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Top sale 3 types of bumper car for adults in 2024

Battery, grid powered and inflatable adults bumper car are 3 best-selling adult bumper cars for sale in 2024 in our company. They are of different advantages. Battery powered bumper cars for adults for sale are portable and easy to charge. Grid powered adult dodgems for sale is no need to charge, and the speed of them is faster than battery adult dodgem cars for sale. And inflatable bumper cars adults are suitable for more venues, besides ground, they are also suitable for water and ice.

Parent-child bumper car

Battery adult bumper cars

colorful indoor adult bumper cars

Grid powered adult bumping cars

Adult bumper cars as popular amusement rides, attract a wide range of ages and can be invested in many venues. And adult size bumper cars are large bumper cars. They are not only suitable for adults, but cater to parents with kids. Each adult bumper car can afford 2 people, so it is a family-friendly ride.

In addition, Dinis provide classic car-shaped and spin zone bumper cars for adult. They are with different advantages. And we equip inflatable bumper cars for sale with water guns, which offer more fun to riders.

Besides, bumper cars for adults for sale are suitable for many venues: indoor, outdoor, ground, ice, water, etc.

What’s more, we supply many styles, colors and sizes of bumper cars for adults. and we can customize them according to your needs.

If you are interested in them, kindly continue reading!

Parameters of adult bumper car ride for sale

Battery powered – electric dodgem cars for adult

Battery powered bumper car dodgem for sale

Battery powered adult bumper cars

Product properties parameters
Size 1.9*1.15*0.85 m
Voltage 24 V
Power 300 W
Capacity 2 people
Weight 200 Kg
Speed <6.5 km/h
Battery 2 pcs 12 V 80 A

Notes: this specification is a reference for you. For more details, please contact us!

Grid powered bumper cars for adults

Grid powered adult bumper car

Product properties parameters
Size 1.9*1.15*0.85 m
Voltage 48 V
Power 350 W
Capacity 2 people
Weight 230 Kg
Speed 6.5 km/h

Ceiling/ground grid powered bumper cars for sale

Notes: this specification is a reference for you. For more details, please contact us!

Adult inflatable round bumper cars for sale

Inflatable adults bumper car

Product properties Parameters
Inflatable Yes
Materials PE, Steel, PVC, FRP
Max capacity 200 kg
Size dia 2m with tube
Battery 24V 60AH

How much do adult bumper cars cost?

When you buy bumper cars for adults, you may need to consider the sizes, styles, kinds, etc. The price of adult dashing cars with different features are different. Besides, the more you buy, the price of each adults bumper car will be cheaper. So you may contact us for specific prices of bumper cars adults.

Recently, we have a 75% discount promotion, and if you buy bumper buddy car for adults now, you will get great deals. Don’t miss it, and seize this chance to buy dodgem cars for adult for your business!

Price range


By capacities: 1 and 2 seats adult size bumper cars for sale

2 seats adult dashing cars include car-shaped and round. Meanwhile, 1-seat adults bumping cars are round. 2 seats bumper cars for adults are suitable for families, couples, friends to ride it together. And 1-seat adult bumper car sale is more suitable for adults to relax themselves. Among them, round adult bumper cars can be used on water. No matter what your customer base and venue are, they can meet your needs. In addition, we also provide kids bumper cars including 1-2 seats.

Buy large adult dashing cars with 2 seats

Large adult dodgem car for sale include car-shaped bumper buddy car for adults and round adult bumper car ride, which can accommodate 2 adults or kids. They are family-friendly, and parents can ride them with their kids. Riding bumper car adults together can bring families closer together. Besides, couples and friends can also ride them together to have fun, and leave good memories. Exciting bumper cars adults can bring special experience to lovers and friends, and deepen their relationship.

ground grid bumper cars

Adult ground grid powered bumper cars for sale

battery powered bumper car dodgem for sale

Adult battery powered bumper car dodgem for sale

battery powered bumper car dodgem for sale

Electric round bumper cars for adults for sale

Purchase small adult dodgem cars with 1 seat

Besides, we also provide small adult bumper car which is suitable for 1 people to ride. Both adults and kids can ride them. And the safety belts can be adjusted according to the body shape of riders.

