Looking for bumper cars for kids? We provide kids bumper cars for sale in different sizes and numbers of seats. They are battery or grid powered. What’s more, we have some hot sale kids dodgem cars, for example, colorful led kids bumper car, inflatable kids dashing car, and bumper boat with water gun. You may invest them in indoor venues or outdoor venues like fairgrounds.


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Colorful led kids bumper cars for sale and how to decorate your kids indoor venue

indoor cool bumper cars

How do we design a kids dodgem rides for your indoor business?

We decorate indoor dodgem cars for sale for kids with LED lights which is colorful and bright. These children dodgem cars looks better especially at night for their lights; of course, if the lighting is dimmed indoors, the same effect can be presented. In addition, we also provide themed bumper cars for kids, including cartoon themed, ocean themed, animal themed. And you could decorate your indoor venue with the same theme as themed kids dashing cars. Besides, these dashing cars are suitable for adults, too.

Our advice for decorating your indoor venue

You may decorate your venue in a luxurious way, which will attract more customers. The advantage of indoor venues is that it is easier to decorate luxuriously, fantastically and stylishly, and give children immersive experiences. When customers enter, they seem to enter a small fantasy world.

Come see different sizes and number of seats bumper cars for kids

Children who come to play with dashing cars are of different ages, and children of different ages are different in stature and body shape. So the size of children’s bumper cars for sale they sit in is also different.

kids big 2 seats bumper cars
kid 1 seat battery powered bumper car

What sizes of kids bumper cars for sale we provide?

We provide BIG, SMALL and MINI dodgem cars for kids and even toddles. Some dodgems could be drived by adults with children. The capacity size and length of seat belts of them are different. Additionally, we could CUSTOMIZE sizes of dashing cars for kids you need.

1-seat and 2-seat kids bumper cars for sale

What’s more, we provide 1-seat or 2-seat kids bumper cars to buy; one-seat cars are for children to drive alone; and two-seater children dashing cars which can be driven by an adult with a child, or two children sitting in it. Many investors choose two-seater children’s bumper cars as they could charge money from two people at a time. If you buy them for backyard, you could choose 2-seater kids bumper cars to enjoy happy time together with your young children, or 1-seat kids dashing cars for your older children. Also, 2-seat bumper cars could be drived by adults.

Merits of buying little kids bumper cars rides in your venues

Young kids love to play, come buy bumper cars for your little kids! They will show very happy and lovely smiles when they drive dashing cars.

Buying little kids bumper cars rides in backyard bring you benefits

Virtues of buying little kids bumper cars rides in fairgrounds


ou could buy little kids bumper cars for sale for your kids in the backyard, and drive with them to enjoy happy hour with your children. Or letting them drive themselves. You could also hold “racing competitions”.

Besides, building the iron fence isn’t troublesome. In this way, when you work overtime at home, you won’t have to worry about your children coming to disturb you, or worrying about them breaking things or hurting themselves when they play by themselves. Moreover, as speed of dodgem cars for kids is not fast and structure is solid, you don’t need to worry about the safety of kiddies.

Of course, little kids bumper cars rides could also be invested in amusement parks or indoor venues and they will bring you great benefits. Kids are the main consumers in amusement parks and dodgem cars actually bring them fun. We also provide other style dodgem cars for amusement parks and dodgems for indoor venues.

New design inflatable bumper cars with many virtues

Kids inflatable bumper cars are round and resilient. Kids in them could crash others and feeling thrill and excited.

Inflatable bumper cars kids are battery powered, which is easy to delivery and charged. In addition, inflatable bumper cars have no requirements for the venue grid; riders could use them as long as there is an open field.

In fact, you could invest kids inflatable dashing cars in various venues, such as amusement parks, squares, parks. You could also invest them on large inflatable air cushion. What’s more, they are usually used on the water and ice! That sounds interesting! Consumers drive these inflatable dodgem cars on the water, crashing into other bumper cars and causing splashes, which is very exciting. Besides, we also provide amusement parks bumper cars and electric bumper boats.

In summer, it’s cool for consumers to drive inflatable dodgem cars on ice indoors, providing relief from the summer heat while enjoying the thrill of driving on ice. Therefore, consumers often come in to drive kids inflatable bumper cars on ice indoors.

kids new inflatable bumper car on water

Check out these kids bumper cars for sale with different driving mode!

Our kids electric bumper cars are powered by 2 ways, including grid and battery. They both have some advantages.

kids multi-colored battery bumper cars

Battery powered bumper cars for kids

Battery powered dodgem cars for kids are convenient to delivery and can be invested in many venues in that they don’ t need to be powered by grid which need to be build. Battery powered bumper cars could be used in fairground, community, squire, parks, kindergarten, etc. Moreover, they could be used on the ice and water. They are so safe and convenient so that many investors would like to choose them. And they are more suitable for backyard than grid bumper cars. Besides, our electric bumper boats are also battery powered.

Kids grid dashing cars

The advantage of grid bumper cars is that they don’t need to be charged for some hours. You don’t need to worry about the problem that the battery runs out when consumers come. At any time, as soon as the guests arrive, kids electric dashing cars can be plugged in and start running. Grid dodgem cars are divided into sky grid bumper cars and ground grid dashing cars. Sky grid bumper cars are powered by wires connected to the electrode on the ceiling, ground grid dodgem cars are powered by electrode on the ground.

kids multi-colored sky grid big bumper car
kids 2 seats ground grid bumper cars

How many kinds of kids bumper cars for sale we offer?

We supply many kinds of themes and types dodgem cars for sale for kids, such as animal themed, ocean themed, and cartoon themed kids bumper cars. And you could decorate venues in the same style as dashing cars so that venues seem more harmonious. The dashing cars we provide include car-shaped and round; car-shaped bumper cars are cool and round ones are resilient.

We also provide kids electric bumper boats with water gun and thus kiddies could spray the others to have fun, and this kind of bumper cars sells well. Besides, we also have spinning bumper cars for kids, which could be rotated 360 degrees.

You could customize dodgem cars for kids sale with different themes and styles you like. Furthermore, we can also design the color of spray paint and add decorations according to your requirements.

kids round colorful bumper car on ice
kids new inflatable bumper car on water

Our company is with 20 years of experience, excellent quality product and great reputation. In addition to kids bumper cars, we also offer adult bumper cars, amusement parks bumper cars, indoor bumper cars and electric bumper boats. What’s more, we also provide various types of bumper cars, carousels, flying chair rides, Ferris wheels and scenic spots attractions. If you are interested in them, please contact us.

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