adults drift dodgem cars for sale. Water gun battles in adult bumping cars are very fun and loved by riders a lot.

  • kids water bumper cars

Moreover, bumper boats could be also used by kids. You could also invest bumper boats in amusement parks and so on.

2 energy supply methods

How to make the bumper cars for adults operate?

We provide electric adult bumper cars with 2 power supply methods. One is battery-powered. And the other is grid powered method which is powered by wire connected to the electrode on the ceiling or ground. They are of different advantages.

Grid bumper car for adults

Sky grid bumper car for adults is powered by wire connected to the electrode on the ceiling, and ground grid bumper car is powered by electrode on the ground. They can only work when they are connected to electricity.

Suitable places

They suit for indoor and outdoor venues with rain shelter. And advantage of sky arid bumper cars and ground grid bumper cars is that they don’t need to be charged, which is convenient for you. Hence, building grid on the ceiling or ground is once and for all.

The speed

Besides, the speed of sky grid powered dodgems is greater than 10 km/h. And the speed of ground grid powered bumping cars is between 8-10 km/h . And the speed of battery powered bumper cars is between 5-8 km/h.

Battery powered adult bumper cars for sale

Recent years, battery powered dodgems are being more popular than grid powered adult bumper cars.

Suitable venues

Unlike grid powered adult dashing cars, electric bumper car for adults have no requirements for venues. Thus, they are suitable for more venues than grid powered ones. Besides, battery operated adult bumper cars will be better if the electricity is not stable.


Battery life

For the battery powered adult bumper cars for sale, after charging for 5-6 hours, battery can be used for 6-8 hours.

Additionally, we also offer adult electric bumper boats which can be placed on water or on ice.

What venues could you invest adult bumper cars for sale in?

There are many places where bumper cars for adults can be used, including indoor and outdoor.

Invest adult dashing cars in indoor venues

Attraction of indoor bumper cars

Young people like riding bumper cars indoors very much. You may place adult dodgem cars in indoor venues, meanwhile you could decorate your venue. More specifically, you could put them into a large room with bright and colorful lights and explosive musics, which is cool and attractive. In addition, you can install soundproof walls, and the rider will get a better experience due to the exquisite interior decoration.

Riders could bump into each other, chase each other, and circle around the room. Meanwhile, they are safe as our bumper cars are with high quality and robust structure.

Invest adult dashing cars in outdoor venues

As for outdoor, you could place bumper cars in amusement parks, water parks, waterfront, outdoor playgrounds, scenic spots, and so on. Additionally, we also offer adult electric bumper boats which can be placed on water.

How to install adult bumber cars outdoor

The outdoor venue has strong air permeability. Building the venue for battery powered bumper cars is easy and convenient, for you just need to find a vacant lot and build the iron fence. It is not troublesome to build a venue with a grid.

Inconspicuous noises

What’s more, you don’t need to worry about the noise; most outdoor venues like funfair are noisy so that noise outdoors is less noticeable than indoors.

Corporate Events and Team Building

Adult bumper cars offer an exciting and unconventional option for corporate events and team-building activities. Companies looking to foster team spirit and improve employee morale can benefit from incorporating bumper cars into their events.

How adult bumper cars work for team building activities?

These activities encourage teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills in a fun and engaging environment. Participants can bond with colleagues while navigating the bumper car arena, strategizing to outmaneuver opponents and achieve common goals.

Bouncy fun

New productinflatable round bumper cars for adult!

Inflatable round adult bumper cars for sale are new products launched recently.

  • Materials and advantages

The material of the inflatable bumper boat is injection molding and airbag. They are round, and can be rotated 360 degrees. Different from classic dodgem cars for adult, it bounces off after being hit, and it’s easier to reorient.

  • Power supply

What’s more, adult inflatable round bumper cars for sale are battery-powered and there is no requirement for the grid on the site, so they are cost-effective than classic bumper cars.

  • Suitable venues

Adult bumping cars are usually invested in amusement parks, indoor parks, shopping centers, parks and so on. Also, inflatable round bumper cars can be used on the water or on the ice. Even, inflatable dodgem cars for adult can be driven in spacious places such as squares, communities, and scenic spots.

Where to buy dodgem cars for adult with high quality?

Quality is the guarantee of rider safety, which is essential. Additionally, quality is critical to the reputation of investors of amusement parks and so on.

Production of adult bumper cars in Yudinis

What features do high quality dodgem cars for adult includes?

Dodgem cars for adult with high quality includes some features: solid structure, durable, not easy to paint off, not fade, high efficiency and safety, low noise, flexible, easy to operate, long-lasting battery life, not easily damaged, less maintenance and longer service life. In addition, the power grid can continuously provide power without charging.

Introduction of us

Dinis company as a professional manufacture, are committed to provide commodities that meet the above requirements.

We manufactures adult bumper cars by our own factory, quality of which you can trust at affordable prices. The quality of adult dodgem cars has been strictly checked, and standards of products quality is high. We attach great importance to reputation, and we provide you with products of excellent quality.

About warranty

Furthermore, we provide maintenance for lifelong, 1 year free maintenance for mechanical parts, 6 months free maintenance for electric appliances.


Feedback from our customer in Honduras

We sold a batch of adult bumper cars to a customer in Honduras in May 2023. He planned to open an indoor dodgem venue, so he find us and purchase some battery powered adults bumper cars. These kind of bumper cars does not need to be installed. And they just put the batteries on and use them.

