As the increasing demand of family-friendly amusement rides, family train rides become more popular among families. Parents and their kids can ride it to tour ground many places and enjoy parent-child time. They are widely invested in fairgrounds, malls, attractions, parks, zoos, farms, etc.

As a professional manufacturer, we provide high quality family tourist train for sale with various sizes, themes, styles, and capacities. And we can customize train scenic rides according to your requirement. Our family provide batteries train rides or diesel tourist trains for sale. And we have some new styles: steam train rides and vintage tourist trains for sale. In addition, we are glad to give you an economical price. We sold 4 family scenic trains rides to Texas, US last August. It is very popular with consumers, and very profitable. He has earned nearly 6 million dollars last year.


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How much are family train rides for sale?

The prices of family train rides depend on the sizes, capacities, and energy supply method. We provide large, medium and mini train rides.

We provide 16, 20, 24, 26, 40, 56, and 70 seats family train rides.The price range is from $9100 to $66500.

These are the specific price range and parameters:

Small train rides: 16, 20, 24, 26 seats

16 seats train rides

$9100 – $12800

Products properties Parameters
Capacity 16passengers
Limit slope ≤3%
Energy supply batteries
Weight 1.8tons
Running speed ≤10km/h
Turning radius ≥3m
Emergency braking distance ≤0.5m
Overall vehicle size 12.5m*1.5m*2.1m

Medium train rides: 40, 56 seats

40 seats train rides


Products properties Parameters
Capacity 40 passengers
Limit slope ≤5%
Energy supply batteries/diesel
Weight 4.5tons
Running speed ≤25km/h
Turning radius ≥15m
Emergency braking distance ≤0.5m
Overall vehicle size 15m*1.9m*2.6m

Large train rides: 70 seats

70 seats train rides


Products properties Parameters
Capacity 70 passengers
Limit slope ≤5%
Energy supply batteries/diesel
Weight 5tons
Running speed ≤25km/h
Turning radius ≥18m
Emergency braking distance ≤0.5m
Overall vehicle size 17m*1.9m*2.6m

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Why are family train rides suitable for all ages?

Firstly, during off-duty and vacation time, families can ride train rides for tourist in parks, fairgrounds, attractions, etc. Our vintage, animal themed, colorful tour train for sale will give them visual pleasure and start their fantasy journey. Besides, you may buy tourist train for sale to ride them yourselves to take a trip with families.

Secondly, the speed of family tourist train ride for sale is not fast. The low speed are even suitable for kids and the older. And tourists can enjoy the scenery at this speed. Besides, the speed can be adjusted. What’s more, we provide various themed tourist trains for sale to cater to the preferences of children and adults.

What are the power supply methods of our best train rides for families?

The energy supply method of family train rides includes battery and diesel. They have advantages in different ways.

advantages of electric family tourist and leisure train for sale

Firstly, exchange battery is convenient. When you need to exchange the batteries, you just need to take the dead battery out and put the fully charged battery in. The batteries need to be charged for 6-8 hours. So you may charge them at night and use them during the day.

Secondly, electric scenery train ride is environmentally-friendly. Compared to diesel, electricity is clean energy. And diesel scenic trains rides don’t contribute to the emissions of your investment venues.

advantages of diesel scenic train tours

Firstly, family diesel train rides for tourist travel more kilometers than electric ones. In general, a family electric best scenic train rides can run 30-60km every time it is fully charged. However, a diesel sightseeing train ride can run 60-80km on a full tank of fuel.

Secondly, the family diesel sightseeing train for sale also run faster than electric ones. The maximum speed of battery scenic trains rides is 10km/h, and diesel ones is 25km/h. This speed is limited for the inspection of amusement facilities required by China. Besides, if you think this speed is too low, we can provide you with a scenery train ride with no speed limit.

steam style ride on train

different styles

New train rides: steam train rides for families

Recently, we have launched a new themed family train rides for sightseeing: steam train rides. It simulate a real steam train and increases the immersive experience of riding a train for passengers. When tourist road train for sale is operating, the driver can control the button to control the button to make the smoke release or not.

Steam family scenic train rides include general train rides and small ride-on train rides. Besides, you can choose to add or not add the steam function.

In addition to steam machine, we can also add music, jungle, colorful LED lights, megaphone to road train for tourists for sale. You may choose these functions according to your needs.

Where can i find best family friendly train rides for sale?

The best tourist sightseeing train for sale must include these features: high quality, safe, durable, etc.

How do we make high quality family scenic train rides for your business?

As a professional manufacturer with more than 20 years of sales experience, our company are committed to product best quality scenic train ride for our clients. We have a factory of 20,000 square meters, 200+workers, and 7 production workshops. From welding to painting, we strictly guard every process. Our best scenic train rides undergo continuous operation tests for 90 hours before leaving the factory to test its operating performance. And we test their braking function with heavy objects.

What materials do we use?

We use the best quality FRP – fiberglass, and national standard steels with their own serial numbers. Our fiberglass is carefully crafted from multiple layers of fiberglass and multiple layers of resin. Besides, we use wear-resistant 51 paint which is an old brand. These materials ensure the long-term use and the safety of the family train rides for tourist.

manufacturing process of the diesel train rides

Case: Our family train rides sold to Texas, USA

The energy supply method of family train rides includes battery and diesel. They have advantages in different ways.

Last August, we sold some family sightseeing train rides to a client in Texas, USA. After coming to our factory to see the existing train rides, he was very satisfied. And then he ordered 4 trains for sightseeing of different styles to cater to different aged customers. We gave him an economical price and some discount. After family tourist train ride is shipped to him, he only needed to simply connect the chain.

This client invested these tourist road trains in a tourist attraction. And tourists took them to tour around the scenic spot, which have brought investor great profits. According to the feedback, he set the family train ticket prices at $8 and earned more than 9,000 US dollars in one day.

Family train rides in texas delivery

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