1-seat round bumper cars can be bounced farther than 2 seats ones. Moreover, they can rotate under riders’ control. Thus it bring more exciting experience to riders than 2-seat ones.

Some adults come to fairgrounds or indoor places to ride 1 seat bumper cars themselves. It is actually a excellent way to release pressure of work for adults.

In addition, we also provide kids bumper cars.

In a word, 1 and 2-seater adult dodgem car for sale can cater to different needs of riders. Whether families, friends, lovers or people who want to handle adult bumper karting alone can ride them. Among them, 2 sears adult bumper car ride include car-shape and round shape, and 1 seat adult dodgem for sale only include round shape.

Besides, kids can also ride bumper cars adult, so parents can ride them with their children.

By Themes:vintage, with LED lights, and laser adult dodgem cars for sale

We provide various themed adult dodgem cars for sale, including vintage bumper cars adults, bumper cars for sale adults with LED, laser bumper carts for adults and cartoon adult bumping cars for sale. Each has its own characteristics, is attractive, and can bring many benefits to your venue. Besides, we can customize the colors, patterns and themes according to your needs. And we can add some fun patterns to adult dodgem car for sale if you need.

Adult vintage bumper car for sale

Vintage bumper car for sale adult can increase the foot traffic and revenue of your venue.

We sell vintage grown up bumper cars with antique appearance, which can evoke nostalgia among riders. Many of riders ride the adult antique bumper cars for sale at past, so riding the antique bumper cars can help them recall the childhood memory.

As the classic style, old bumper cars for sale is in car shaped, and with robust shell. The colors of them are not original, and are usually highly saturated, unlike new style bumper cars adult which is gradient.

Tech-style bumper cars for adults with LED lights for sale

We provide cool bumper car for adults with LED lights and colorful appearance. They are bright and shining, and the LED lights emit colorful lights. You may invest adult bumper car ride for sale with LED lights in indoor venues, and they will be more attractive in indoor venues. When riders ride these adults bumper car with LED lights, they will feel the immersive excitement of collision.

We can add the LED lights to both car-shaped and round bumper cars for adults for sale. These LED lights make adult size bumper cars look awesome and technological. Besides, you may also decorate your venue with some LED lights to make your venue look cool.

Increasing the fun for your venue – adult bumper cars with laser for sale

Compared with adult vintage bumper cars for sale, laser bumper car adults come with new features. There are several laser receivers on the bumper cars adults. When the laser receiver is hit by the laser of other adult dodgems for sale, bumper cars for sale adults will rotate 360 degrees. Thus riders can can shoot each other, chase each other, and spin. Laser adult dodgem cars for sale bring more excitement and thrill to riders, and add more fun and attraction to your venue. Recently, laser bumper car adult is very popular among customers and investors.

In March this year, an Indian customer came to us. He represents an adventure park that is planning to open an outdoor bumper cars zone. Upon browsing through various options, they came across our company’s products and were particularly interested in adult bumper cars with a laser shooting game. After contacting and negotiating with our sales team, this customer purchased 7 laser adult dodgem cars from us. And these electric bumper cars for adults have brought their adventure park huge benefits.

These 3 styles of bumper cars for adults are of different charms, and they are all popular. Many investors have bought adult bumper cars for their indoor or outdoor venues. Which bumper car for adults do you prefer? Which adults bumper car is suitable for your venue? If you are interested in them, kindly contact us!

2 energy supply methods

By powers: electric and grid powered bumper cars adults, which is better?

Speed: ceiling grid powered adult bumper car ride: over 10 km/h; the ground grid: 8-10 km/h; battery adults bumper car: 5-8 km/h.

Charge: grid powered adult bumper car: don’t need; electric adult size bumper cars: need.

Portable: electric bumper cars for adults for sale: yes; grid adult bumper car ride for sale: no.

Grid powered adult bumper car ride for sale

Sky grid bumper car for adults is powered by wire connected to the electrode on the ceiling, and ground grid bumper car is powered by electrode on the ground. They can only work when they are connected to electricity.

Suitable places

They suit for indoor and outdoor venues with rain shelter. And advantage of sky arid bumper cars and ground grid bumper cars is that they don’t need to be charged, which is convenient for you. Hence, building grid on the ceiling or ground is once and for all.

