Nowadays, glass bottom bridge has become a popular attraction in many scenic spots. They are magnificent, and span cliffs or rivers, which are a ideal project to enjoy the scenery. Walking on bridge with glass bottom, tourists can overlooking the panorama while feel excited.

What’s more, glass bridges are suitable for 0-70 years old people. So families can walk on the glass bridge together.

As a professional manufacturer, we provide high quality glass bridge for sale with affordable price.

And the sizes and styles can be customized according to your venue and requirement.

Product properties Parameters
Materials Multilayer laminated tempered glass; steel ropes;
Lengths Customized
Sizes Customized
Safety High
Glass Anti-slip
Load capacity >500 kg/square meter

Why do many investors choose glass hanging bridge for their business?

Firstly, as a new glass amusement project, glass bridge for sale can attract lots of tourists to visit their scenic spots. Besides, skywalk glass bridge is also suitable for a wider range of age groups – 0-70 years old. So families can walk on it together and enjoy the scenery on weekends and holiday.

Secondly, investing a bridge with glass bottom in your venue can generating additional revenue. You can set it up as a separately charged attraction. Such attraction will bring you huge profits.

Thirdly, canyon glass bridge can bring special excitement to tourists. Compared with classic amusement equipment, glass bottom bridge is more grand. When walking on clear glass bridge, tourists will experience the intense excitement.

glass suspension bridge for sale

Who can walk on the glass swing bridge?

We recommend that tourists aged 0-70 visit glass floor bridge.

Is glass bridge for sale suitable for kids?

Yes, kids can also walk on it. The fences on both sides of the bridge are taller than most children. And the distance below the fence from the glass floor is very narrow.

Why do glass footbridge attract adults?

Many adults like to travel to places with mountains and rivers, and glass swing bridge can bring their excitement while enjoying the scenery. Besides, unlike many amusement equipment, bridge with glass floor is also suitable for adults. Walking on it, adults can also experience the thrill and joy like kids, which release their pressure.

Can the elderly visit the glass suspension bridge?

For their health, we do not recommend that seniors over 70 years old visit the glass walking bridge. Viewed from a high altitude, the sky glass swing bridge is very far from the bottom, which can make people feel dizzy and frightened.

What is the range of sky glass swing bridge price?

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Where can i find reliable glass bridge enterprises?

Reliable glass bottom bridge manufacturer should meet these features: use high quality materials, have qualification certificates, with professional installation team.

High quality materials

The materials include multi-layer laminated tempered glasses and steel cables. This kind of glass is thick and extremely safe. Even if someone jumps on it, it won’t crack.

The multiple steel cables are made of international standard steels, which are very robust to afford the whole glass bridge and tourists.

Multilayer laminated glass
Yudinis certification

Qualification certificates

Are glass bridges safe? The safety of clear glass bridge is very important for they are often built over rivers and cliffs. The quality of canyon glass bridge produced by different manufacturers is different.

Our glass bridge for sale have undergone multiple quality inspections and we have multiple quality qualification reports.

Professional installation team

Our company has a professional installation team. These workers work hard and meticulously, and our inspection team is also very dedicated and pays close attention to details.

Besides, if you find workers to install glass bridge locally, we can also provide you with installation drawings and videos.

installation of glass bridge

What sizes of glass bridge do we provide?

The sizes and lengths of glass bridge for sale depend on your venues. We need to survey the distance between the mountains at both ends of your site and the height of the mountains or structures. After that, we can design the length of the bridge and height of the top supports. The length of a glass bridge walk can range from a dozen to several hundred meters.

Small glass floor bridge for sale

Small glass footbridge is often invested in small scenic spots and parks. And the distance between the two ends of the bridge will not be very long.

Large glass bridge for sale

Large glass suspension bridge is often invested in large scale attractions with cliff and lakes. And they are often used as a city landmark.

glass swing bridge

What styles of the glass swing bridge do we offer?

We provide regular and special style glass bridge for sale. Special style skywalk bridge will show some fake crack patterns when people step on it.

Special: Crack patterns glass swing bridge

We have a special styles of glass walking bridge that is with crack patterns and powered by electricity. When people walk on it, fake crack patterns will appear on the soles of their feet, accompanied by a cracking sound. This kind of the glass bridge can bring intense excitement and novel experience to tourists, making them unforgettable forever.

fake crack patterns of glass swing bridge
pattern of glass walking bridge

Design: The patterns of skywalk glass bridge

The bottom of regular glass hanging bridge is transparent, and the glasses will not show crack patterns when visitors walk on them. Besides, we can also design the colors and patterns of the glasses according to your requirements. We can also design some cartoon, 3D and other fun patterns to make tourists feel interested and excited.

As the development of travel industry, glass bottom bridge has become a hot investment product. We provide high quality yet economical glass bridge for sale, and customized service. We can ensure the safety of tourists and your scenic spot’s reputation. Besides, the lengths and styles can be customized according to your venue. Besides, they are suitable for 0-70 years old tourists. What’s more, investing a glass bridge in your venue can increase footfall and generating additional revenue. Besides, our company also provide other glass amusement equipment.

Are you interested in glass suspension bridge? if so, kindly contact us to learn more about the quote and details!

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