battery powered bumper car dodgem for sale

Battery powered bumper cars

Product properties parameters
Size 1.9*1.15*0.85 m
Voltage 24 V
Power 300 W
Capacity 2 people
Weight 200 Kg
Speed <6.5 km/h
Battery 2 pcs 12 V 80 A

We provide amusement park bumper cars for sale that suitable for indoor and outdoor venues. Besides, they are with different power supply modes and themes. And we provide amusement park dodgems for kiddies and adults. And recently, we have launched a new design inflatable funfair bumper car which is of many virtues.


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Venues, advantages and styles of amusement park indoor bumper cars!

Advantages of investing indoor dashing cars in amusement parks

Compared to outdoor venue, the interior decoration is better, the scene is more realistic, and there are no distractions from outside scenery. What’s more, indoor bumper cars are suitable for playing in all seasons, for the temperature of indoor venues could be adjusted.

indoor big 2 seats ground grid bumper cars

Where could amusement park indoor bumper cars be placed?

Amusement park indoor bumper cars for sale are well-liked among riders for their excitement and immersion and they indeed brought great benefits to investors. Indoor funfair bumper cars could be also invested in basements, parks and so on. You just need to find a large room, decorate it, and then it will be a dodgem cars venue.

Theme suitable for indoor dodgem cars for amusement parks we provided

Our amusement park indoor bumper cars are of different types and themes. Some of them decorated with LED lights. And these LED lights are extra sparkling indoors. You could decorate the room with the same theme and type as the car, and also, you could decorate rooms with colorful lights. Besides, we provide electric bumper boats on ice or water.

Advantages of investing bumper cars in amusement park outdoor venues

Compared to indoor venues, outdoor venues are more breathable, bright and there is no need to find a room, just an open field with iron fences.

In addition, you don’t need to make noise-resistant walls as indoor venues, for the outdoor places of the amusement park are already noisy. However, maybe indoor venues are near rooms that need quiet.

What’s more, riders in the outdoor dashing cars feel cold and hot in winter and summer so they are suitable for playing in spring and autumn.

Outdoor amusement park bumper cars for sale are popular among riders in amusement parks so that they also bring great benefits to investors.

Besides, for outdoor venues, we offer electric bumper boats on water.

Two kinds of power supply electric bumper cars for you

Grid powered amusement park electric dodgem cars and its advantage

Amusement park bumper cars for sale grid powered are divided into sky grid powered which is connected by wires to electrodes on the ceiling and ground grid powered whose body is connected to electrodes on the ground.

The advantage of grid powered dodgem cars is if there are a lot of people coming to ride bumper cars in the amusement park, you don’t need to worry about running out of power. Grid powered bumper cars run as long as they are plugged in. These kind of bumper cars suits not only indoors but outdoors.

amusement parks sky grid colorful bumper cars
fairground ground grid powered dodgem

Battery powered amusement park electric dashing cars and its advantages

One of the advantages of battery dashing cars is that you don’t need to build grid on the ceiling or ground, which is convenient to build a venue, and you just need to build iron fence that surrounds the venue; and they are suitable for many places in amusement park, such as on water and ice. Amusement park electric bumper cars on water and ice are more novel and attractive than those on land. The second advantage is that these kind of cars makes less noise than grid bumper cars. Battery can be used for 6-8 hours, depending on the frequency of use.

various style battery dodgems for funfairs
control box of the bumper car

We provide amusement park bumper cars for different ages!

Amusement park bumper cars quite attract kiddies, teens and adults. Even toddles and the elders appreciate them.

Amusement park bumper cars for sale for toddles

Some parents want to play with their babies and experience happiness together, so some toddles also sit on the dashing cars. The speed of our little kids bumper cars ride amusement parks is not so fast, seat belts are of good quality, and structure is so robust and proper, so toddles will be protected well.

baby toddle little kid 1 seat bumper car

Different capacities and sizes for parents and kids

Every time the kids pass by the dodgem cars, they always want to drive them. So they ask their parents to let them drive. Some parents drive adult bumper cars with their children, and the others let their children drive kids bumper cars by themselves. Therefore, we provide 2-seater and 1-seat bumper cars for you.

Additionally, people of different age have different heights and weights, wherefore we manufactured amusement products bumper cars of different sizes. Besides, we could manufacture amusement park bumper car on sale for all ages according to your needs.

amusement parks sky grid 2 seats bumper cars

Advantages & investing place of new design fairground inflatable bumper cars

Advantages of inflatable bumper cars

They are powered by battery. Thus it is no need to build grid on the ceiling or ground of the venue. Therefore, they save you costs and are convenient for building venue.

In addition, battery amusement park bumper cars are more easy to repair, maintain or replace than grid dashing cars.

Furthermore, they are round so that they will be bounced far than classic dodgem cars. It increase thrill and excitement to riders.

Where could inflatable bumper cars be used in amusement parks?

Use inflatable bumper cars on water

You could not only place Inflatable amusement park bumper cars in ground, but also on water. That sounds interesting, right? Both children and adults are fascinated by them. They drive inflatable dashing cars on water surface, causing layers of splashes. It added to the fun of collisions.

Use inflatable bumper cars on ice

You could invest inflatable amusement park bumper cars on ice. And they are more suitable for summer. The income of the amusement park in summer may not be very good because it is too hot. However, driving ice inflatable bumper cars can bring people a cool feeling; and at the same time they could enjoy the excitement and fun. Thereby customers are attracted.

red inflatable bumper car with water gun on water

That’s all. Our amusement park bumper cars for sale are of best quality, affordable price and few maintenance. Are you finding indoor amusement parks bumper cars for sale? What do you think of our products? In addition to amusement park bumper cars, we also offer kids bumper cars, adult bumper cars, indoor bumper cars and electric bumper boats. What’s more, we also provide various types of bumper cars, carousels, flying chair rides, Ferris wheels and scenic spots attractions. If you need, contact us please.

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