What is the amusement park chair swing ride? Amusement park swinging chair ride is a amusement ride consisting of a canopy, a center pole and many chains which connect the chairs to the canopy. When amusement park ride swing works, the canopy of it rotates, and thus chairs rotates because of centrifugal force. And the speed of rotating is not so fast.

As when amusement park swings work, the chair rotating in mid-air as if flying, they are also called flying chair. Riders feel thrilled and excited while riding it.

Our company is reliable and our amusement park swing ride is of high quality and at affordable price. We provide amusement park swing ride for sale with different specifications and styles, including luxury funfair swing rides, lotus amusement park swing rides, giraffe amusement park ride with swings and fruit amusement park ride swings.. Investing amusement park swing ride for sale definitely bring you a lot of benefits.

Technical data of amusement park flying chairs ride

For fairground, we have swing rides of various dimension, styles, and numbers of seats. You could choose some of them according to your venue. By the way, we could customize 1 according to your requirement.

Technical data of luxury flying chair

Luxury fairground swing ride is suitable for large amusement parks as dimension of it is large. The static diameter of it is 9m; the height is 8.5m; running height is less than 2m; the number of seats is 24; the weight capacity of each seat is 100kg; voltage is 380V; power is 10KW; volume is 40HQ; the running speed is 8-10 circles/minute.

As for material, it is made of fiberglass and Q235 steel. And it is painted by Chinese famous paint such as 3 tree paint.

Technical specification of fruit swing ride in amusement park

Fruit swing ride is smaller than luxury flying chair, with fruit patterns on it, and the seats are shaped like watermelons. They are often invested in medium amusement parks. The running height is lower than luxury 1 and thus they are more suitable for kids. The area size is 9mx5mH; each seat can bear up to 100kg; the voltage is 380V; the power is 3KW; the capacity is 16 passengers; the volume is 18CBM. The material and paint is same to luxury flying chair.

Technical specification of giraffe swings amusement park ride

Giraffe swing ride is even smaller than fruit flying chair, which is not only suitable for fairgrounds but indoor venues. The stay rods are made in the shape of giraffe. The area size is 6mx4.5mH; the voltage is 380V; the power is 3KW; the capacity is 12 passengers; the volume is 18CBM; each seat can bear a maximum weight of 100kg. The material and paint is same to luxury swing ride.

Kiddie swing amusement park ride for sale

Based on feedback from our customers, amusement park swing rides are popular among kiddies. In addition, kids are the main force of consumption in funfairs. Therefore, we provide kids of different ages amusement park ride with swings for your business.

Kids age 4 to 8 amusement park swing ride for sale

Age 4 to 8 Kids amusement park rides swings are of small area size and volume. What’s more, the rotating speed is not fast and safety bar is low. As kids aged 4 to 8 like colorful and fantasy entertainment facilities, we design animal, flower and fruit themed fairground swing ride for this age group. For example, we have watermelon, lotus and giraffe themed flying chair. We could also customize style and theme of amusement park swinging chair ride you want.

mini 12 seats pink seats

Kids over 8 years old funfair swing ride

As most tourists in amusement parks are big kids, we manufacture larger funfair swing rides for kids over 8 years old than that of age 4 to 8. They are of larger area size and volume, and the number of seats are more. The rotating speed is faster and safety bar is higher. In addition, seat belts on the seats are not available on Kids age 4 to 8 swings rides in amusement park. We provide luxury flying chair for big kiddies.

luxury flying chair ride

We can customize amusement park swing in various ways for you

What style or color of amusement park swings do you need? We have luxury funfair swing rides, lotus amusement park swing rides, animal amusement park ride with swings and fruit amusement park ride swings.

Besides, we could also design various themed amusement park swing rides. Such as anime characters, fairy tales characters, Marvel characters and so on. As for color, we could paint any color you want.

In addition, we could also decorate amusement park swinging chair rides with some led lights if you need. And in this way, swing amusement park rides could be used at night as well.

As mentioned above, luxury amusement park flying chair are suitable for large venues. While fruit, lotus and animal fairground swing rides are suitable for small venues.

Additionally, we could design other styles of funfair swing rides according to your needs; for example, the dimension of your venues and the age group of your customers.

lotus flying chair ride

How much does it cost to buy fairground chair swing ride?

As the scale, design and number of seats of amusement park swing rides are various, the price of them are different.

Among them, the luxury amusement park swing has the largest number of seats–24 seats, the most complicated design, the largest area size and canopy, and the largest number of led lights.

It is a little bit more expensive than other swing rides we offering, such as luxury funfair swing rides, lotus amusement park swing rides, animal amusement park ride with swings and fruit amusement park ride swings. However, it is very suitable for fairgrounds. Despite buying a luxury flying chair costs a little more at one time, it can bring you a steady stream of benefits as they can be used for a long time with infrequent maintenance.

Of course, we can also customize flying chairs of different sizes suitable for your site and style you need within your budget.

Installation and maintenance of amusement park chair swing ride

The composition of swing amusement park ride is not complicated which includes turntable, seats, swing lever mechanism, hydraulic turntable drive mechanism and electric drive mechanism. Considering the convenience of transportation, we will try our best to disassemble the parts configuration.

Amusement park swing ride for sale is simple and convenient to install. We could provide installation drawings and instructions, or we send engineers to help you with the installation. Nevertheless, the buyer need to be responsible for the Round-trip ticket, salary that is 120USD per day, visa and others of engineer.

About maintenance, we will provide 6 months warranty of electrical appliances, 12 months warranty of mechanical parts, and lifetime technical support.

Additionally, the installation and maintenance of our luxury funfair swing rides, lotus amusement park swing rides, animal amusement park ride with swings and fruit amusement park ride swings are same to amusement park swing rides.

How can you find a reliable funfair swing ride manufacturer?

What is a reliable fairground swing ride manufacturer?

Firstly, safety and necessary certifications is essential as they show specialization of a company. We could provide you our CE and ISO certificate.

Secondly, specialization in production processes is also important. We have our own factory, which contains FRP workshop, painting workshop, installation workshop and so on. The processes of producing are very strict and high standard, and we invite you to visit our factory to inspect products.

And then, the number of customers the company has traded with is also important. We have sold our amusement park swings all over the world, with dozens of transactions, and the feedback from our customers is wonderful.

All in all, you could trust us and our quality of swing funfair rides.

Besids, we also have luxury funfair swing rides, lotus amusement park swing rides, animal amusement park ride with swings and fruit amusement park ride swings.

manufacturing process of the seat of flying chair
frame of the funfair flying chair ride

Our company is with 20 years of experience and great reputation. Our firm is a professional company with our own factory, and the products are made by ourselves. In addition to amusement park swing ride, we also offer giraffe flying chair ride, fruit swing ride, lotus chair o plane and luxury flying chair ride. What’s more, we also provide various types of bumper cars, carousels, flying chair rides, Ferris wheels and scenic spots attractions. If you are interested in them, please inquiry us.

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