Comparison of speed

Besides, the speed of sky grid powered dodgems is greater than 10 km/h. And the speed of ground grid powered bumping cars is between 8-10 km/h . And the speed of battery powered bumper cars is between 5-8 km/h.

Battery powered adult dodgem for sale

Recent years, battery powered dodgems are being more popular than grid powered adult bumper cars.

Suitable venues

Unlike grid powered adult dashing cars, electric bumper car for adults have no requirements for venues. Thus, they are suitable for more venues than grid powered ones. Besides, battery operated adult bumper cars will be better if the electricity is not stable.

Battery life

For the battery powered adult bumper cars for sale, after charging for 5-6 hours, battery can be used for 6-8 hours.

Additionally, we also offer adult electric bumper boats which can be placed on water or on ice.

Indoor&outdoor, ice&water adult dodgems for sale for various events

Bumper cars for adults can be used in indoor and outdoor venues; besides ground, people can ride electric bumper boats on ice and water, which brings more excitement and fun. In addition, inflatable bumper boats cater to many events, such as company team building and birthday parties.

Adult inflatable electric bumper boats for water, pool, waterfront, etc.

We also provide adult electric bumper boats that cater to water. You may invest bumper boats for adults in pool, small inflatable pool, waterfront, park with man-made lake, etc. People who ride adult bumper boats for sale on water can feel the excitement and fun that is different from playground. When riders collide with others, the water will splash and bring a cooling feeling. So adult bumper boat for sale is also popular among riders.

Why can water bumper car for adults increase the foot traffic for your venue?

The happiness it brings to people

Bumper boats battery powered floating on the water are driven to dash and chase and riders feel the thrill like boat racing. It will stir up water splashes if water adult bumper cars for sale goes fast, which is very exciting; however, the boat won’t capsize and riders will be safe. Riders may be splashed by the water and feel cool, so adults drift dodgem cars for sale are more popular in summer.

bumper boats for sale
red electric bumper boat with water guns
Bumper boats for sale with water guns

What’s more, we provide a kind of electric bumper boats with water guns, and riders hold water guns and spray each other as they drove the boat. They could spray each other, laugh, play, and feel the leisure and happiness brought by adults drift dodgem cars for sale. Water gun battles in adult bumping cars are very fun and loved by riders a lot.

Bouncy fun

What are design details of adult inflatable bumper cars for sale?

Inflatable round adult bumper cars for sale are new products launched recently.

  • Materials and advantages

The material of the inflatable bumper boat is injection molding and airbag. They are round, and can be rotated 360 degrees. Different from classic dodgem cars for adult, it bounces off after being hit, and it’s easier to reorient.

  • Power supply

What’s more, adult inflatable round bumper cars for sale are battery-powered and there is no requirement for the grid on the site, so they are cost-effective than classic bumper cars.

  • Suitable venues

Adult bumping cars are usually invested in amusement parks, indoor parks, shopping centers, parks and so on. Also, inflatable round bumper cars can be used on the water or on the ice. Even, inflatable dodgem cars for adult can be driven in spacious places such as squares, communities, and scenic spots.

How do we ensure the safety of bumper cars for adults?

Not only excitement and fun, the safety of it is also important for adult bumper cars. Safety should be the primary consideration for any amusement ride. The safety of bumper car for adults is not only related to the safety of tourists, but also related to the reputation of your venue.

To make the high safety adult size bumper cars, our professional manufacturing team use high quality materials. And all processes are under strict supervision. Besides, the safety measures are also complete.

Fiberglass shell of bumper cars for sale adults
Semi-finished bumper cars adults

What materials do we use for producing the adults bumper car?

We use the FRP, international standard steels, old brand paint, and rubber, etc. They are robust, non-toxic, safe and wear-resistant.

FRP: FRP is made by multi-layer fiberglass and polyester resin. Our workers use more layers of fiber than those on the market, and do not add talc. Adding the talcum powder to FRP can make it look thicker but easily crack. Our FRP is so robust that it will not crack or deform even if it hits hard, which ensure the safety of riders. When riders riding the bumper car adults, they will often bump into each other, but our FRP will not deform.

