Thomas and friends is a cartoon about trains, which is so popular among kids. And kids are often attracted by familiar and fond characters. Thus, we offer Thomas & friends train ride for your business. They are smaller than sightseeing trains and they are designed for kids. In this way, kiddies will be more willing to ride the trains.

We provide 3 types of Thomas and friends train rides for sale for your business. In addition, we could customize the Thomas tank sit on train according to your request.

small Thomas themed scenic train rides

Ride on Thomas and friends train ride for sale

Ride on train is a popular product among train rides, which is well-loved by many kids and adults. Riders riding on it are like that they really sit on the top of the trains. Additionally, riders need to hold on the steel handles to keep balance and prevent to fall. Thus, riders will feel exciting than other style train rides.

We offer Thomas tank sit on train with track and without track. For ride on Thomas the train with track, you could set up them in outdoor places such as park, garden and amusement parks. For trackless Thomas and friends ride on train, they could be invested in outdoor and indoor venues as it is no need to drill holes when setting up them.

Thomas electric trackless train ride

Electric Thomas and friends train ride

We provide battery operated ride on Thomas the tank engine. It is so convenient for riders riding it to tour around the venues. Compared to the diesel train ride, battery train ride is environmentally friendly as it won’t pollute the air of your venue. Thus, it is more suitable for indoor places like mall than diesel train rides.

Moreover, the battery is fully charged in 6-7 hours, lasting 8-10 hours, and depending on frequency. The battery can be used for more than 2 years normally. Also, it depends on the frequency of use. The type of battery is lead-acid, and it is easy to maintain.

Thomas sightseeing train rides

Thomas and friends train ride with track & trackless

Thomas and friends train rides with track are like real trains as they run on the steel tracks. Riders will experience the fun similar to taking a real train. The track is made of national standard steel. And you need to drill holes to anchor track to the ground when setting up it. Therefore, it is more suitable for sites where the ground can be drilled, such as parks, fairgrounds, carnival, and backyard.

The installation of trackless Thomas and friends train rides is simple than Thomas train rides with track. Besides, trackless Thomas train rides could be used in more venues than that with track. For example, you could invest them in malls, fairgrounds, carnivals, parks, etc. Riders could ride it to anywhere they want. What’s more, the price of it is lower than Thomas the tank sit and ride with track.


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What’s more, we also provide other styles of trackless train mall rides. Such as ride on train rides, tourist train rides, Christmas train rideselectric trackless trains and diesel train rides. Welcome to your purchase.

Thomas train rides for sale