Product properties Parameters
Materials Multilayer laminated tempered glass
Suitable ages Kids&adults
Length Customized
Width 1.3-1.5m
Slope Customized
Sliding speed 2 – 6m/s

Glass water slide is a new thrilling non-powered amusement project which is popular recent years. The bottom of it is glass, and there is water on it. Tourists slide down at a speed of 2-6m/s. They are often invested in scenic spots, amusement parks, and large parks. When visitors slide on it, they can feel the excitement while viewing the scenery. Water slide which is glass bottom are suitable for kids and adults, so families can enjoy it together. As a reliable manufacturer, our company provide different lengths of high quality glass bottomed water slides. We use top-notch glasses materials to ensure the safety of visitors. Besides, we provide comprehensive installation services.

Are glass water slide safe?

Materials of our glass water slides

To ensure the quality of water slide glass, we use multi-layer tempered laminated glasses. These glasses undergo a special processing process that cools them quickly after heating. This creates compressive stress on the surface and interior of the glass, increasing its strength and impact resistance. This reduces the possibility of chipping. Therefore, this kind of glass is suitable for visitors to slide or walking on it. In addition, multi-layer tempered laminated glasses are also resistant to pressure and abrasion.

Multilayer laminated glass of glass water slide

Safety measures

The railings on both sides of the slide are very high to prevent tourists from falling out. And visitors ride a inflatable boat to slide from the top to bottom to prevent injury.

What’s more, our water slide glass bottomed for sale has gone through many tests before putting into operation, to ensure the safety of visitors.

tourists sliding on the glass water slide

What lengths of glass water slide do we provide?

The length of water slide glass for sale depend on your venue size. Our company can customize the length of glass bottom water slide according to your requirement. And the width of water glass slides is fixed, which caters to the width of the inflatable boats. Therefore, the boat won’t roll over, and people won’t fall off the boat.

Besides, for shape of glass water slides, we can not only design straight shape, but curved and spiral. In this case, even if the venue area is small, a long glass slide can be installed.

Who can play glass water slides?

Our glass bottomed water slides for sale are suitable for kids and adults. Therefore, families can slide the glass water slides together on weekends or holidays. Glass water slide make your venue a popular fun place for families and fun-seekers.

Children’s Paradise

Glass bottom water slide is a ideal amusement project for kids in leisure time. Sliding from the top to bottom, with some splashing water, laughter and screaming, kids will get great joy. Though it is thrilling, it is safe.

tourists of glass bottomed water slide

Bring adults back to their childhood

Glass water slides are also popular among adult visitors. When sliding on it, adults can experience the simple joy of childhood. Besides, its thrill can release their pressures on weekends.

adult tourists of glass water slide

How much does a glass water slide for sale cost?

The prices of glass bottomed water slide are based on square meters, and are sold from 100 square meters.

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Where are ideal places for investing in glass water slides?

In general, glass water slide for sale is invested in amusement parks, viewpoints, riverside, parks, etc.

Invest in fairgrounds

Glass bottomed water slide is definitely a attractive item in the amusement parks. Unlike mechanical rides, glass water slides provide a new form of joy. Meanwhile, glass bottom water slide is also thrilling. It add more attraction and novelty to your fairground. The installation of glass bottomed water slide have no requirements for the venue, for they are supported by some steel tubes. Besides, the maintenance and clean of glass bottom water slide is simple.

For viewpoints

As they became popular, glass bottomed water slides were invested in the scenic spots. They are especially suitable for investing near the riverside to use the water. Investing glass bottom water slides in your scenic spots can bring more profits to you while attracting more visitors. They not only improve the visitor experience, but increase customer traffic. Besides, if there is no river in your venue, we can set up some steel frames to support glass bottomed water slides.

For parks

Park is also a ideal place to invest glass bottomed water slides. Glass bottom water slide can add attraction to your park, attract more customer traffic and bring more profits. Glass bottomed water slide can even be a landmark in your city. If there is no lake in your park, glass bottom water slides can also be put into operation. People can experience the thrill while enjoy the scenery of your park.

Is installation of glass water slide troublesome?

Setting up a glass water slide for sale in your venue is a ideal choice; however, some customers may worry about whether the installation is difficult.

In fact, installation is not difficult. We have professional install team, and they are efficient and reliable. Before construction, we will design for you based on the soil quality and terrain gradient of your site.

Besides, if you don’t need our team to install for you, we will provide installation drawings, flow charts and videos.

installation of glass bottomed water slide

As a reliable manufacturer, we provide high quality and safety water glass slides for sale. Besides, we also provide other non-powered amusement equipment: rainbow slides, jumping pillows, kids electricity-free amusement equipment, thrilling non-powered amusement equipment, etc. If you are interested in the quote, kindly contact us.

If you are interested in our products, kindly contact us!