International standard steel: These steels are so robust, durable, wear-resistant and safe. And each steel plate is with its own serial number which can be found online. These steels can ensure that the bumper cars will not deform or break during collisions, thus injuring passengers.

Old brand paint: we use Chinese old brand paint – 51 brand paint. This brand paint is bright,  durable, wear-resistant, not easy to peel off, moisture and corrosion resistant. Our workers will spray paint the adult bumper car multiple times in the paint room to make the paint look bright and vivid. In this way, even if the adult bumper car for sale collide with each other, the paint will not fall off easily.

Rubber: The rubber of our bumper cars for adults for sale is highly elastic and durable, weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and shock-absorbing. In this way, they can not only provide exciting experience to the riders, but reduce the discomfort caused by impact.

What is the production process of our bumper cars for adults?

The manufacturing process includes design & planning, material procurement, manufacturing, assembling, testing, packing and shipping.

Design & planning:

Firstly, we design the adult bumper cars, including the appearance and structure. They include car-shaped and round adult dodgem bumper car for sale, and their structures are different.

The classic car-shaped adult bumper cars for sale is battery or grid powered, while round adult bumber cars is only battery powered. The car-shaped adult bumper car includes 3 wheels, and 2 layers of rubber.

Meanwhile, the round adult bumper car ride for sale includes 4 wheels, and no rubber.

Besides, the grid powered adult bumper car for sale additionally includes a conductive wheel.

Production of adult bumper cars in Yudinis

Material procurement:

After the designing, we will purchase all the materials needed to manufacture adults bumper car. These materials including the electric motor, fiberglass, international standard steels, rubber and paint. They are all of high quality and we buy them from the old reliable brand company.

Manufacturing of adult bumper cars for sale:

And then, the workers will cut, shape, weld the metal according to the drawing in our factory. Meanwhile, we will manufacture the FRP. Our factory have a special FRP workshop, and the workers use multi-layer fiberglass and polyester resin to make FRP. Our FRP are so robust that you can kick it and it will not crack. Besides, we don’t add any talcum powder to FRP, which can make FRP look thick yet easy to crack.



After manufacturing, the workers will assemble these materials according to the drawing. These materials include metal, FRP, rubber ring, electric motor, wheels and seats.


After the assembling, we will test the performance of adult size bumper cars to ensure its performance up to standard. The performance include speed, control, and safety.

Packing and shipping:

Finally, the adult dodgems for sale will be packed and shipped to our customer’s country by sea or other way.

All of these processes are carried out in strict accordance with the standards to ensure the quality. Our professional production team is committed to provide the best quality adult dashing cars for our clients.

What are the safety features of our bumper cars adults?

The safety features of our bumper cars for adults mainly include the following aspects:

  1. Seat belts: Adult bumper cars are equipped with seat belts to ensure that passengers will not be thrown out of the car during a collision.
  2. Guardrails: Guardrails are usually set up around the bumper car for adultsarena to prevent cars from crashing out of the area.
  3. Protective rubber ring: Adults bumper carare usually surrounded by a protectiverubber ring, which can absorb the impact during a collision to protect passengers and vehicles.
  4. Speed limit: The speed of adult bumper caris usually limited to a lower level to prevent injuries caused by high-speed collisions.
  5. Seat design: The seats of bumper cars for adults for saleare usually designed to be deeper to prevent passengers from rushing forward during a collision.
  6. Safety Training: Besides, you may give operators safety training. Thus, they will givesafety instructions to passengers before the game starts, informing them of the correct riding posture and rules.

The above are some common safety features of adult size bumper cars. The purpose of each feature is to ensure that passengers can enjoy the game safely and fun.

Cases about bumper cars for adults sold to many countries

Representative sales cases

Bumper cars for adults in Honduras

We sold a batch of adult bumper cars to a customer in Honduras in May 2023. He planned to open an indoor dodgem venue, so he find us and purchase some battery powered adults bumper cars. These kind of bumper cars does not need to be installed. And they just put the batteries on and use them.

