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Last September, our company, Yudinis Inc., was approached by a client from New York City. He was planning a grand carnival and was looking for high-quality, safe, and engaging adult bumper cars for sale for the event. And he bought a dozen of adult bumper cars from us. His goal was to increase the income during carnival events and increase the overall visitor experience.

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Why our adult bumper cars are trusted by our client?

Real-life strategy to reach your goals.

  • The adult bumper cars delivered to NYC are powered by battery or grid. The battery adult bumper cart are portable and grid ones are no need to charge.

  • Additionally, they can be customized in various colors and styles, including round, polygon, and car-shaped. In addition, we can also add some LED lights or cartoon patterns to them.

  • Besides adults, these bumper cars are also suitable for kids. They are family-friendly so parents can ride them with their kids on holiday or weekends.

  • They are suitable for investing in amusement parks, carnivals, parks, shopping malls, viewpoints, etc.

  • The materials of adult bumper cars include FRP, national standard steels, and 51 paint – an old brand. They are top-notch and of high quality. Meanwhile, the price is also competitive.

We strive for diversity across the globe

Sales Process of adult bumper cars nyc

Our sales team worked closely with their management team to understand their specific requirements and preferences. And we provided them with detailed presentations and demos of our bumper cars for sale adults. They put forward some requirements for the specifications and styles of adult bumper cars. According to his requirement, we designed the adults bumper car with some LED lights and special patterns.

After several discussions and negotiations, this client in New York decided to invest in our adult size bumper cars. Our bumper cars for adults are with high safety standards, innovative designs, and competitive pricing.

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delivery of adult bumper cars for sale nyc

We strive for diversity across the globe

Delivery and Installation:

Our team transported the all adult dashing cars to our New York customers by sea. And our logistics team made sure that the bumper carts for adults was delivered and installed well before the carnival’s start date.

Before the bumping cars for adults leave the factory, we have undergone multiple inspections and operational tests. We also provided professional installation services and thorough testing to confirm the safety and functionality of all rides and machines. We sent some employees to New York to assist with the installation.

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After-Sales Support:

We didn’t stop at just the sale and installation. We also provided a comprehensive maintenance methods of adult bumper cars nyc to them. Our dedicated after-sales support team remains available for any future queries or issues.

Real-life results

Result of adult bumper cars nyc:

The client was very satisfied with our services and the quality of the bumper car adults. The carnival was a success, attracting thousands of visitors. The variety and uniqueness of the bumper cars for adults were appreciated by customers. The client thanked us for our dedicated service and expressed interest in collaborating for future events.


This case was not only a win in terms of sales but also helped us establish a long-term relationship with a valuable client.


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