In recent years, electricity-free amusement equipment are popular. Among them, air pillow for jumping is a hot-seller. Bounce pillow for sale for its bouncing fun, safe and easy installation, is widely invested by many investors. As a reliable manufacturer, we provide high quality yet economical jumping air pillow for sale. In addition, we provide customized services, including sizes and styles. What’s more, jumping pillows for sale are family-friendly, suitable for 3-65 years old people. Additionally, they are suitable for investing in many venues, such as amusement parks, outdoor playgrounds, parks, scenic spots, malls, etc.

Besides, we also provide other non-powered amusement equipment.

Product properties Parameters
Materials PVC plated PVDF film
Size Customized
Diameter of spherical 11m
Suitable venues Indoor and outdoor venues
Colors Customized
Suitable age groups 3-65 years old

Are jumping pillows safe?

Jumping air pillow for sale are so exciting, and they can bounce people up. However, some buyers doubt the safety of them.

In fact, bounce pillows for sale are so safe.

  • Firstly, they are not as elastic as trampolines so the height to bounce people up is not high either.
  • Secondly, jump pillow for sale are soft and without hard parts, so people won’t be hurt if they fall on it.
  • Thirdly, the jumping pillow for sale made of high quality materials are very wear-resistant and will not break. As long as people don’t intentionally scratch they with a sharp object, they usually won’t break. As a reliable air jumping pillow manufacturer, we use high quality materials to make it – PVC plated PVDF film. This kind of PVC film is wear-resistant, anti-UV, waterproof, and with self-cleaning ability. It ensures that the surface as clean as new after being used by tourists for a long time, such as lying, crawling and jumping.
  • Lastly, the height different between top and bottom is generally not much. So people will not be injured if air pillow for jumping are actually broken.

We provide full size inflatable pillow with different styles

The size of air pillow jumping can be customized according to your requirement.

Besides, we can also design the shape of Jumping air pillow for sale according to your venue size. The jumping area is spherical, and you may set up many jumping areas. In general, we recommend you set up 2-3 jumping areas. If your venue is small, you may set up 1-2 spherical jumping areas. If your venue is large, you may invest 3 and more spherical jumping areas.

pillow jumper
jumping air pillow

How much does a jumping pillow cost?

Prices are sold based on pieces. The more square meters you buy, the lower the price is.

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1-49 pieces

$15650 / piece

50-99 pieces

$12880 / piece

>100 pieces

$5750 / piece

Where can you invest Jumping air pillow for sale in?

Bounce pillow air are suitable for many venues, such as fairgrounds, playgrounds, parks, viewpoints, malls, etc. Setting up them in your venues will increase the popularity of your venue and bring in additional income.

Bounce pillows for playgrounds

Investing a bouncing on pillow in a outdoor playground is a ideal choice. In general, the amusement equipment in outdoor playgrounds are non-powered. Therefore, bouncy air pillow is suitable for them. Besides, they are suitable for a wide range of aged people, so families can play on it together. In addition, bouncy pillow hardly need to be maintained, which save time and money for you. Besides, we offer more playground non-powered amusement projects.

Investing inflatable bounce pillow in viewpoints

Scenic spot is the main investment location of inflatable bouncy pillow. Investing inflatable jump pillow in viewpoints can add more fun to it, add its attraction and promote your income. After enjoying the scenery, tourists can jump on the jumping air cushions and enjoy different fun. Besides, jumping air pillow looks beautiful, and can also add beauty to your scenic spot. What’s more, we have more unpowered amusement equipment.

Investing jumping cushion in shopping malls

In addition, investing a jumping on pillow in the shopping malls is also a wise choice. Many parents go to malls with their kids, and they can let their children play there and go shopping themselves. What’s more, jumping on pillows are easy to install – save your energy and money. Additionally, jumping pillows are charged by the hour, which are suitable for kids to play.

Who can jump on Jumping air pillow for sale?

Pillow jumper are suitable for kids, adults, and some elderly people. Thus, they are suitable for families to jump on it together. In addition, they can accommodate many people at once.

The jumping pillow cater to kids

Pillow trampoline is a fun and safe amusement equipment for kids. It won’t bounce kids high as classic trampoline, so kids can jump on it freely.

jumping pillow in a amusement park

Air pillow for jumping suitable for adults

Adults can also jump on it safely and freely. Jumping pillow weight limit is 1000kg. Jumping on the air pillow jumbo jumper, they can release the pressure and rediscover the joy of childhood. Besides, they can jump with their kids to enhance family feelings and protect children.

Elderly people can also jump on it

Some elderly people can also jump on it. The jumping cloud game is soft, so the players won’t get injured even if they fall down on it. Many amusement equipment on the market now are not suitable for the elderly. However, air pillow trampoline is suitable for them. Jumping pillow inflatable for sale bring joy to them, making them experience mild excitement.

How to install jumping pillow?

Jumping pillow installation is not difficult. We will provide guide including video and flowcharts of jumping air pillow for sale. In addition, we can also provide installers if you need.

  • Firstly, before jumping pillow installation, you need to consider the size, shape and other designs of jumper air pillow.
  • Secondly, we will send the pieces of the jumping air pillow, inflators, compressors and other necessary tools.
  • Thirdly, you need to clear an appropriately sized space on the site. Then assemble each part according to the drawings and instructions. We can also provide installers to assist you or install them.
  • Lastly, before officially opening to the outside world, the testing and debugging of jumping cloud will be carried out.

Installation of jumping pillow

installation of jumping pillow jumping cloud

After knowing about our jumping pillows, are you interested in them? Besides, we also provide other unpowered amusement equipment for sale: rainbow slides, glass water slides, kid non-powered amusement equipment, thrilling electricity-free amusement equipment, etc. And also, we have mechanical equipment: bumper cars, merry go round, train rides, chair swing ridesFerris wheels, thrilling rides, trampoline parks, soft play, etc.

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