  • The benefits brought to him by bumper cars

Later these bumper cars did bring him a giant profit. They set a price of about $6 per ride for one person, making the business over a thousand dollars a day. Of course, you can also adjust the price according to your country and region. Contact us and also get this huge profit!

delivery of bumper cars for adults of Yudinis

Adult bumper cars in USA

Last September, we sold some bumper cars for adults NYC to a carnival organizer in NYC, USA. He was looking for high-quality, safe, and engaging adult bumper cars for the event. He wanted to increase the revenue, foot traffic and visitor experience.

After he contacted us, we showed him some pictures and cases of our adult bumper cars for sale. he was interested in a kind of blue car-shaped bumper car for adults, and then we invited him to visit our factory. After visiting our company, he was satisfied with the producing environment and the quality of adult bumper car rides. And then, he readily paid the deposit.

It didn’t take long for the adults bumper car to go out from the factory. After leaving the factory, we conducted multiple tests to ensure their quality and safety. Then we shipped them to the customer in a large container.

According to the client’s feedback, the adult bumper car ride for sale have brought huge profits to him. And adult bumper car for sale also increased the foot traffic and visitor experience. Many adults and kids are attracted by them.

What kind of bumper cars adults for sale customization services do we provide?

We can design the sizes, colors, styles, etc. Besides, we can also add some patterns such as cartoon characters and animals to bumper cars for sale adults. Besides adult bumper car ride for sale now, we can also design the new adult bumper car for sale according to your needs. We have designed some styles for our customers, such as sea theme, racing style, adult dodgems for sale with LED lights, etc. And we can also add some other decorations to bumper car adult.

Frequently asked questions of adult bumper cars for sale

If you’re seeking a thrilling, fun-packed experience, then adult bumper cars sale are the perfect answer. A favorite at carnivals, amusement parks, and family entertainment centers, these vibrant, electric-powered vehicles provide endless fun for both children and adults. So, can an adult bumping cars for sale rotate 360 degrees? The answer is a resounding yes!


Bumper buddy car for adults is engineered with a unique design that allows them to move in any direction, including a full 360-degree rotation. This ability to spin around completely enhances the fun and excitement of the ride, allowing riders to easily change direction, evade ‘bumps’ from other players, and add a competitive edge to the game.


The secret to the 360-degree rotation lies in the adult bumper car ride’s control system. Typically, adult bumper karting come with two joysticks or a wheel-and-pedal system that makes maneuvering easy and intuitive. By pushing both joysticks forward or stepping on the pedal, the car moves forward. Pulling them back causes the car to reverse. But the real magic happens when you push one joystick forward while pulling the other one back, causing the adult bumber cars to spin around in a thrilling 360-degree turn.


This 360-degree rotation capability not only adds an element of surprise and strategy to the ride but also makes the experience more exciting and interactive. It allows riders to explore the full potential of their adult battery powered bumper car, enabling rapid changes of direction and fostering a sense of freedom and control. Plus, there’s nothing quite like the thrill and laughter that comes from spinning around uncontrollably in a bumper car.


In conclusion, the ability of adult bumpy cars to rotate 360 degrees adds a whole new level of fun to the traditional bumper car experience. So, whether you’re an adult re-living your childhood memories or a youngster eager to create new ones, the 360-degree spinning adult spinzone bumper cars promises an exhilarating ride you won’t forget.

Yes, you can use remote to control and adjust the play time according to the human traffic in your venues.

Besides, there is an emergency stop button on the remote control for emergency.

Adult battery powered bumper cars are a favorite attraction for many, providing fun and excitement in amusement parks and fairgrounds. However, some adults may prefer a faster, more exhilarating ride. While speed adjustments should always be performed by a skilled professional to ensure safety, let’s delve into how the speed of adult bumpy cars can be increased.


Firstly, it’s important to understand that adult dodge em cars are powered by electric motors, which are governed by controllers. The speed of these adult bomber cars is largely determined by the power supply. Traditional adult bumby cars draw power from a conductive floor and ceiling, each with a separate polarity. However, modern designs often include a rechargeable battery within the car itself.


To increase the speed of adult bumper car sale, one may consider altering the voltage supplied to the motor. Higher voltage typically results in higher speed. However, this should be done cautiously. Excessive voltage can lead to overheating, damaging the motor and potentially causing safety hazards. It’s crucial to check the manufacturer’s voltage guidelines before making any changes.


