As a popular scenic spots amusement equipment recently, glass sky walkway adds the excitement and increase foot traffic of the scenic spots. Their clear bottom glass allow tourists to view the scenery below their feet, and also bring thrill to tourists. They are suitable for 0-70 years old people, and can be invested in many venues. As a reliable manufacturer, we offer glass skywalk for sale with high safety yet economical price. Besides, we provide various styles of glass floor skywalk. What’s more, we can customize the length and height of glass bottom skywalk according to your venues.

Product properties Parameters
Materials Multilayer laminated tempered glass; steel ropes;
Lengths Customized
Sizes Customized
Safety High
Glass Anti-slip
Load capacity >500 kg/square meter

How much does the glass skywalk cost?

The larger the area you buy, the lower the price /. Besides, we have a discount promotion recently! Don’t miss it, contact us and buy it for your business!

Price range


Who can walk on the glass skywalk for sale?

Glass sky walk is suitable for a wide range of age group – 0-65 years old people.

Where can glass canyon skywalk be build?

You can invest the glass skywalk in grand canyon in many venues: scenic spots, parks, mountains, on the river, etc. Adding a glass bottom skywalk to your venue will increase the popularity and revenue.

Glass skywalk for sale for scenic spot

Glass skywalk grand canyon are generally invested in viewpoints. This is because there are scenery in the viewpoints that tourists can view them from height.

Besides, there are generally mountains in the scenic spots that glass floor skywalk can be built on them. What’s more, glass sky walk can add foot traffic and improve tourists experience of the attractions.

Glass skywalk for parks

Parks are also attractions. There may be small mountains or ponds in the park, so glass sky walk is also suitable for investing in parks.

People can go to park to view the scenery from the glass sky walkway on weekends or holidays.

Sky glass walk will bring more tourists to your park and increase your profits.

Glass bottom skywalk on the river

If there is a river in your venue, you may also build a glass floor skywalk above it. Thus, tourists can view the scenery of river on the glass walkway.

When they look down, they will feel thrilled and novel. Sky glass walk undoubtedly bring new experience to them.

Besides, investing a sky walkway will bring you more profits.

Various shaped bridge grand canyon with fake cracks for sale

We provide many styles of glass skywalk for sale for you, including straight, u shaped, circle, and so on. What’s more, we can design the shapes of them according to your needs or your venue.

Straight glass bottom skywalk

One type of the straight glass floor skywalk is also called glass swing bridge.

In addition to this type of glass walkway, there is also a glass walkway that is attached to the wall of the cliff.

Compared with glass bottom bridge, the width of it is more narrow, and it is more thrilling.

glass bridge for sale1

Glass swing bridge for sale

Glass Walkway on cliff

Straight glass walkway on the cliff

U shaped glass sky walk

The middle of the U-shaped glass plank road is empty, and people walk along the U-shaped glass skywalk.

The U-shaped walkway is outside the cliff, so it will bring more excitement to tourists. Meanwhile, tourists can view the scenery conveniently.

What’s more, the structure of the U-shaped glass walkway is robust.

glass bottom skywalk for sale

Circle shaped glass skywalk

The circle part of sky glass walk is outside the cliff, and it is connected to the mountain by a straight road. People can watch the scenery on the circle part.

The shape of this kind of glass skywalk is novel and beautiful. And the bottom is also clear.

Besides, the safety is also ensured. So tourists can enjoy the scenery and play freely on it.

glass floor skywalk for sale

Is glass walkway safe?

The safety of glass skywalk for sale depend on the quality of it. As a reliable manufacturer, we provide high quality glass bottom skywalk made of top-notch materials. We are committed to ensure the safety of tourists and the fame of your venue.

What materials do we use?

We use multi-layer laminated glasses and international standard steels to manufacture glass floor skywalk.

Multi-layer laminated glasses: this kind of glasses are robust and can afford 250kg per square meter. Besides, before leaving the factory, we will test the quality by smashing with hammer, jumping, etc.

International standard steels: each steel plate is with serial number which can be found online.

Multilayer laminated glass
Yudinis factory workers_600x400

How about our company?

Our company has 20+ years of sales experience, and own a factory, 11 workshops, 90+ workers and 140+ officers. We sold glass sky walk to many countries: U.S., Australia, Britain, Algeria, etc.

Our staffs are dedicated and hard-working to make best quality glass skywalk for our clients. Besides, we have a professional, careful, and effective installation team for your installation.

What is the glass skywalk height?

The height of the glass skywalk for sale ranges from a dozen meters to over 1,000 meters. Besides height, we can also customize the length and width according to your requirement and your venue. If your venue has a relatively large height difference, we will design a high glass floor skywalk.

Besides sky glass walk, we also provide other electricity-free scenic spot amusement equipment: rainbow slide for sale, glass water slide for sale, glass swing bridge, jumping bouncy pillow, etc. What’s more, we also provide electric amusement rides: bumper cars, train rides, merry go rounds, Ferris wheels, chair swing rides, thrilling rides, spinning rides, indoor soft play equipment and trampoline park equipment.

If you are interested in our products, kindly contact us!

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