Sea carousel for sale are sea themed carousels, decorated with various sea life, ocean waves pattern and modes, and colored with blue and white. What’s more, the riding seats of them can be manufactured in the shape of marine life.

We have excellent quality and affordable diverse styles and sizes sea carousel for sale, and they could be invested in many venues. Sea carousel is suitable for kids and adults. And the seats amount of sea carousel are 36, 24, 16, 12, 6 and 3. In addition, the material of them is quality. Knowing more about the sea carousel help you choose ocean carousels that suit you.


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Unbelievable sea carousels for your waterfronts, aquariums and bars

Our sea carousels are of unbelievable quality, and you could invest them in many venues. Sea carousels are suitable for outdoor venues such as funfairs and parks, and they are also suitable for waterfronts, aquariums, bars, carnivals, and some indoor venues like restaurants.

How do we design your sea life style seats merry go round ocean themed rides?

We provide Sea life carousel with diverse styles of riding seats, including sea dragon carousel, seahorse carousel, sea lion carousel, whale carousel and shark carousel. Apart from those, we can also customize forms you like. Despite they are curve and smooth, riders could hold the pole so that their safety can be ensured. As most sea carousels are for kiddies, we could also add short crossbar to Sea life carousels to further ensure riders’ safety. In addition, we offer sea carousels with 36 seats, 24 seats, 16 seats, 12 seats and 6 seats.

medium sea carousel
Sea carousel with LED lights at night

Carousel with sea horse riding seats

The riding seats of sea horse carousel are of various colors. They have blue coronet and trunk, pursed mouth and curve tail. They look cute and awesome.

Carousel with sea lion carousel riding seats

The riding seats of carousel are in the form of sea lions. They have brown body, and the top of the head, wings and tail are black. They look so cute.

details of unfinished seats of carousel
details of manufacturing the seats of the sea carousel

What raw materials do we use for each part of seaworld carousel rides?

The materials we used for sea carousel for sale are of best quality. And the connecting part between horse seat and bearing poles is embed national standard steel and fiberglass combination. And FRP of carousels is produced with a special process to ensure that the color of the carousel will not fade. In addition, sea carousel can be polished with sandpaper or sander if the paint falls off, since the color of the inner layer is the same as that of the outer layer.

In addition, the material of 36 seats merry go round, kids merry go round, outdoor Christmas themed carousel and antique carousel we offer is same to the sea themed carousel.

How to buy a proper ocean themed horse carousel based on your business scale?

We provide sea carousel horse of full sizes and heights, which is suitable for many venues and could fit your needs. Additionally, they are different in diameter, and the distance of the horses are also different. What’s more, we could customize the size and height according to your needs.

In addition, we also offer different sizes of kids merry go round,  outdoor Christmas themed carousel and antique carousel.

large sea carousel with seats in various shape

Sea large carousel horse for sale

We provide sea large carousel horse for sale with different riding seats, including 16, 24, 30, 36 seats carousel.  You could invest sea large carousel ride for sale in amusement parks, outdoor playgrounds, carnivals, malls, waterfronts, etc.

small ocean themed carousel

Sea mini carousel horse for sale

We provide sea mini carousel horse for sale with different riding seats, including 12 seats, 6 seats and 3 seats. Sea mini carousel horse are generally for kids.They are suitable for backyards, kinder gardens and so on.

the frame of the carousel

How does sea carousel work?

We use metal or wood to make the platform. It is with riding seats and upper cover revolves around a stationary center pole. And an electric motor drives a small pulley that is controlled by a clutch for smooth starts. This pulley drives a drive belt and a larger pulley that turns a small-diameter and horizontal shaft. And the end of the shaft is a pinion gear that turns a platform gear. Besides, the platform gear supports a vertical shaft that turns another pinion gear and drive gear attached to the support beams of the carousel, called sweeps, which extend outward from the center pole like the ribs of an umbrella and support the platform, horses, and riders. The sweeps hold cranking rods that are turned by small gears at the inner ends that are driven by a stationary gear on the center pole.

Horse are suspended from the cranks, and the horses move up and down about 30 times per minute when they turn. A typical carousel platform with horses and riders may weigh 10 tons and be driven by a 10-horsepower electric motor. After the motor’s revolutions are reduced by the series of gears, outer row riders will move at about 5-11 miles per hour.

Besides, the driving mode of 36 seats merry go round, kids merry go round,  outdoor Christmas themed carousel and antique carousel is same to sea carousel.

Economical but quality assured sea themed carousels wholesale

When you purchase sea merry go rounds, you need to pay attention to these features: material, durability, maintenance rate, safety, warranty period, etc. Our products are safe, durable, with best quality material, low maintenance rate and 1 year warranty period. You could trust in our products and visit our factory in person.

We provide excellent quality sea merry go round for your business not only for we value our reputation, but also for we want to bring benefits to our clients. If you are interested in our sea carousels, we will offer establishment video/pictures/engineers directions and client manual to you.

In addition, we also offer 36 seats merry go round, kids merry go round,  outdoor Christmas themed carousel and antique carousel.

After reading above content, are you interested in our sea carousel for sale? Our company is with 20 years of experience and great reputation. Our firm is a professional company with our own factory, and the products are made by ourselves. In addition to sea themed carousel, we also offer 36 seats merry go round, kids merry go round, outdoor Christmas themed carousel and antique carousel. What’s more, we also provide various types of bumper cars, carousels, flying chair rides, Ferris wheels and scenic spots attractions. If you are interested in them, kindly contact us if you need.

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