Last August, a Singapore shopping mall owner contacted us and wanted to purchase an tourist train for sale. He sought tourist train ride that caters to kids and adults, and can carry them to tour around the mall. The road train for tourists for sale is convenient for people shopping, and can increase the revenue and customer experience of his mall. After comparing with many manufacturers and visiting our factory, he chose us because of our company strength and quality. Are you interested in tourist train for sale in Singapore? if so, kindly read what follows.


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Why did our Singapore client choose us?

Our Singapore client chose us because of the quality, our company strength, reputation, experience, etc.

How do we manufacture high quality tourist train rides for our Singapore client?

We use top-notch materials and rigorous production process to manufacture best quality tourist trains for sale for our clients.

About the materials

We use FRP, international standard steels and old brand paint to make the tourist sightseeing train for sale.

FRP: We use multi-layer fiberglass and polyester resin to make the robust and durable for sell sightseeing tourist train rides. Besides, we don’t add the talcum powder to FRP, which make it looks thick yet easily crack. In addition, our FRP is so robust that you can kick it hard and it won’t crack.

International standard steel: To ensure the safety of riders, we use international standard steels, which are with serial numbers. You can check their serial numbers online.

Old brand paint: We use a 30-year-old brand paint that is durable, bright and non-toxic. The paint is very smooth and bright when sprayed on.

production process of tourist train rides

The production process

The production of small trains includes cutting, making fiberglass, welding, grinding, painting, and installing accessories. All production processes are strictly supervised.

What kind of company are we?

As a professional manufacturer, we have more than 20 years of sales and manufacturing experience. And we have a factory over 20,000 square meters, 11 workshops and 60+ workers. Additionally, we are building a new 40,000 square meters factory.

What is the needs of tourist train of our Singapore client?

He wanted to buy a tourist and leisure train for sale that is suitable for all ages, because the customers come from all age groups. In addition, he wanted a small tourist road train because the size of his mall is not very big.

Singapore clients

How do we provide solution to him?

In order not to damage the floor of its shopping mall, we recommended a trackless tourist train for sale in Singapore to him.

The style of tourist train is Crown, and it is with 16 seats. The size of crown touristic train is suitable for his mall. And the decoration of his shopping mall is luxurious, so delicate crown touristtrain is suitable. And compared with kid tourist road trains for sale, its appearance can attract all ages. In addition, the speed of crown is also not fast, which is safe.

tourist sightseeing train for sale

Delivery and installation of tourist train for sale in Singapore

We shipped the tourist land train for sale to Singapore in a container. And the installation is easy – there are some hooks at the end of the train, and he just need to connect them together.

delivery of tourist train ride

Our perfect after-sale service

Our trains are repaired free of charge within one year and have a lifetime warranty. No matter what problems you have, we will patiently solve them.

Feedback of our tourist train for sale in Singapore

According to our Singapore client’s feedback, the tourist sightseeing train for sale is very popular among riders. Kids and adults praise its delicate appearance, and it has brought many profits to this client. In addition, this client is going to purchase a kid cartoon themed train from us in the future.

tourist sightseeing train for sale

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