Rainbow slide, as a new scenic spot amusement project, is popular recent years. Its gameplay is to slide down from 2-25 meters high while sitting on a tire. Playground rainbow slide is colorful, thrilling and safe. Besides, it is suitable for both kids and adults. You may invest them in viewpoints, parks, fairgrounds, farms, and other outdoor venues. As a reliable manufacturer, our company provides high quality yet economical rainbow slide for sale. In addition, we can customize the height, length, width and amounts of rainbow slides. What’s more, rainbow slide is easy to be maintained.

Yudinis double slide wavy rainbow slide for sale
Product properties Attributes
Width 2.5-3.5m
Height 1-25m
Length 30-300m
Slope 9-30°
Materials PE, steels, wood
Suitable venues Scenic spots, parks, fairgrounds, mountains, etc.
Customized service yes

Who can ride on the rainbow slide for sale?

People aged 5-60 years old are suitable for riding on the rainbow slide. So dry snow rainbow slide is suitable for families riding it together.

Kids’ adventure

Compared with classic slides, rainbow slide is high and exciting. Its colorful appearance deeply attract kids. When kids slide from the top of the colorful rainbow slides, they can experience the feels like flying. Additionally, the safety of kids are ensured.

Yudinis rainbow slide suitable for both kids and adults

Adults re-living childhood fun

Adults can recall the childhood joy when they slide on the rainbow slides. Classic slides are too small for them, yet rainbow slide amusement equipment are more suitable for them. The height of plastic rainbow slide are flexible – from 2-25m. Sliding from the top of playground rainbow slide brings them excitement while releases their pressure.

How can I find the reliable rainbow slide manufacturer?

A reliable rainbow slide manufacturer should include these features: high quality materials, professional team, qualified, installation service, warranty, after-sales service, etc.

Top-notch materials of our rainbow slide for sale

We make playground rainbow slides by high quality PE, boards and steels. The slide is composed of small pieces of PE in various colors. PE has good impact resistance and wear resistance. Besides, the safety of riders can be assured because the the friction of the slide is very strong. The boards are not easy to moldy or rotten. And steels are robust to support the plastic rainbow slide.

PE materials of rainbow slide for sale
Yudinis factory workers_600x400 1

Our professional team

Our company is a old brand with more than 20 years of sales experience. We have a factory which is more than 20,000 square meters. And we have a professional team, with about 90 workers and 140 staffs.

The qualification

Our rainbow slide amusement rides meet the quality inspection international standards.

Yudinis certification
Rainbow slide under construction

Our installation service of rainbow slide

We provide installation videos and flowcharts for you. In addition, we can also send some workers to install dry snow slide.

Warranty of rainbow slides

Our rainbow slide amusement ride has a one-year warranty.

After-sales service

We provide complete, responsible, and enthusiastic after-sales service for our clients.

What places can you invest rainbow slides in?

Rainbow slide for sale is suitable for many venues. Compared with ordinary amusement rides, rainbow slide covers a large area. Our customers often invested them in scenic spots, playgrounds, fairgrounds, etc.

How to maintain and repair the rainbow slide?

Maintaining the rainbow slide for sale can make it durable and safe for riders. Besides, maintaining the rainbow slide is simple for it is non-electric. You can refer to the following items:

  • Firstly, check for damage and wear. If there are some cracks and holes, please repair them in time to ensure the safety of riders. Our company provide 1-year warranty for you. Besides slides, you also need to clean the sliding rubber rings, which is often dirtier than slides.
  • Secondly, you need to clean it regularly. You may clean it once every three months. There may be some dirt, scrap on the rainbow slides. And you can use soft brushes to clean it with some soap water.

Where can I buy a cheap rainbow slide for sale?

The price of our rainbow slides is competitive. Besides, the price depend on the square meters of the rainbow slide.

We use steels and woods to build the structure of playground rainbow slide. And higher, longer ones require more materials and setup time.

60 – 199 square meters

$32 /square meter

> 199 square meters

$28 / square meters

What styles of rainbow slide do we offer?

We provide wavy, straight, single slide, double slides and multiple slides rainbow slide for sale. They are customized according to your requirements.

Wavy and straight rainbow slides:

We can customize the shape of playground rainbow slides according to your venues and requirements.

Wavy rainbow slides playground bring more fun to riders than straight one for its curved path. When riders sliding on it, they will alternately speed up and slow down.

And the speed is faster when riders slide down straight rainbow slide, so straight one is more exciting. Therefore, we recommend the straight rainbow slide distance be 100-150 meters. This is to prevent the speed of riders is too fast when sliding to the bottom. In addition, wavy rainbow slides can save the space of your venues.

Yudinis multiple rainbow slide for sale

Curved and straight rainbow slides

Yudinis single slide straight rainbow slide for sale

Single rainbow slide for sale

Single and multiple rainbow slides:

The slide can be customized into single, double and multiple style. The single plastic rainbow slide is 2m, double one is 3.5m. And multiple one is customized according to your venues.

In conclusion, rainbow slides are a fantastic addition to any playground or entertainment space. They not only provide fun and enjoyment for kids and adults, but also add color and excitement to your venues. Depending on the specific needs and spatial constraints of your venue, you can choose straight or the curved rainbow slides. Ultimately, a rainbow slide for sale can be an excellent investment. As a trustworthy manufacturer, Our company provide safe, durable and economical rainbow slides for sale. If you are interested in our rainbow slides, kindly contact us!↓

If you are interested in our products, kindly contact us!