Last June, our company – Dinis, sold the trackless train for sale to Utah, USA. Our client, a carnival organizer, contacted us for our electric trackless train for sale. He planed to buy a train ride to carry kids at carnival, and improve visitor experience. And finally he bought a 24 seats vintage electric trackless train for sale for his carnival event.

Why did this client’s team choose us?

Before bought the trackless train for sale to Utah, our client’s team saw a lot of trains from other companies. However, they chose us at last. This is because of several factors: the company strength, quality, reputation, customer feedback, etc.

The company strength

As a reliable manufacturer, our company own a factory of more than 20,000 square meters. In this factory, there are 11 workshops and about 90 workers. Besides, there are about 140 officers in our company.

Yudinis factory workers_600x400

The quality of our trackless trains for sale

We use top-notch materials to manufacture train rides for sale: high quality FRP, international standard steels and old brand paint.

  • FRP: We use multi-layer fiberglass and polyester resin to make up robust FRP. And we don’t add talcum powder to it – which makes the FRP look thick yet make it easy to crack. Our FRP are so robust that it won’t crack even if you can kick on it hardly.
  • Steels: For steels, we use international standard steels which are with serial numbers. These steels are very robust that can ensure the safety of the riders.
  • Paint: To keep the color of the train for a long time, we use old brand 51 brand paint. This paint is smooth and with good color retention. In addition, we paint it several times, so if there is any wear and tear, you can sand it.

The feedback and reputation

As a reliable manufacturer with more than 20 years of sales experience, we sold our train rides to more than 40 countries, and received more than 95% praise. In addition, many of them have repurchased.

How did we give this client solutions?

For this client wanted to purchase a vintage electric trackless train, we provide many styles of train photos for him. And then we invited him to visit our factory. He learned about the strength of our factory, and viewed the manufacturing process of the electric trackless train ride.

He finally settled on a vintage electric trackless train ride for its exquisite and attractive appearance. Besides, this trackless train is suitable for a wide range of aged people. So it will attract a wider customer base.

US clients
delivery of train ride sold to us

Delivery and Installation of the trackless train for sale to Utah, USA

The delivery and Installation are simple and convenient. We dismantled the antique electric trackless train into carriages for transportation. And once it arrives, they just need to connect the carriages together.

Our perfect after-sales support

As a large company, we also take a responsible attitude towards after-sales service. Our trains are guaranteed for life. Free warranty for mechanical parts for 1 year and for electrical components for half a year. If you have any questions about the electric trackless tourist train for sale, kindly contact us.

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Result of vintage trackless train sold to US

The trackless train for sale to Utah, USA attracted many kids to ride at the carnival and they praised it. And also, vintage electric trackless train brings huge profits to our client. Our American customers are very satisfied with it, and consider continued cooperation in the future.

If you are interested in our products, kindly contact us!