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Our 5 Types of Amusement equipment Professionally Produced

As a reliable manufacturer, we make amusement equipment for sale by ourselves and give you the factory prices.

We provide 5 kinds of amusement rides:train rides, bumper cars, merry go rounds, swing rides and Ferris wheels.

They are suitable for investing in various venues: amusement parks, carnivals, theme parks, shopping malls, parks, farms, viewpoint, etc.

  • High quality yet economical
  • Various styles & sizes
  • suitable for a wide range of ages

  • Customized services


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Various styles of our amusement equipment

Train rides for sale

Bumper cars for sale

Merry go rounds for sale

Flying chair rides for sale

Small Ferris wheels for sale

Large Ferris wheels for sale

Train rides for sale:

Train locomotive for sale is a moving vehicle that looks like a train or has carriages. Train scenic rides are widely invested in amusement parks, parks, malls, viewpoints, roads, zoos, farms, etc. Whether they are used as amusement rides or means of transportation, they are very popular.

What sizes of train rides do we offer?

In terms of size, we offer large sightseeing trains and small amusement park trains. Large railroad train rides cater to all ages, and small fun train rides cater to kids. They are powered by batteries or diesel.

How many styles of amusement trains do we offer?

We provide various styles of train rides, for example, with tracks of without tracks; ride-on and cabin styles; semi-closed and fully enclosed. In addition, we provide various colored and themed amusement trains, such as vintage, Christmas, cartoon, animals, etc.

Customized services

We can customize the sizes, amounts of cabins and styles of nice train rides according to your needs.

Bumper cars for sale:

Bumper cars are classic and popular amusement equipment for sale for fun places. They are family-friendly, suitable for kids and adults. We provide car-shaped, round , and inflatable dodgem bumper cars for sale.

What venues are suitable for investing in bumper cars?

You may invest in them in many venues such as fairgrounds, carnivals, parks, malls, viewpoints, etc. And our inflatable dodgem bumper cars can be used on water and ice.

Battery powered and grid powered

They are battery powered or grid powered. The speed of grid powered is faster than battery powered. However, electric bumper cars do not have requirements for the venue. So battery bumper cars are suitable for more venues.

indoor multi-colored battery powered bumper cars

Battery bumper cars for sale

ground grid bumper cars

Grid powered dodgems for sale

Customized services

The colors and themes of bumper car rides for sale can be customized according to your needs.

Merry go round for sale

Carousels are romantic and classic amusement equipment for sale. They are family-friendly, suitable for all ages. And couples enjoy riding them very much.


How many seats of carousels do we have?

Regarding the size, we offer 48, 36, 24, 16, 12, 6, 3 seats amusement carousel for sale. And they include single-decker and double-decker carousel horse ride for sale.

Various styles of merry go rounds

We provide various themed merry go round carousel for sale: Christmas, animal, luxury, Longines, sea, fairy tales, coin-operated, antique themes, etc.

Customized services

We can customize the themes and sizes of merry go round horse for sale according to your needs.

Swing rides for sale

Chair swing ride as a classic amusement equipment for sale, is thrilling yet safe. It is also called the flying chair ride. When rotating, riders can feel the excitement of flying. And we provide amusement swing ride that can rotate while lifting up and down.

Large and small flying chair swing rides

We provide large and small flying chair rides for sale, they are of different styles. Large chair o planes include luxury 36 and 24 seats. Small chair o plane for sale include 12 and 16 seats, and giraffe, lotus, fruit and tree themes. The colors can be customized.

4 styles of chair swing rides

luxury swing ride for sale

Luxury swing rides for sale

fruit watermelon swing ride

Fruit flying chairs for sale

kids giraffe swing ride

Giraffe swing rides for sale

lotus flying chair ride

Lotus flying swing rides for sale

Ferris wheels for sale

Ferris wheel rides are viewing and amusement equipment. Customers can enjoy the view from the rotating Ferris wheel.

Production processes and materials of our company

As a trustworthy manufacturer, we have more than 20 years of sales experience and about 230 employees. We have a factory of more than 20,000 square meters. And in this factory, there are many workshops: material workshop, welding workshop, assembly workshop, FRP grinding workshop, spray painting workshop, finished product workshop, etc.

Strict production procedures

Our amusement equipment for sale undergo strict production steps. Each step is supervised to ensure high quality products are manufactured. For example, when making FRP, we first polish it and then spray paint it. The grinding process needs to be repeated many times to ensure that it is smooth. And the spray painting and baking processes are also required many times to ensure that the surface is glossy.

Besides, our fair equipment for sale use magnetic particle testing technology, penetrant reagents, and ultrasonic testing technologies. These testing technologies ensure the quality of amusement equipment and the safety of riders.

production process of DINIS amusement rides
production of small Ferris

Top-notch materials

We make amusement rides by ourselves. The materials include: FRP(fiberglass reinforced plastic), national standard steels, 51 old brand paint, aluminum alloy, PVC, etc. They are robust, durable and wear-resistant. We use multiple layers of fiberglass and polyester resin to make FRP, and promise not to add talc. Although the FRP with added talcum powder looks thick, it is not durable and will crack within a year or two. In contrast, our fiberglass is not easy to crack; even if you kick it hard, it will not crack. Additionally, every piece of international steel plate we use has a number, which can be checked.

At your service

Our customization services

We can customize the sizes, colors, styles, shapes, and sticker patterns of amusement equipment for sale according to your requirements. These are some entertainment equipment for sale with various styles and designs.

details of locomotive of Christmas themed train rides

Christmas train ride

sea train ride with track

Ocean railway train ride

water bumper cars bumper boats

Inflatable bumper boats

Luxury merry go round

watermelon fruit flying chair

Fruit flying chair swing rides

double-decker Ferris wheel

Double-decker Ferris Wheel

36 seats antique carousel

indoor clock Ferris wheel

Indoor clock style Ferris wheel

giraffe swing ride

Giraffe chair swing rides

The top 5 best-selling rides

Adults bumper cars for sale

Adult bumper cars can releases the pressure of adults, so it is the best belling ride. Besides, kids can also ride it. Parents can ride it with their kids and enjoy fun parent-child time. So it is a ideal choice for investors.

colorful indoor adult bumper cars

Electric trackless train for sale

Electric trackless train is the most popular train ride among investors. Compared with diesel train rides, powering them is easy and convenient. And charging is also cheaper than diesel. For they are without track, people can ride it in many places. Such as parks, viewpoints, roads, zoos, farms, etc. Besides, installing them is also easy. We will send cabins to you and you just need to connect them together.

colorful semi-closed electric trackless train ride for mall

Antique carousel horse for sale

Vintage merry go round for sale is a classic carousel horse in fairgrounds and carnivals. It is in vintage palace style and with many European-style patterns. The horse seats are also exquisitely designed. Riding on it, riders can feel like traveling back to the ancient times. Vintage carousel horse for sale is family-friendly, suitable for all ages.

Luxury antique carousel for sale

Miniature railway trains for sale

Miniature train for sale is also a popular attraction. They are often invested in amusement parks, carnivals, malls, parks, backyards, etc. Mini train for sale are suitable for not only kids but also adults. The styles of them include cartoon, animal, ocean, Christmas, ride-on, etc. Besides, we can also customize the styles and sizes according to your needs.

Xmas train rides with rail for sale

Tourist train for sale

Train scenic rides are widely used in scenic spots, parks, roads, etc. As a means of transportation or amusement rides, they can attract many customers. Investing them can bring profits to your viewpoint and other venues. We provide many colors, sizes and capacities of tourist trains for sale, and can customize them.

trackless train rides for sale

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