From 2020 to 2024, we have sold dozens of carousel merry go round for sale. Among them, the Top 3 selling carousels for sale from 2020 to 2024 are vintage carouselssmall carousel and sea themed horse carousel for sale. They are popular because of their attractive appearance, aesthetic pleasure and proper sizes. Next, let’s learn about them in details.


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Vintage carousel horse for sale

Antique carousel horse rides are of high quality and attractive appearance. Their vintage style can bring people to old ancient, as if they go through the history. Besides, parents can bring their kids to ride vintage merry go round horse together, and allow them to feel the historical atmosphere.

Attractive appearance:

Antique carousel horse for sale is decorated with European-style patterns, and the colors are also in vintage style.

When riders riding on it, they will feel as if they are riding on the palace in ancient. They can attract both kids and adults.

Dinis antique carousels for sale
small antique carousel

Various sizes:

The vintage carousels for sale can be designed into small, medium and large sizes.

Small antique merry go round horse: they include 3,6 seats; Medium carousel horse vintage: 12, 16 seats; Large antique merry go round horse: 24, 36, 40 seats.

Mini carousel for sale:

Mini carousel horse for sale is popular for it is suitable for investing in more venues than large carousels for sale. Besides, the prices of small carousel horse for sale are more affordable than large ones.

Amounts of seats of mini carousel horse for sale

We provide small 16, 12, 6 and 3 horse carousel for sale.

kids small 3 or 6 seats carousels

Various styles

We provide miniature carousel for sale in diverse styles: vintage, sea, fairy tale, luxury, Longines, Christmas, etc. Besides, we can also customize the styles of them according to your needs. In addition, we can customize small carousel into coin-operated style.

Suitable for many venues

Miniature carousel horses cater to these venues: fairgrounds, parks, malls, carnivals, indoor playgrounds, restaurants, hotels, waterfronts, etc.

Sea carousel horse for sale

Ocean for sale carousel are also popular for their fun theme, and various shapes of seats. Sea for sale carousel horse is imaginative and make kids feel as if they are in the underwater world.

Different sizes of sea horse carousel for sale

We provide small, medium and large sized sea merry go round carousel for sale. The amounts of seats of them are same to vintage real carousel for sale.

Where are they suitable for investing in?

They are suitable for amusement parks, carnivals, parks, shopping malls, waterfronts, aquariums, sea themed fun places, etc.

Top 3 selling carousels for sale are of high quality:

We make merry go round horse for sale by our factory which covers an area of about 20,000 m². And there are 11 workshops and about 90 workers in our factory. We have a special FRP workshop, and workers use multi-layer fiberglass to make FRP to make it robust.

Besides, we don’t add talcum powder to FRP; some manufacturer add talcum powder to FRP to make it look thicker yet easily crack. Our FRP will not break even if adults kick it hard.

For structure, we use international standard steels with their own serial numbers.

details of manufacturing the seats of the sea carousel

The Customized services of Top 3 selling carousels for sale:

We can customize the styles, patterns, sizes, amount of seats and so on according to your needs.

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