36 seats Carousels as a classic amusement ride in amusement parks, are always popular among children.

They are with exquisite colorful appearance and various themed, and exquisite horse shape seats.

And 36 seats carousel ride actually brought a lot benefits to investors. Now I will give you some aspects about our merry go round with seats!

Luxury antique carousel for sale

You could invest 36 seats carousel in amusement parks and malls

36 seats Carousel ride could be invested in many venues, especially outdoor places like funfairs. However, merry go round seat of different sizes are suitable for different venues. Now please allow me to introduce where merry go round seat of different sizes are suitable for.

36 seats carousel invested in amusement parks

Big commercial carousels for sale is suitable for amusement parks as traffic in fairground is higher than other venues. Riders will be crowded and wait for a long time if carousels aren’t big enough. In addition, you could earn more money than small ones at the same time. In addition, we also have other carousels for fairgrounds and other outdoor venues.

36 seater carousel invested in malls

In addition to the income it brings to you, the carousel also brings passenger flow to mall. Merry go round with seats attract more children and they will ask their parents to come to the mall with them. In this way, parents are likely to shop, which bring more benefits to you.

Medium merry go round with seats are suitable for malls in that people don’t go to the mall for fun, and there may not be as many people playing on the carousel as in the fairgrounds.

Top 3 popular 36 seats carousel ride for sale

We manufacture various themes and styles of 36 seats roundabout carousels, including but not limited to antique themes, ocean themes, fairy tale themes, etc. What’s more, you could customize styles, colors and themes you want.

36 seats classic carousel

Antique 36 seats roundabout carousel ride

seatsThere are many European-style decorative patterns and cross patterns on the 36 antique merry go round, which look very classic. The pillars supporting the top are plated with metal, as are the undulating edges of cresting. The shape of seats of antique carousels is horse-drawn carriages, and both the body and the carriages can accommodate people. And center pole is decorated with European-style decorative patterns. With a lot of seats, the antique 36 seats carousel looks very luxurious.

ocean themed carousel

36 seats Ocean themed carousel

The patterns on the 36 seats ocean themed roundabout carousels are related to the sea. The carousel’s cresting and platform are adorned with sea waves and fish motifs. The shapes of seats of ocean themed carousels include seahorse, dolphin and fish. And center pole is decorated with sea waves, starfish and shrimp patterns.

Fairy tale themed carousels with 36 seats

The cresting of the carousel  is adorned with fairy tale characters, such as Snow White and Mermaid, and characters are surrounded by golden European-style patterns. And platform is decorated with colorful patterns and flowers.

medium fairy tale carousel

What to pay attention to if you want to buy fine quality 36 seats merry go rounds?

Fine quality 36-seater roundabout carousels need to be solid, flexible, durable, safe, not easy to paint off, easy to operate, having less maintenance and longer service life. And you also need to pay attention to the material, maintenance rate, and warranty period.

We are committed to provide 36 seats carousels that meet the above requirements, and manufacture products by our own factory. In addition, our products have been produced through strict processes. Besides, our 36 seater carousels are made of national standard steel and FRP that is produced by special process to ensure the carousel will not paint off. In case the paint falls off, you just need to polish surface as the color of the inner layer is the same as that of the outer layer.

the frame of the carousel

36 seats carousel ride for children and adults

We provide 36 seats merry go round ride for children and adults, and the quality of seat is fine so it could afford two adults at the same time.

36 seats carousel for children

We design 36 merry go round with seats for children, which are with small and low horse rides. And we have many themes and styles 36 seats roundabout carousel ride for kiddies, including cartoon, ocean, fairy tale themed 36 seats carousel, etc.

fairy tale themed carousel

36-seater carousel for adults

Some carousels are usually ridden by an adult with a kid, as some parents want to protect their children and have fun with them. What’s more, some couple also like to ride 36 seats carousel rides together. So we design 36 seats carousel for adults. The horse rides of carousels with 36 seats for adults are big and high. And themes of them are more romantic and exquisite.

Longines themed carousel

How much are carousels with 36 seats cost?

In fact, the cost depends on the size, design, decoration, configuration, driving method and so on. Roundabout carousel that are big, complex design and up-drive correspond to slightly more expensive price. Relatively, roundabout carousel that are small, simple design and low-drive correspond to more affordable price. Differences between up-drive and low-drive mode: transmission of up-drive mode is driven by the motor above to rotate, and the chassis is closer to the ground, which is easier to maintain and has less noise. Meanwhile, the low-drive mode is that the lower motor drives the rotary table to rotate. The chassis that is far from the ground has a tire, so the noises will be a little louder than up-drive mode.

Choose that are suitable for you from the all introductions above, and then contact us if you need.

Apart from 36 seats carousel ride, we design carousels of full sizes

Carousels we provided includes various sizes; some of them are big carousels for sale and some are small ones. Big carousels are suitable for outdoor venues and small ones are more suitable for indoor venues.Moreover, seats carousel are with different numbers seats and they will meet your needs. Besides, you could customize carousels with size and different numbers seats you want.

36 seats red carousel horse for sale

Big carousels for sale

Big carousel horses we manufactured includes merry go round with 36 seats, 30 carousel seats rides, and 24 carousel seats for sale.

medium fairy tale carousel

Medium carousel rides for sale

Medium roundabout carousel rides we offered includes 16 seats carousel and 12 merry go round seat rides.

kids small 3 or 6 seats carousels

Small carousel rides for sale

Small seats carousel rides for sale we provided includes 3 merry go round with seats and six seater merry go round. These carousels are often for kids.

Our company is with 20 years of experience, excellent quality product and great reputation. In addition to 36 seats carousel, we also offer outdoor Christmas merry go round, kids merry go round, sea themed carousel and antique carousel. What’s more, we also provide various types of bumper cars, carousels, flying chair rides, Ferris wheels and scenic spots attractions. If you are interested in them, please contact us.

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