24 seats merry go round for sale

12-16 seats carousels for sale

3-6 seats merry go rounds for sale

parameters of Dinis carousel for sale

What sizes of merry go rounds do we provide?

Are you going to buy spinning merry go round in various sizes? We provide large, medium and small carousel merry go round for sale. Besides, we can customize the size of merry go round rides according to your venue requirements.

Where to buy spinning merry go round with different themes?

We have these themed merry-go-round: Antique; Portable; Christmas; Fairy tale characters; Double-decker; Sea themed; and Coin-operated.

Antique spinning merry go round:

As the most popular themed merry merry go round, vintage merrygorounds are invested by many investors. In addition, the antique spinning horses merry go round is with vintage decorations like European-style patterns. And their color matching is also classic – gold and white colorway.

medium antique carousel

Portable carousel merry go round for sale:

Portable merry go ride are suitable for moveable business, like carnival. Because they are with a trailer, and are easily pulled. Additionally, the trailer can carry the weight of the meri go round, even if the seats are full of people.

portable carousel for sale

Christmas merry go round sale:

Buying a Christmas merry go round spinning for celebrating Christmas not only create the festive atmosphere but also bring profits. What’s more, their luxurious red and green appearance appearance are with some Christmas ornaments: Christmas trees, bows, bells, etc.

Christmas antique carousel

Fairy tale carousel for sale:

Fairy tale merry round are with some characters on the centre pole, such as Snow White and the Prince. In addition, we can customize the other characters according to your needs.

fairy tale themed carousel

Double-decker horse carousel for sale:

Double-decker carousel horse for sale is with 2 tier seats and a spiral stairs. Compared with single-decker carousels for sale, they look more luxurious. And people riding on the second-floor seats feel like they are riding horses in the air.

double deck carousel

Sea themed carousel horses for sale:

The color of the ocean carousel horse sale is mainly blue, and seats are in the shape of sea creatures. The styles of seats are: dolphin, sea lion, seahorse, shrimp, etc.

large sea carousel with seats in various shape

Coin-operated merry go round horse for sale

The 3 and 6 seats horse merry go round for sale can be made into coin-operated. And coin-operated merry go round ride for sale can bring you income without having to hire someone to collect tickets. In addition, you can set the currency type of coin-operated carousel horse.

small carousel for kids

What are the features of a high-quality merry go round ride for sale?

Before you buy spinning merry go round, you need to know if the carousels are with these features: high-quality materials, sturdy, durable, not easily damaged, resistant to wind and sun, wear-resistant, etc.

the manufacturing of the carousel
details of manufacturing the seats of the sea carousel

High quality materials:

We use top notch FRP, national standard steels and 20-year time-honored paint – 51 paint. And we manufacture FRP by ourselves. Some manufacturers add talcum powder to FRP to makes the shell look shiny and thick, however it can easily crack. In contrast, we promise not to add talcum powder. And we use multiple layers of glassfibers and polyester resin to create fiberglass shells. Therefore, our FRP is so robust that they won’t crack even if you kick it heavily.

Besides, the motor we use is also a first-class motor in China. And it can ensure that the carousel can continue to operate normally for a long time.


We use national standard steels to make the structure of carrousels. And each steel plate has its own number, which can be checked. In addition, for welding, we use magnetic particle testing, penetrant testing and ultrasonic testing. And these inspection techniques ensure that there are no cracks or holes in the steel frame.

Who are suitable for riding merry go round horse for sale?

The merry go round rides are suitable for a wide range of ages: kids, adults and seniors under 65 years old. Therefore, buy spinning merry go round will bring huge profit to you.

Why do kid merry-go-round bring huge profits for you?

In fact, kids are main customers of merry go rounds.

We provide various kid marie go round. And they are of fantasy, childlike appearance and cute decorations. Besides, the sizes of them can be customized. For example, sea theme, animal theme, fairy tale theme, coin-operated meri go round.

How popular is the carousel among adults?

The main adult customers of merry go round horse for sale are parents and couples. On weekends and holiday, some adults ride merry go round spinning with their kids to enjoy parent-child time. Besides, couples also like riding them together. Because merry go rounds for sale create a romantic atmosphere for them.

What venues can you invest spinning merry go round?

After buy spinning merry go round, You may invest in them in amusement parks, carnivals, parks, malls, waterfronts, attractions, zoos, etc.

Where can i buy a merry go round from a reliable manufacturer?

Are you finding a reliable merry go round manufacturer or supplier? No need to look further, Dinis is a very trustworthy company!

YuDinis(Former name:Dinis) is a professional company with 21 years of merry go round rides sales experience. And we have our own factory of about 20,000 square meters. Besides, we have sold our merry go round equipment to many countries around the world, such as America, India, Nigeria, Japan, Uzbekistan, etc.

Yudinis certification
YuDinis customized carousel in shanghai

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