Inflatable bumper car is a new style dodgem bumper car which is popular recently.

  • The body of inflatable bumper cars is inflatable, and it is portable.

  • Additionally, inflatable dodgem for sale is suitable for kids and adults.

  • Besides, inflatable bumpercars are suitable for many venues: fairgrounds, parks, malls, pools, rivers, ice, etc.

  • They are powered by batteries and can be customized.

  • As a reliable amusement bumper cars manufacturer, we provide economical and high quality inflatable bumper cars for sale for you.

Attributes of inflatable bumper cars

Product properties Parameters Product properties Parameters
Inflatable Yes Suitable venues indoor, outdoor
Materials PE, Steel, PVC, FRP Place of Origin Henan, China
Max capacity 200 kg Battery life 6-8 hours
Size dia 2m with tube Shipping ways sea/air
Battery 24V 60AH Warranty 1 year

What styles of inflatable bumper cars for sale do we offer?

We provide ground and water inflatable amusement bumper cars for sale. And we can customize the colors and shapes of inflatable bumper car amusement – round and polygon. Additionally, some of inflatable bumper car rides for sale are with LED lights. What’s more, water bumper boats for sale are with water guns. Therefore, riders can shoot at others, which is so exciting and attractive. 

Inflatable dodgem cars with LED lights for sale

LED style inflatable dodgem bumper cars are decorated with many colorful LED lights. They are very suitable for indoor venues, because they are more shining than outdoor venues. These LED style inflatable dodgems ride look so cool and add more attraction to your venues. And they add more exciting mood to your venues. With some exciting music, these led style inflatable bumper cars on sale rotate and collide while shining.

Water inflatable bumper boat for sale

We provide goose, turtle, duck, tiger and others style inflatable electric bumper boats for sale. These animal shaped bumper car rides for sale attract kids deeply, and create a experience like riding on these animals. These animal water bumper cars add more fun to chases and collisions on the water.

In addition, these inflatable bumper cars on water are with water guns, which add the excitement of bumper cars. Thus, riders can shoot at others while driving the inflatable bumper boat. The water guns can bring more fun and screaming to riders.

How much do inflatable bumper cars cost?

The inflatable bumper cars price depend on the amount you buy.

1-24 units


>24 units


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Who are suitable for riding inflatable bumper cars for sale?

Both kids and adults can ride inflatable bumper cars sale. The capacities of our inflatable bumping cars for sale are enough for adults, and the safety belts can be adjusted. So kids will not slide off the seat. In addition, our bumper cars inflatable are family-friendly, so families can ride it together.

Inflatable bumper cars for kids

We design some inflatable kid bumper cars for sale with cartoon and animal styles. For example, goose, turtle and tiger style. These cute and imaginative styles attract kids very much. In addition, we can also customize and design other styles of childrens inflatable bumper cars according to your needs.

Besides, the kids bumper car are generally mini bumper cars.

Inflatable adult bumper cars for sale

Inflatable bumper cars for adults has also become a popular amusement ride among adults. We provide LED style adult inflatable round bumper cars for sale. These adult dodgem cars are sleek, brightly colored and adorned with flashy lights. Investing them in your venue will add charm to your venue and bring you more customers.

Besides, we also provide some bumper boats for adults. They are round or polygon, and portable.

Where are suitable for investing in bumper cars inflatable?

Inflatable bumper cars for sale are suitable for investing in many venues: outdoor venues, indoor venues, water, ice, etc. The outdoor venues include amusement parks, carnivals, parks, etc. The indoor venues include rented rooms, shopping malls, gyms, ice rinks, etc.

Investing the inflatable bumper car in outdoor venues

Outdoor venues, such as fairgrounds, carnivals, parks, viewpoints, backyards, communities, are suitable. Inflatable bumper cars are portable, so you can move them simply. And they are especially suitable for moving business.

Indoor bumper cars inflatable for sale

Inflatable bumper cars for sale are also suitable for indoor venues. They are adorned with some colorful LED lights, and shine even more brightly indoors. Besides, inflatable indoor bumper cars can bring riders more excitement if you decorate your indoor venue with some LED lights. Colorful lights will increase excitement for passengers.

Inflatable bumper boat for sale on water

Beside ground, we also provide water bumper boats for sale. Compared with ground bumper car rides for sale, electric bumper boats can provide more thrill and excitement for riders. Riders can chase and rotating on the water, and can shoot at others with water guns. Electric bumper boats for sale has become a popular amusement way for both adults and kids recently.

goose water bumper cars for sale

Investing bumper cars inflatable on ice

indoor round bumper car on ice

In addition, we also provide inflatable ice bumper cars for sale. You may invest them on ice rink. Riding ice bumper boats and cracking with others on ice can bring riders much excitement.

For the venue is cool, they are suitable for using in summer.

In addition, riding on ice is also safe, and ice inflatable bumper cars won’t skid.

What is the power supply method of the inflatable bumper cars for sale?


nflatable bumping cars for sale are powered by lead-acid batteries. And the batteries can be used for 6-8 hours after fully charged. And it takes 6-7 hours to fully charge the battery. Charging is easy, and you can charge the inflatable battery bumper car at night. And the installation is also simple – you just need to put the batteries in the car.


Besides, the battery can be used normally for more than 2 years. It also depends on the frequency of use.

What’s more, our batteries are guaranteed for one year.

What materials should a reliable manufacturer use to make bumper cars?

Reliable manufacturer use top-notch materials to make Inflatable bumper cars for sale. The materials of 1 include FRP, steels, PVC, PE, and paint. They are wear-resistant, durable and robust.

  • As a reliable manufacturer, we independently produce Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) in-house. We use multi-layered fiberglass and polyester resin to produce FRP.

  • And for steel, we use international standard steels with their serial numbers.

  • In addition, we use 51 paint – an old brand paint which is eco-friendly and non-toxic.

  • For PVC and PE, we also use high quality materials.

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