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In 2023, we sold antique carousel horses to some places around the world; for example, America, UK, Africa… Among them, there are top 3 hot selling amusement park merry go rounds: antique amusement park carousel for sale, outdoor Christmas amusement carousel for sale, and 36 seats amusement park carousel. They are of many attractions and merits: exquisite appearance, high profitability, high quality and customization.

Merry Christmas

Why are these fairground carousel horses so popular among investors?

medium antique carousel

The appeal of antique fairground carousel

Antique amusement park carousel for sale, as a classic carousel, is with many exquisite European-style patterns. When riders riding on it, they feel the historical atmosphere. Thus, antique merry go round for sale is very popular in amusement parks.

Besides, its dedicated appearance not only attract kids but adults and the older, and vintage merry go round can afford 2 adults. Both children, parents and children, and couples are suitable for riding vintage playground merry go round together. Customers of a wide range of ages bring investors more profits.

Christmas antique carousel

The attraction of outdoor Christmas fair merry go round

Christmas is an important festival in many countries. And Christmas themed amusement rides create festival mood for riders. Besides, Christmas carousel sale rides are very delicate and exquisite. And they are suitable for all ages.

Last year, when Christmas was approaching, many investors came to invest outdoor Christmas fairground carousel horses for sale.

big carousel for kids

The advantages of 36-seat fairground carousel for sale

36 seats fair carousel ride can afford many riders compared to other carousels, and it bring more profits to investors in the same time period. And it looks more luxury. Some investors whose venues are large bought 36 seats playground carousel for sale. Besides, we can customize the seats amount and sizes of all themed playground carousel rides according to your needs.

How is these amusement park carousel rides’ quality?


The quality of amusement ride carousel for sale is crucial for it determines the safety of riders and fame of fairgrounds. As a professional manufacturer with more than 20 years of sales experience, Dinis is committed to produce best fairground carousels. We have a 20,000 square meters factory with many production workshops. We strictly control every process of production, and our workers are diligent and careful.

The materials of amusement park carousel for sale

For materials, we use best FRP and steels in the market. We never add talc to make FRP look thicker. This kind of FRP is very difficult to break and will not crack even if you kick it. In addition, if there are scratches on the surface of fair carousel ride, you can polish it with sandpaper. Beside FRP, we use national standard steels to manufacture steel frames of the fairground carousel horses. These national standard steels are with their own serial numbers and can be queried.

details of manufacturing the seats of the sea carousel

Where can you invest these amusement park carousel rides in?

Besides amusement park, You may invest fairground merry go round for sale in malls, carnivals, waterfront, parks, attractions, etc. When kids and couples pass by, they may ride fairground carousel rides. There are a lot of people in these places, and these places are good places for leisure and entertainment. Thus, invest amusement park carousel for sale in these places will definitely bring you great profits.

These are other carousels that sell well:  large carousels, kids carousels, sea themed carousels

large carousel horse for sale

kids merry go round for sale

sea carousel for sale

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