Another way to boost speed is by reducing the weight of the car. Lighter cars will generally move faster. You can accomplish this by using lighter materials in the car’s design or trimming unnecessary components. Bear in mind, however, that too much weight reduction can make the car unstable and unsafe. Always prioritize safety and balance over speed.


Also, modifications to the dodgem car for sale’s driving mechanism can also affect its speed. For example, improving the efficiency of the adult spinning bumper cars’ gear system or using high-performance tires can enhance speed. Regular maintenance, such as oiling the moving parts and keeping the tires inflated, also helps maintain optimal speed.


Remember, any modifications made to adult commercial bumper cars should comply with safety guidelines and standards. Additionally, increasing speed may also require changes to the ride’s safety measures, such as adding seat belts or improving the bumper cars adult’s shock absorption. Therefore, it’s always best to consult with a professional engineer or the adult electric bumper car manufacturer before making significant changes.

Bumper cars for adults are a classic amusement park ride that people of all ages can enjoy. They come in various types, including battery-operated, ceiling grid, and ground grid models. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, but determining which is “better” ultimately depends on your specific needs and circumstances.


Battery-operated adult bumper cars are powered by a rechargeable battery that is installed in the car itself. These cars have the advantage of flexibility as they can be operated anywhere without the need for a specific type of flooring or a ceiling grid. This makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. However, the range of these bumper car for adults can be somewhat limited by their battery life, and the batteries need to be regularly charged and replaced, which can add to their operating costs.


Ceiling grid adult bumber cars, on the other hand, draw power from a grid in the ceiling, which is connected to the cars by a pole. This type of adult bumper car is more traditional and is commonly found in amusement parks and funfairs. The constant supply of power means that these adults bumper car can operate for longer periods of time without needing to be recharged. However, they can only be used in a specially designed arena with a compatible ceiling grid, which can limit their versatility.


Ground grid bumper cars for adults for sale are similar to ceiling grid cars, but they draw power from a grid in the floor rather than the ceiling. These bumper car adults are safer because they don’t require poles, reducing the risk of injury. Like ceiling grid cars, they can operate for longer periods without needing a recharge. However, they require a specially constructed floor, which can be expensive to install and maintain.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for versatility and mobility, battery-operated adult size bumper cars are likely the best choice. If, on the other hand, you have a dedicated space and want to offer longer ride times, then ceiling or ground grid bumper cars adults may be a better option. As always, safety should also be a key consideration in your decision.

Bumper cars for adults, a classic amusement park ride, have been a source of entertainment for both kids and adults for decades. But have you ever wondered how adult bumper cars work?


The working principle of a bumper car for adults is relatively simple and can be broken down into three main parts: the power source, the control mechanism, and the adults bumper car itself.


The power source is usually an electric grid on the floor or ceiling of the bumper car arena, which transfers power to the cars. In the case of floor-powered systems, the entire floor is electrified, and there are contacts on the underside of the car which pick up the power. In ceiling-powered systems, a conductive pole on the top of the car touches the grid, bringing power to the vehicle.


The control mechanism of adult bumper car is found in the steering wheel and the accelerator pedal. The steering wheel helps in maneuvering the car in the desired direction, while the accelerator controls the speed of the car. Some bumper cars for adults for sale have a lever instead of a steering wheel, which can be pushed forward or pulled back to move the car.


The bumper car adults itself is the third vital part of the system. Made of a rubber ring that encircles the vehicle, it absorbs and redistributes the force of the collision, preventing injury to the passengers. This indoor bumper cars for adults also allows the car to rebound off another car or the walls of the arena, adding to the fun.


The combination of the power source, control mechanism, and adult size bumper cars itself ensures that while the cars can collide with each other for fun, the risk of injury is minimized. The design of bumper cars adults is similar to those for children but is made larger and sturdier to safely accommodate adults.


In conclusion, the mechanics of bumper cars for sale adults are a blend of simple electric circuit principles and car-riding fun. They offer an exhilarating experience while ensuring safety, making them a favorite at amusement parks.

Most bumper cars are designed for single riders, but some models can accommodate two passengers. The capacity depends on the specific design and size of the bumper car.

