Vintage amusement park trains for sale are antique train rides suitable for fairgrounds. Antique train rides are popular among kids and adults for its splendid and classic appearance. Both adults and kids could ride our antique amusement park trains, and we provide vintage amusement park trains in different sizes. In addition, we provide various amusement park antique trains for sale, including rideable vintage amusement park trains, and vintage amusement park trains with or without track. You may invest them in many venues beside fairground. What’s more, the energy supply of them is battery. Our company is committed to providing best quality antique amusement park trains for our clients. You could trust the quality of our products.

Vintage amusement park trains for sale are designed for adults and kids!

Vintage amusement park trains is suitable for adults and kids. Unlike kids train rides, gorgeous antique amusement park trains is suitable for all ages.

The height of the cabin is 1.5m, which could accommodate an adult. Therefore, parents could ride vintage passenger trains with their kids to have fun together. Especially for young kids, riding antique trains for sale alone may make their parents worried.

Besides, they may fall down the chair if they ride antique model trains alone, which is dangerous. In this case, parents could ride with the young kids to protect them and accompany them.



What’s more, the speed of old trains for sale is not fast. For vintage amusement park trains with track, the running speed is 7km per hour or less. And for trackless antique trains for sale, the running speed is 10km per hour or less.

Thus, kids, adults and some elderly people without diseases can also ride antique amusement park trains. Hence, antique amusement park trains is suitable for the whole family to ride. When riding it, families can watch the scenery along the way together, talk and laugh.

Antique scenic trackless train ride
Thomas sightseeing train rides

Rideable, with&without track vintage amusement park trains for sale

Rideable antique fairground train is a style that riders could sit on the top on the train rides. It is popular among people according to our clients’ feedback. The body of them is small, and the height is low. However, we could customize the length of them according to the size of your venue.

small ride on train ride

Antique amusement park trains with track are set up on the track. The size of them includes small and large. Small ones are for kids and are generally for small venues. Meanwhile, large ones are equivalent to sightseeing trains. You may build the track of large amusement park antique trains in the park, garden, farms and so on.

tourist train with rail

Antique fairground trains without track includes small and large ones. Riders could ride them to tour around the venue. Large ones are also called tourist cars.

Besides, we also provide other themed vintage amusement park trains, such as steam, animal, and cartoon themed vintage fairground trains.

colorful semi-closed electric trackless train ride for mall

Large and small vintage amusement park trains, what are the differences?

Vintage amusement park trains for sale includes large and small antique amusement park train rides for sale. The specific differences among them are the following: size, design, suitable venues.

Large fairground vintage locomotives for sale

Large vintage amusement park rides are suitable for kids and adults. The space of cabin is large enough, and the height is generally 1.5m.

Large antique amusement park rides are generally for large venues. They are generally suitable for funfair, park, mall, scenic spots, etc.

The color of large antique train locomotive for sale is relatively simple. And they are not with many decoration or patterns. They look more like real steam train than small ones.

Small vintage fairground trains

Small vintage fairground train rides are only suitable for kids. The height of it is generally less than 1.2 m.

You could invest them in small venues including fairground, mall, carnival, park and so on.

The color of small antique amusement park trains is multi-colored and childlike. And they are usually with many cute patterns such as animals and seashores.

Besides the fairground, where could you invest vintage funfair ride train in?

Vintage amusement park trains for sale is suitable for amusement park. However, it is not only suitable for fairground, but mall, park, carnival, scenic spot and so on. Gorgeous vintage train locomotive for sale could add elegant and luxurious ambiance to your venue.

Vintage amusement park trains for fairground

For fairground, we provide large and small antique amusement park train rides.

Large ones are for large funfairs. In large amusement parks, amusement equipment are far apart from each other. So tourists perhaps ride vintage amusement park train rides.

For small amusement park trains, you could invest them in a place. You may set up them around a rockery, flowers and so on.  Additionally, we could customize the theme of old amusement train rides, such as cartoon theme, animal theme, sea theme.

Vintage fairground trains for mall

In the mall, you could see many customers. Some malls are large so that it is tired for customers to walk all over it. In this case, if you purchase a vintage train ride for sale for your mall, it will definitely bring you benefits. Besides, classic old train ride for sale gives High-end atmosphere to your mall.

Vintage train amusement ride for scenic spot

Vintage train locomotive for sale can prove a smart business move for entrepreneurs. In general, the scenic spots are large, and tourists need to walk a long way. Therefore, if you invest a vintage funfair train ride in the attraction, you will earn a lot of money. Additionally, vintage funfair train also makes your scenic spot more attractive.

Amusement park antique trains battery and diesel powered for sale

We provide Vintage amusement park trains for sale with two energy supply methods. One of them is battery, and the other is diesel. They have their own merits.

Amusement park antique trains for sale battery powered

One of the energy supply of vintage amusement park trains is battery. The power supply is maintenance-free lead-acid battery pack. This kind of battery is more durable, anti-drop and safer than the lithium battery. Also, replacing the battery is also simple. Besides, the price of it is economical than lithium battery. Compared to diesel powered method, it is more environmentally friendly.

Normally, it takes 6-7 hours to fully charge the battery. And the battery lasts 8-10 hours, depending on the frequency of use. The battery life is more than two years, depending on the frequency of use.

The control cabinet of the sightseeing train
Dashboard of the diesel train rides

Vintage amusement park trains diesel powered

The other energy supply method of vintage amusement park trains is diesel. However, it is only for large antique amusement park trains. Diesel could supply more power than battery, and thus it makes the speed of the train higher than antique amusement park trains battery powered. For small ones, they are only powered by battery. Energy provided by the battery is enough for small ones.

Why are our vintage amusement park trains for sale of high quality?

We use the best material in the market to manufacture antique fairground trains. The material includes FRP, national standard steel, and 3 trees eco-friendly paint. The FRP provides considerable strength while being lightweight. Besides, FRP is corrosion resistant. And it could standing up well to extreme temperatures.

As for steel, it is strong, durable, corrosion resistant and could withstand tension. Moreover, its long service life can lead to lower maintenance and replacement costs.

What’s more, the paint is glossy, not easy to fade, corrosion resistant and eco-friendly.

Additionally, our certificate is qualified. We are committed to providing best quality products to our clients. You could trust the quality of our products.

Our company is with 20 years of experience, excellent quality product and great reputation. In addition to vintage train rides, we also offer ride on train rides, diesel train rides, Christmas themed train rides, electric trackless train rides and tourist train rides. What’s more, we also provide various types of bumper cars, carousels, flying chair rides, ferris wheels and scenic spots attractions. If you are interested in them, please contact us.

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