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Our 24 seats Chair Swing Ride sold to New Zealand

At the February in 2023, we concluded a deal with a client from New Zealand. We sold him a 24 seats luxury chair swing. This amusement park swing ride is our hottest selling flying chair swing rides.

Like other customers who purchased our 24-seat fun fair swing, they were attracted by its profit, capacity and versatility. Compared with many amusement rides, 24 seats funfair swing bring more profits in a short period of time. He set it up to $6 each time, for 4 minutes each time, and he earned about $13,600 a day.

And this 24 seats new zealand chair swing is suitable for kids and adults. It allows a wide range ages of customers to have fun. In addition, we provide swing rides especially for kids. For example, giraffe, fruit, and lotus flying chair swing rides.

Besides, it can rise and fall while rotating, which enhances the thrill and the delight of the visitors. In addition, the safety of 24 seats fun fair swing ride is also assured. And we can also customize the theme, capacity, height according to customers’ requirement.

What special functions are 24 seats new zealand chair swing of?

Compared with ordinary yoyo swing ride, 24-seat funfair swing ride can rise and fall while rotating. After operating, 24-seat rotating swing ride rise 40-45cm, tilt 3-4 degrees and rotate at a speed of 1.9 meters per second. The speed is fixed when leaving the factory. However, We can adjust it faster or slower if you need it. And the tilt angle of the 24-seats swing amusement ride is adjustable, too. If you want a larger tilt angle, we can adjust it a little larger. In general, this speed and tilt angle of 24 seats swing ride for sale are best for customers. What’s more, the running times of 24 fun fair swing can also be adjusted. And the factory setting is 4 minutes each time.

Besides, we also provide swing rides that can’t rise and down. For example, kid chair swings, giraffe, fruit, and lotus flying chair swing rides

details of our chair swing

What are the parameters of this 24 seats chair swing for our New Zealand customer?

As the passenger capacity of 24-seat luxury swing spin ride is larger, it is higher than ordinary swing ride. These are parameters of 24 seats yoyo swing ride:

product properties Parameters
Static Diameter ∅9m
Height 8.5m
Running Height <2m
Voltage 380V
Power 10KW
Capacity 24 passengers
Volume 40HQ(12m)

24 seats wave swing ride is suitable for outdoor venues for its height. And our client in New Zealand set it up in a fairground. And this 24-seat amusement swing ride can also be customized into a 16-seat version which is more affordable. In addition, we also provide indoor 12 seats chair swing rides for sale. Besides, if you want to buy a larger capacity fair swing, we also provide 36 seats chair o plane for sale.

Is 24-seat new zealand chair swing safe?

saftey device of swing chair rides

At the beginning, our client from new zealand also doubt the safety of 24 seats fun fair swing ride. And then, we show him the interior structure of 24-seat funfair swing and certifications.

Each chair is hung up by 4 iron chains and a safety rope. And the iron chains are welded to the top plate instead of the acrylic plate below. Therefore, the hanging part is solid enough to afford the adult passengers. However, for safety reasons, we suggest a maximum weight limit of 100kg per seat.

In addition, the safety belts can be adjusted according to the based on passengers’ body size. Thus, thin people or kids are also safe when playing.

All of our swing rides: luxury swing rides, amusement swing rides, giraffe, fruit, and lotus flying chair swing rides are of high quality and you can rest assured of their quality.


How to install the 24 seats funfair swing ride?

The 24-seat chain swing ride need to be fixed to the ground. If you need, our company will give you Installation drawings and videos. Or we can send professional workers to help you with the installation, yet you need to pay workers. We send someone over to install 24 seats fairground swings for our New Zealand customer.

installation of swing chair ride

We gave an affordable price to our New Zealand customer. And according to the feedback from this New Zealand customer, he is so satisfied with the operation status and profits. Seize this chance, contact us, and you will also earn, or earn over $13,600 a day!

If you are interested in our products, kindly contact us!