In recent years, the entertainment industry has seen a surge in eco-consciousness, with many companies striving to provide environmentally friendly entertainment options. Among these, bumper car adult have emerged as a surprisingly green choice. These fun-filled rides, much loved for their nostalgic appeal and affordability, are now being redesigned with environmental considerations at the forefront.


The environmental benefits of electric bumper car for adults extend beyond their operation. Many manufacturers are increasingly utilizing recyclable or long-lasting materials in their construction. Metals, durable plastics, and rubber are commonly used, all of which are either recyclable or have a much longer lifespan compared to other materials. This shift towards sustainable materials helps reduce waste and ensures the adult dodgem car have minimal environmental impact throughout their lifecycle.


Additionally, the production process of these bumper carts for adults also keeps environmental concerns in mind. Responsible manufacturers adhere to strict waste management protocols, including recycling waste materials and ensuring that any waste is disposed of responsibly.


Notably, indoor adult electric bumper car offer added environmental benefits. Operating these rides indoors reduces the need for outdoor lighting and temperature controls, conserving energy. Furthermore, bumper cars adult are less prone to weather-related wear and tear, resulting in fewer replacements or repairs.


In conclusion, adult commercial bumper cars have indeed become a more environmentally friendly entertainment option in recent times. As well as offering fun and excitement, these rides now also provide peace of mind for eco-conscious thrill-seekers.

Bumper cars for adults are a timeless joy within amusement parks, creating a fun and exhilarating experience for people of all ages. They are engineered to safely collide with one another, providing an exciting, yet harmless adventure. But, what about doubling the fun and sharing one bumper car for adults between two adults?


Standard Adult Bumper Car Design


Conventionally, adult bumper cars are crafted to accommodate a single individual. The design and size of these vehicles are typically suited to one person, enabling them to have full control over the car’s movement. The single-person setup allows each driver to fully engage in their individual bumper car experience – dodging, colliding, and chasing opponents at their own speed. Moreover, the safety features such as seatbelts and padded interiors are specifically designed for a single rider.


The Advent of Double Seater adults bumper car


However, the amusement industry has evolved over time to cater to changing consumer demands and preferences. Today, you can find adult bumper car models designed to seat two adults, expanding the fun from a solo ride to a shared experience. These double seater bumper cars for adults for sale are not only larger but also come equipped with dual control systems. This allows both riders to participate in steering and controlling the vehicle, making the ride even more thrilling.


Safety Considerations


While sharing a indoor bumper cars for adults can enhance the experience, safety considerations must not be overlooked. The amusement park staff ensure that the weight limit and safety measures are complied with for shared rides. Therefore, even in a double seater bumper car adults, the riders’ weights in total should not exceed the specified limit.




So, can two adults go in one adult size bumper cars? While traditional models are tailored for single riders, newer, larger models now allow two adults to share one bumper car, promising twice the fun. As always, safety should be a prime consideration, ensuring a thrilling yet secure bumper car experience.

We have a 75% discount recently! This discount event is for promotion, and the usual discounts will not be so large. Besides, this discount will save lots of money, and the more bumper car adults you buy, the more you will save. So if you are interested in buying some bumper cars adults, why not take this opportunity to buy them?

In addition, if you buy adults bumper car now, we can also give you some vulnerable parts. Therefore, seize this chance, and don’t miss out this annual promotion!

No, the price doesn’t include shipping and installation, and we charge it separately.
Aside from the initial purchase price, there might be additional costs such as maintenance, repair, insurance, and power consumption.
Yes, we can communicate about the price. Besides, if you buy many adults dodge em cars, the average price will be lower.

Bumper cars for adults have been a staple of amusement parks and fairs for decades, offering thrilling rides for everyone, regardless of age. However, a common question that parents often ask is, “Can kids ride adult bumper cars?”


Children’s Safety First


Safety is, undoubtedly, the primary concern when it comes to allowing children to ride adult bumper cars. These rides are designed to withstand minor collisions, offering an exhilarating experience. However, they are built with adults in mind, who have a better understanding of control and coordination compared to younger children.


Age and Height Restrictions


Most amusement parks and funfairs have specific age and height restrictions for rides, including bumper cars. These restrictions are in place to ensure the safety of all riders. Generally, children under a certain age or height are not permitted to ride bumper car for adults due to the risk of injury. This is because the seat belts and safety harnesses may not fit them properly, and the controls may be challenging for them to operate.