  • The benefits brought to him by bumper cars

Later these bumper cars did bring him a giant profit. They set a price of about $6 per ride for one person, making the business over a thousand dollars a day. Of course, you can also adjust the price according to your country and region. Contact us and also get this huge profit!


delivery of bumper cars for adults of Yudinis


We provide car-shaped bumper cars and round bumper cars. Only round bumper cars can 360 spinning. For car-shaped bumper cars, riders need to turn the steering wheel of it to make it turn around.

Older children can ride it. Our adult bumper cars are with 1 or 2 seats, kids can drive 1 seat dodgems or ride 2-seater ones with their parents. And the safety belt can be adjusted.

Yes, it also caters to garden, home, yard and other small venues. Generally speaking, 5-6 bumper cars per 100 square meters is appropriate. If you want to drive it around your venues, we recommend you buy battery operated bumper cars. Unlike ground grid powered dodgems, they have no requirements for the venue.

We are glad to provide discounts dodgem bumper cars for you. Discounts allow investors to achieve a win-win situation with us.

In general, the main parts of bumper cars that need repair is battery, on which we provide one-year warranty. Besides, as we use pure fiberglass and thick, wear-resistant paint, the body is robust and is not easy to fade. If there is any scratch, you just need to polish with gauze. And primer will not show.

Yes, you can trust the quality of our bumper cars. We use the pure FRP that is not adulterated with talcum powder. Thus, the body of bumper cars won’t be cracked on collision. It is no exaggeration to say that it won’t crack even if you stamp on it hard. Besides, the outer tire is made of high-strength and tough rubber.

In addition to quality, the speed of our bumper cars is appropriate and won’t throw off the riders or cause injuries.

Yes, you can use remote to control and adjust the play time according to the human traffic in your venues.

Besides, there is an emergency stop button on the remote control for emergency.

We provide 1 year warranty and long life technical support. And if there’s something wrong with the battery within 1 year, we provide a new one for you. In general, the bumper cars are less likely to go wrong.

In fact, the speed of bumper cars is fixed as the energy of ground grid powered and battery bumper cars is not enough. However, we also provide more thrilling sky grid powered dodgems with faster speed.

For battery bumper cars, they had better to be put on cement floor or floor tiles. And for safety, you need to enclose the site with anti-collision beam made made of square tube. For ground grid powered dodgems, they need to operate on special conductive plates.

Maintaining adult bumper cars involves regular checks and repairs to ensure their safety and longevity. Here are some steps you can take:

1. Regular Cleaning: Clean the bumper cars on a regular basis to prevent dust and dirt accumulation which can cause wear and tear.

2. Check Electrical Systems: Regularly check the electrical systems for any faults or damages. This includes checking the battery, charging system, lights, etc.

3. Regular Inspection: Inspect the bumper cars for any physical damages. Look for cracks, loose screws or any parts that may need replacement.

4. Tire Maintenance: The tires should be checked regularly to ensure they are in good condition and have the right amount of pressure.

5. Lubrication: Ensure all moving parts are well lubricated to prevent rust and promote smooth operation.

6. Safety Checks: Regularly check the seat belts, brakes, and other safety features to ensure they are working properly.

7. Professional Maintenance: Have a professional mechanic or technician check the bumper cars regularly. They can identify potential problems that may not be visible to the untrained eye.

8. Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions: Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance and care. This can often prevent unnecessary damage and prolong the lifespan of the cars.

9. Repair Damage Promptly: If any damage or malfunction is detected, have it repaired promptly to prevent it from getting worse.

10. Storage: If the bumper cars are not in use for a long period, store them in a cool, dry place to prevent rust or other damages.

By regularly maintaining the adult bumper cars, you can help ensure they remain safe for use and last for a long time.

Safety: battery bumper cars are safest among these 3 kinds of adult bumper cars.

Speed: the ceiling grid bumper cars are fastest, and the ground grid one is second in speed. So ceiling grid bumper car can bring adults more excitement.

Charge: the ceiling grid dodgems don’t need to be charged.

Adult bumper cars typically run on electricity and have a conductive floor or ceiling, which powers the car. They have rubber bumpers surrounding the vehicle to absorb impacts. Players control the cars using a steering wheel and pedal, and they can move forward, backward, and rotate.

It’s always best to consult with a doctor before participating in any amusement park ride, especially if you’re pregnant or have medical conditions that could be aggravated by the motion or impact of bumper cars.

Most bumper cars are designed for single riders, but some models can accommodate two passengers. The capacity depends on the specific design and size of the bumper car.

The design of bumper cars aims to minimize the force of impact, so crashes typically don’t cause significant discomfort or pain. The rubber bumpers absorb much of the impact, making collisions more gentle compared to other types of vehicles.

Bumper cars that run on electricity are generally considered more environmentally friendly than those powered by gasoline or other fossil fuels. However, the overall environmental impact can vary depending on factors such as energy source and maintenance practices.

Bumper cars can be suitable for children of certain ages, depending on the specific ride and safety measures in place. However, parents should always supervise young children and ensure they understand how to safely operate the bumper car before riding.

Our company is with 20 years of experience, excellent quality product and great reputation. In addition to adult bumper cars, we also offer kids bumper cars, amusement parks bumper cars, indoor bumper cars and electric bumper boats. What’s more, we also provide various types of bumper cars, carousels, flying chair rides, Ferris wheels and scenic spots attractions. If you are interested in them, please contact us.

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