The kid Ferris wheel is a gravity small Ferris wheel that we provide specially for children. Child giant wheel has a relatively low height, a small footprint, and a small space in the cabin. In addition, kiddie observation wheel can carry a small number of people, 10-12 people. Moreover, kiddie Ferris wheel for sale is suitable for children aged 0-12, and its protection device is safe for them. Apart from these, we could design kiddie ride Ferris wheel into various themes. You could invest them in indoor and outdoor venues. If you want to build it for a carnival, we can also manufacture child Ferris wheels with trailers.


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What age children are suitable for the child observation wheel?

Our kiddie Ferris wheel for sale is suitable for children aged 0-12.

Infants and young children under the age of 3 need to be accompany.

For infants and young children under the age of 3, we recommend that they be accompanied by their parents. Since the body of infants and young children is too short, it is not easy to be fastened by the seat belt. Moreover, infants and young children will like to climb around. Even if they are protected from falling from a high altitude by the railings, they will fall to the bottom of the cabin.

In addition, we also provide mini Ferris wheel for toddles which is more small than kid Ferris wheel.

Why is the Kids Ferris Wheel only for kids 12 and under?

First of all, the cabin space of the children’s Ferris wheel is in line with the height and figure of children aged 12 and under.

Secondly, the shape of the kiddie giant wheel is different from the gorgeous large Ferris wheel suitable for people of all ages, and is childlike as it is colorful and decorated with cute patterns.

For big kids and adults, we offer big Ferris wheels for you.

What themes can the kiddie Ferris wheel be manufactured into?

We produce Tom and Jerry themed and leaf-themed kid sky wheel. In fact, we can design any kind of theme of kiddie Ferris wheel you need; we will decorate the child observation wheel with some patterns and paint it. In addition, we also have double Ferris wheels.

Tom and Jerry themed kiddie Ferris wheel for sale

The cabin of the Tom and Jerry-themed children’s Ferris wheel is colorful, and there is a pattern of Tom and Jerry’s head on the outside of the cockpit. The disc in the middle of the Ferris wheel also has a pattern of Tom and Jerry’s head. The outer side of the cockpit and the central disc are decorated with LED lights, which emit colorful lights at night.

kiddie Ferris wheel

Tom and Jerry themed Ferris wheel

Side view of the double-decker ferris wheel

Double-decker Ferris wheel

Parameter of our kiddie Ferris wheel for sale

The kiddie observation wheel is a small Ferris wheel with a small passenger capacity. The maximum capacity of the kiddie giant wheel we provide is 12 or 10 people. The children’s Ferris wheel for 12 people is with six cabins, and for 10 people is with 5 carriages. The size of the footprint is 6x4m, and the height is 6.5m. The volume of it is 20GP.

If you need a bigger or taller kiddie observation wheel or kiddie giant wheel with more cabins, we could make it for you.

kiddie leaves ferris wheel

Is kiddie Ferris wheel for sale safe?

For passengers and investors, besides the fun, the safety of the rides is also the most important. When investors choose a children’s Ferris wheel, they will also choose the one that is safe and secure.

Our children’s Ferris wheel has passed strict quality inspection and has a certificate of conformity. If you need it, we can show it to you. In addition, the cabin of kiddie Ferris wheel we design is with a strong steel railing around it. And the latches and welds are also very strong to ensure that children cannot open or push it from the inside. Moreover, the distance between the railing and the top and bottom of the cabin is very close. No matter how small the child is, they will not get out of the gap.

Additionally, the safety device of our indoor Ferris wheel, double Ferris wheel and mini Ferris wheel is same to the kid Ferris wheel.

the safety device of the kiddie Ferris wheel

For portable business, we provide you kid Ferris wheel with trailer

Child giant wheels with trailers are portable and mobile, so they are often used in temporary event venues such as carnivals. In addition, kiddie observation wheels with trailers can also be used in backyards, shopping malls, aquariums, farms, etc. for they are easy to move.

As they have trailers and therefore, they don’t require cumbersome and long-term installation; they are very convenient to install without requiring many installers. Plus, they are very safe and will not be less stable due to the trailer.

Their trailer part is very stable and the load-carrying part is made of sheet steel. Below are the wheels and several steel columns, and there is a fixed small iron plate at the bottom of the steel column. You only need to drill a few holes in the installation site and tighten the screws on the iron plate.

Where is the kiddie giant wheel setting more likely to bring benefits?

Kiddie Ferris wheel is generally set in amusement parks, carnivals, and parks, since there are more consumers in these places. In addition, shopping malls, farms, and aquariums are also suitable for investing in children’s Ferris wheels. In addition, we also provide other indoor Ferris wheels.

Our company is a professional manufacturer integrating design, production and sales. And we are with a series of professional skilled workers. Many of our products are sold worldwide. Our company is with 20 years of experience and great reputation. In addition to kiddie Ferris wheel, we also offer indoor Ferris wheel, double Ferris wheel, mini Ferris wheel and big Ferris wheel. If you are interested in them, please inquiry us.

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