Miniature railway trains for sale are small train rides with track that people can ride. In general, miniature railway engines for sale are suitable for kids and toddles. mini train railway for sale are battery powered. And you could invest miniature railway locomotives for sale in many venues, such as amusement park, mall, park, farm, scenic spot. We offer miniature railway locomotives at an economical price and with high quality. Besides, we also offer miniature trackless trains, and miniature ride on railway rides. Additionally, we also provide large scenic train rides including trackless and railway trains.

Track, trackless, ride on mini trains, what are the differences?

Miniature train rides with track

Track mini railway is mini train rides that run on the track. You need to build tracks on the ground. Different from trackless ones, miniature railway trains for sale is more safe as the train is fixed on the track. Thus, riders won’t hit others. Besides, the speed can be adjusted as your request. In addition, music and time also can be adjusted as your request.

sea train ride with track

Trackless mini train for sale

Trackless miniature train rides is mini train rides without track. Different from mini railway with track, riders could ride it freely to everywhere. Hence, it is more suitable for large venues than miniature locomotives for sale with track.

Super Wings electric trackless train rides

Ride on miniature trains for sale

Ride on miniature train rides is a mini train that riders sit on the top of it. Thus the height of it is usually low to ensure the safety of riders. Its appearance is similar to the real steam trains. And we could manufacture it with track or without track according to your needs.

people on ride-on train ride

Who are suitable for riding miniature railway trains for sale?

Miniature railway ride are for kids. In general, kids are more easily attracted by amusement rides than adults. When they see miniature railroad, they will be more willing to ride on it and have fun. So we design many kinds of miniature railway trains for them.

As for the design detail of the mini railway trains for kids:

Firstly, the space of cabins of mini railway is small, and the height of mini railway track is low. Besides, the safety belts of them is short to protect them well.

In addition, the appearance of mini railways is childlike; for example, colorful, with cartoon characters, decorated with animals and cute patterns. We choose elements that kids like to increase attraction to miniature railway engines.

Moreover, we also provide miniature trackless train rides and large scenic train rides.

Where can you buy a miniature railway trains for sale at an affordable price?

In order to improve the competitive power, we are glad to provide our clients an economical price. Despite the price is affordable, we ensure the quality of our products.

The specific price of miniature railways depends on design. Complex patterns and colorful designs correspond to more expensive prices.

We provide various themed miniature train railway, including Thomas and friends miniature railway, miniature steam railway, sea miniature railway ride, Christmas mini railway trains, etc. Additionally, we could customize railway mini according to your requirements.

Thomas and friends is a famous cartoon which is well-loved by kids. We design railway miniature in the theme of Thomas and friends to add the attraction of it. The locomotive of miniature steam railway looks like a steam train locomotive, and in fact it is powered by battery. Sea miniature railway ride is decorated with many seashores patterns. And Christmas mini railway trains is with Santa and reindeer models.

How miniature railway trains bring benefits to your venue?

Miniature railway trains for sale will give many benefits to your venues. You may invest them in many places such as fairground, garden, park, and mall.

Miniature railway for garden and park

It is no doubt that miniature railway will bring your garden and park benefits. In general, people often wander in the garden or park after the meal. Especially if your garden and park is large, building a minirailway is perhaps necessary. It helps tourists enjoy the scenery easily.

Moreover, you may build the track through the bush and grove. In this way, riders will feel as if they are on an adventure in the jungle when they ride it.

Mini railway trains for amusement park

For fairground, we provide animal, sea and cartoon themed 1. Different from that for park, the track of railwaymini is shorter. You may set up it in a space, and the train ride will operate around the center. Though it won’t go through the bush or grove, it is attractive for kids.

Christmas themed train ride with track

Mini railways for mall

Building a minicher railway in the mall will also be beneficial to you. There are always many consumers in the mall. And when parents with their kids pass by, kids probably want to ride it. Therefore, you will earn extra money.

Thomas sightseeing train rides

Mini railway train with economical but safe Lead-acid battery

control box of Christmas themed train rides
Details inside the control box

For miniature railway trains for sale, we use Lead-acid battery. Compared to Lithium battery, it is economical so that it reduce the price of miniature railway train. And thus, it also reduce the price of maintenance for you. However, the safety of Lead-acid battery can be guaranteed. And it is safer than Lithium battery, with low risk of spontaneous combustion. This ensures the reputation of your business.

Generally speaking, it takes 6-7 hours to fully charge the battery. And the battery lasts 8-10 hours, depending on the frequency of use. The battery can normally be used for more than 2 years, depending on the frequency of use. As the price of the battery is economical, it doesn’t cost much to replace the battery. Besides, it is no trouble to replace the battery.

How we make quality miniature railway trains for sale for you?

In general, customers are most concerned about quality in addition to price. To provide our clients the best miniature railway trains, we use first-class materials in the market.

For the frame and the track, we use the national standard steel, which is not easily rusted or broken and robust. Hence, you could build the track in outdoor venues without worrying about the raining.

For the shell of the train, we use durable and wear-resistant FRP. FRP is usually used for making up amusement equipment, car shell, train door, etc.

For paint, we use healthy and durable 3 tree paint, which is famous in Chinese market.

And for safety device, we use excellent stretch seat belt.

Meanwhile, the motor is of excellent performance to keep train rides running normally.

unfinished Christmas themed train ride

Our company is with 20 years of experience, excellent quality product and great reputation. Apart from miniature railway trains, we also offer tourist train rides, ride on train rides, Christmas themed train rides, electric trackless train rides and diesel train rides. What’s more, we also provide various types of bumper cars, carousels, flying chair rides, ferris wheels and scenic spots attractions. If you are interested in them, please contact us.