Water bumper car for sale as a new kind of amusement ride, is popular among riders, and can bring huge benefits to investors. So when you buying electric bumper boats, what points do you need to consider? I suggest you consider the following points: price, sizes, styles and quality.

Attributes of inflatable bumper cars

Product properties Parameters Product properties Parameters
Inflatable Yes Suitable venues indoor, outdoor
Materials PE, Steel, PVC, FRP Place of Origin Henan, China
Max capacity 200 kg Battery life 6-8 hours
Size dia 2m with tube Shipping ways sea/air
Battery 24V 60AH Warranty 1 year

Senior Rides Design Engineer

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What sizes of our battery bumper boats suit your customers?

We have large and small sized water bumper cars for sale, which are for adults and kids. We provide floating bumper cars of many styles, such as duck, goose, frog, with ceiling, etc. What’s more, we can also customize the styles of them according to your needs. If you want to open a fun place for adults and kids, you may buy both of them. And if you just want to open a fair place for kids, you may choose kid floating cars for sale.

Small bumper boat amusement ride for kids

The space of small bumper boat for sale can only accommodate 1 kid. And if you need, we can also customize the capacity of it.

goose and tiger bumper boats for sale

Large bumper boat ride for adults

The large bumper boat rides for sale can accommodate 1 adult or 2 kids.

electric bumper boats for sale

What styles do our electric bumper boats have?

Our electric bumper cars on water are available in these styles: round, animal, with ceiling.

Round water bumper car for sale

As a classic style, round bumper boats are more convenient to collide. And they are more exciting because riders on them will be bounced farther than other shaped bumper boats for sale.

red inflatable bumper car with water gun on water

How does animal bumper boats ride attract riders?

Animal bumper car boats include goose, duck, turtle, frog themes, etc. They are especially popular among kids. In addition, we can also customize the shape of bumper car boat according to your needs.

goose and tiger bumper boats for sale

Bumper boat inflatable with ceiling is also a popular style

Inflatable bumper boats with ceiling can protect from sun and rain, so it is suitable for outdoor venues.

round inflatable bumper cars for sale

How about the quality of our electric bumper boats?

To ensure the safety of riders and customer experience, the quality of our water bumper boats is important.

Materials of water bumper boats for sale

As a professional and reliable manufacturer, we use high quality materials to make bumper boat electric. The materials include plastic and PE. The features of these materials include: corrosion-resistant, light, cold-resistant, and wear-resistant.

details of the water gun of electric bumper boat

The production process of electric bumper boats

From shaping, assembly to painting and testing, all processes are strictly supervised. Our dedicated production team are committed to provide the high quality electric bumper boat for sale for our clients. Before the product leaves the factory, we will test it multiple times.

What is the electric bumper boats for sale price?

The price of electric bumper boats depend on the design, sizes and styles. And the price range is $300-$1800. what’s more, we have a discount promotion these days. Don’t miss it, seize this chance and buy battery operated bumper boats for your business!

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