Consideration of the Child’s Capabilities


Even if a child technically meets the height and age requirements, it’s crucial to consider their individual capabilities. Not every child may feel comfortable or be able to handle the rough-and-tumble nature of adults bumper car. Some children might find the collisions scary or overwhelming, which could turn a fun experience into a frightening one.


Alternative Options


Amusement parks often have junior bumper cars, designed specifically for younger children. These cars are smaller, slower, and easier to control, making them a much safer option for children still too young for the adult version.


In conclusion, while it might be technically possible for some kids to ride bumper cars for adults for sale, it is not always advisable. Safety guidelines, the child’s comfort level, and their ability to control the car are all critical factors to consider. Always remember, the key to a fun day out is ensuring it’s safe and enjoyable for everyone involved.


It’s always best to consult with a doctor before participating in any amusement park ride, especially if you’re pregnant or have medical conditions that could be aggravated by the motion or impact of bumper cars.
Adult bumper cars can be suitable for children of certain ages, depending on the specific ride and safety measures in place. However, parents should always supervise young children and ensure they understand how to safely operate the bumper car before riding.
Yes, it also caters to garden, home, yard and other small venues. Generally speaking, 5-6 bumper cars per 100 square meters is appropriate. If you want to drive it around your venues, we recommend you buy battery operated bumper cars. Unlike ground grid powered dodgems, they have no requirements for the venue.
For battery bumper cars, they had better to be put on cement floor or floor tiles. And for safety, you need to enclose the site with anti-collision beam made made of square tube. For ground grid powered dodgems, they need to operate on special conductive plates.

Yes, you can trust the quality of our bumper cars. We use the pure FRP that is not adulterated with talcum powder. Thus, the body of bumper cars won’t be cracked on collision. It is no exaggeration to say that it won’t crack even if you stamp on it hard. Besides, the outer tire is made of high-strength and tough rubber.

In addition to quality, the speed of our bumper cars is appropriate and won’t throw off the riders or cause injuries.

The design of bumper cars aims to minimize the force of impact, so crashes typically don’t cause significant discomfort or pain. The rubber bumpers absorb much of the impact, making collisions more gentle compared to other types of vehicles.
In general, the main parts of bumper cars that need repair is battery, on which we provide one-year warranty. Besides, as we use pure fiberglass and thick, wear-resistant paint, the body is robust and is not easy to fade. If there is any scratch, you just need to polish with gauze. And primer will not show.
We provide 1 year warranty and long life technical support. And if there’s something wrong with the battery within 1 year, we provide a new one for you. In general, the bumper cars are less likely to go wrong.

Maintaining adult bumper cars involves regular checks and repairs to ensure their safety and longevity. Here are some steps you can take:

1. Regular Cleaning: Clean the bumper cars on a regular basis to prevent dust and dirt accumulation which can cause wear and tear.

2. Check Electrical Systems: Regularly check the electrical systems for any faults or damages. This includes checking the battery, charging system, lights, etc.

3. Regular Inspection: Inspect the bumper cars for any physical damages. Look for cracks, loose screws or any parts that may need replacement.

4. Tire Maintenance: The tires should be checked regularly to ensure they are in good condition and have the right amount of pressure.

5. Lubrication: Ensure all moving parts are well lubricated to prevent rust and promote smooth operation.

6. Safety Checks: Regularly check the seat belts, brakes, and other safety features to ensure they are working properly.

7. Professional Maintenance: Have a professional mechanic or technician check the bumper cars regularly. They can identify potential problems that may not be visible to the untrained eye.

8. Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions: Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance and care. This can often prevent unnecessary damage and prolong the lifespan of the cars.

9. Repair Damage Promptly: If any damage or malfunction is detected, have it repaired promptly to prevent it from getting worse.

10. Storage: If the bumper cars are not in use for a long period, store them in a cool, dry place to prevent rust or other damages.

By regularly maintaining the adult bumper cars, you can help ensure they remain safe for use and last for a long time.

If your bumper car isn’t working properly, you should alert a ride operator or staff member immediately.

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