Outdoor Christmas merry go round

As a professional and reliable manufacturer, we provide exquisite and high quality Christmas outdoor merry go round for kids, adults and some elderly people. In addition, our outdoor Christmas carousels are suitable for many venues, which offer various possibilities for your business. For size, we provide full size Outdoor Christmas carousels that includes diverse amount seats. Additionally, Xmas carousel merry go round with multi color LED lights and coin op add more appeal to your business.

Are you looking to expand your business or add a touch of nostalgia to your holiday festivities? Our outdoor Christmas carousel for sale are sure to bring joy and wonder to your venue this holiday season.


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Outdoor Christmas merry go rounds are available in large and small sizes

Outdoor Xmas merry go round for sale of different sizes are suitable for people of different shapes and ages. The numbers of seats of them are various. What’s more, we could customize Outdoor Xmas merry go round of diverse size you need.

Small Christmas carousel outdoor

Outdoor small Christmas carousels are for kiddies. And they could play nursery rhymes while working. There is a USB on control box and you could download the music you want to USB.

Large Christmas carousel outdoor

Outdoor large Christmas carousels are designed for chubby people, adults and tall kids. We provide outdoor Christmas carousels with 36 seats, 24 seats, 16 seats and so on. Some parents ride carousels with their kids, and some couples ride carousels together. And while outdoor Xmas carousel working, it play romantic musics.

Besides, we also offer large size 36 seats merry go round, kids merry go round, sea themed carousel and antique carousel.

Christmas antique carousel

Christmas antique carousel

Christmas antique carousel

Parameters of different sized outdoor Christmas carousels for sale

The parameters of 36 seats antique carousel

The parameters of 24 seats antique carousel

The parameters of 16 seats antique carousel

Product properties Parameters
Area Size ∅7m*5.2mH
Voltage 380V
Power 4KW
Capacity 16 passengers
Volume 20GP(6m)
Product properties Parameters
Area Size ∅9m*5.2mH
Voltage 380V
Power 8KW
Capacity 24 passengers
Volume 40HQ(12m)
Product properties Parameters
Area Size ∅12m*4mH
Voltage 380V
Power 11KW
Capacity 36 passengers
Volume 40HQ(12m)

Why is the outdoor Christmas merry go round suitable for all ages?

Christmas carousel outdoor are suitable for all ages on account of their low speed, low height and theme that suitable for people of all ages.

Outdoor Christmas merry go rounds for adults

Outdoor Christmas merry-go-rounds for adults add a touch of whimsical enchantment to the holiday season. These delightful carousels bring out the inner child in grown-ups, offering a joyful experience under the festive lights. Meanwhile, as adults ride on these ornate, intricately decorated merry-go-rounds, they create new memories with lover, family and friends. Some parents are worried that kids so active and naughty that they may fell down from Christmas carousel outdoor, so they ride with kids to protect them. In addition, couples ride them together to feel the romantic mood when they date. For these cases, we manufacture outdoor Christmas carousel horse that are robust enough to afford 2 adults.

Besides, we also offer 36 seats merry go roundsea themed carousel and antique carousel for adults.

Outdoor Christmas carousels for kids

Alluring outdoor merry Christmas carousels are specially designed to transport children into a world of whimsy and wonder. Adorned with red-green Christmas decorations and charming Santa Reindeer, these merry-go-rounds become magical centers of attraction for kids. Xmas carousel merry go round are decorated with Christmas tree, candy canes, bells, led lights and present boxes pattern and models. The seats of outdoor merry Christmas carousels for kids we manufactured are smaller and lower than those for adults. The bright lights, joyful music, and the excitement of riding a reindeer captures the essence of Christmas joy.

Lower and upper driving mode of outdoor Christmas merry go round

The driving modes of Outdoor Christmas carousel horse involve low-drive mode and up-drive mode. The features and prices of them are different. besides, the driving modes of our 36 seats merry go round, kids merry go round, sea themed carousel and antique carousel are same to the Outdoor Christmas carousel.

Where do Outdoor Christmas merry go rounds usually invested in?

You could invest outdoor Christmas carousels in the amusement parks, carnivals, villages, yard and so on.

Outdoor Christmas merry go round with led lights and decorative arts we provided!

We manufacture a variety styles of Christmas outdoor carousels. For example, we offer Coin op arcade outdoor Christmas carousel horse, Outdoor Christmas carousels with multi color led lights, and outdoor Christmas vintage carousel. In addition, we can customize styles, colors or themes you like.

Outdoor Christmas carousels with multi color led lights we have!

Xmas carousel merry go rounds is decorated with many models and patterns relating to Christmas. It is more exquisite when multi color led lights are on it, and multi color led lights added the Christmas vibe. It’s so bright at night and riders can ride it both day and night. In addition, the shell of lights is transparent and we can customize color you like. We could customize Outdoor Xmas carousel with 36 seats, 24 seats, 16 seats, 12 seats and so on.

Coin op arcade outdoor Christmas carousel horse for sale!

We provide Coin op Outdoor Christmas carousel horses, and you could invest them in front of arcades. It is usually small and with 3 to 6 seats, and thus it is easy for you to manage. And Coin op Outdoor Christmas carousel is for kids. The coins used by the coin op in the outdoor Christmas carousels can be from any country, and you need to set a currency first.

How we manufacture high quality outdoor Christmas carousels for you?

In our manufacturing facility, we take immense pride in crafting high-quality outdoor Christmas carousels. Our process begins with a meticulous selection of premium materials, ensuring durability and weather resistance to withstand the elements. The outdoor Christmas carousels are made of top notch FRP and national standard steel. Besides, the paint is well-known brand in China — 3 Trees which is famous for smooth, mildew resistant, non-toxic and harmless.

Our skilled artisans then apply superb craftsmanship to bring these festive carousels to life. Each component, from the ornate decorations to the intricate machinery, is carefully assembled with precision and attention. Rigorous quality control measures are in place at every stage of production; it is to ensure that only the finest carousels are shipped to our customers.

Our company is with 20 years of experience and great reputation. Our firm is a professional company with our own factory, and the products are made by ourselves. In addition to outdoor Christmas carousel, we also offer 36 seats merry go round, kids merry go round, sea themed carousel and antique carousel. What’s more, we also provide various types of bumper cars, carousels, flying chair rides, Ferris wheels and scenic spots attractions. If you are interested in them, please contact us.

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