Bumper cars that provide exciting and interesting experience to riders have become an important attraction in amusement parks. And bumper cars are divided into grid bumper cars and battery bumper cars. Compared with grid dodgems, battery bumper cars for sale are of different features and advantages. We provide battery operated bumper cars for sale for adults and kids. As family rides, battery dashing cars are of various sizes. Know more:

kids amusement bumper cars in various colors

Compared with grid bumper cars, what are the advantages of the battery ones?

Simpler Installation:

The venues of grid bumper cars need to be installed with electrical grids. It is a little bit troublesome. However, for battery bumper cars for sale, your just need to set up a circle of inflatable fence.

Lower Cost:

Building electrical grids will cost more. Meanwhile, the Lead-acid battery is durable and economical; thus battery replacement does not cost much.

Quiet Operation:

When battery dashing cars working, the noises are less than grid ones. This is because when contact shoes contact grid, they make noises.

Flexibility in Location:

Battery powered bumper cars are suitable for more venues than grid ones. You could place them in fairground, carnival, mall, and even a vacant lot. Besides, inflatable battery powered bumper cars are also suitable for water and ice.

Various Styles:

The styles of battery bumper cars for sale include classical car-shaped, round, and inflatable bumper cars. Car-shaped bumper cars battery operated create immersive experience to riders. Round bumper cars battery operated could spin on its own besides collision. Inflatable battery dodgem are also suitable for water and ice venues.

Big and small battery bumper cars for adults and kids

Large battery bumper car for adults

If you’re in the market for some highly stimulating pleasure, look no further than the alluring selection of large bumper cars for sale. 1-seat round battery dodgem cars for sale and 2-seater car-shaped battery bumper car will meet your needs.

1-seater battery bumper cars for sale are with fast speed and robust inflatable membrane. Thus, the impact force during collision is relatively large. Compared with kids, they are more suitable for adults and teenagers. 1-seat bumper car battery bring intense experience to them and release their pressure and tiredness.

2 seats battery dodgems for sale are family-friendly. Whether two adults or adults with a child ride it, bumper cars battery for sale will create unforgettable and joyful experiences for them.

Small bumper cars battery for kids

Generally speaking, kids are the main consumers of amusement parks. When they pass by exciting kids bumper cars, they will be attracted and stop. We design 1-seat exciting but safe small bumper cars for kids. They are with smaller space and shorter safety belt, and lower speed. Therefore, kids enjoy fun while safety assured.

indoor big 2 seats ground grid bumper cars
1-seater round bumper car
Dinis colorful battery bumper cars
attractive bumper cars with LED lights

2 styles of battery powered bumper cars for sale

We offer classical car-shaped battery operated bumper cars and round battery operated bumper cars.

Car-shaped battery bumper cars for sale

As Classical dodgem, car shaped battery dodgem has been popular for many years. It creates many exciting memory for riders. The appearance similar to real car bring immersive experience to riders as if they are riding a real car. When adults riding it, childhood memories will come back to them. And kids will experience what it’s like to drive a car.

Round bumper cars battery operated

Round battery bumper cars for sale are new products launched recent years. They are more resilient than classical ones and are easily bounced far. Different from car-shaped bumper cars battery for sale that driven by steering wheel, riders use handle to control direction. Besides, they could rotate in place. Therefore, round bumper cars battery for sale are more exciting than classical ones.

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