Parameters of kids merry go round:

3 seats 6 seats 12 seats 16 seats 36 seats
Material FRP&Steel FRP&Steel FRP&Steel FRP&Steel FRP&Steel
Diameter 1.4m 3.3m 5.3m 6m 13m
Height 2.6m 2.8m 6.2m 6.8m 7m
Motor Power 500w 1.1Kw 2.2Kw or 3Kw 2.2Kw or 3Kw 11Kw
Voltage 220V 220V or 380V 220V or 380V 220V or 380V 220V or 380V
Speed 0.8m/s 0.8m/s 0.8m/s 0.8m/s 0.8m/s

Kids merry go round for sale, also known as kids Carousel, kids carrousel and kids roundabout, is a rotate amusement facility with horse-form rides for kiddies. These rides could raise up and down as the machine turns to make kids feel like galloping on the horses.

We have various themed and sizes of kids merry go round for different ages kids, and they can be invested in many venues. Do you want to know how they work and how to build kids merry go round? Are you interested in the price? If so, kindly keep reading.

In addition,  we also provide kids vintage outside merry go round, outdoor Xmas carousel, ocean merry go round.


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Various themed kids merry go round for sale–you name it!

We provide kids ride merry go round for sale with diverse themes and styles. For examples, we have colorful merry go round for kids, vintage outside merry go round for kids to ride, outdoor Xmas carousel, animal kids merry go rounds for sale, ocean merry go round for kids to buy and airplane rides for kids merry go round. As for styles, we have kids coin operated merry go round and so on.

Is the shape of kid merry-go-round only horse? No.

Riding chairs of most kid merry-go-rounds are horses, however, we offer other forms of riding chairs. For example, we have animal themed, ocean themed, and airplane themed kid merry go round for sale. Riding chairs of animal theme carousels are animals, of ocean theme carousels are sea creatures and of airplane theme carousels are airplane. Moreover, we can customize riding chairs of forms you like.

Young and big kids merry go round for sale

As children vary in age, size and height, we manufacture kids ride merry go round for young and big kids. Of course, we could customize size you need.

small carousel for kids

Young kids merry go around

In general, young kids are defined as kids between the ages of 3 and 5. They are so small, short and light, and thus kids merry go rounds for them are with smaller diameters. In addition, the riding seats of young kids carousels are lower and narrower. What’s more, the speed of young kids merry go around is slower. You can contact me for specific parameters and ask me in detail.

Additionally, the seat amount of our vintage merry go round, outdoor Xmas carousel, and  ocean merry go round can also be designed into 3 and 6 for kids.

big carousel for kids

Big kids merry go round

Generally speaking, a big kid is a child between kindergarten and second grade (ages 5 to 9). Children in this age group are taller, lively and agile, so kids entertainment and merry go round for them are larger and the riding seats are higher and wider than young kids. Also, speed of it is faster than young kids merry go round. We have big kid carousel with 36 seats, 24 seats, 12 seats and so on. You can contact me for specific parameters and ask me in detail.

Where to invest kids merry go rounds? Many venues!

You could invest kids merry go rounds in amusement parks, carnivals, backyards, etc. Apart from those common venues, they could also be invested in schools, kinder gardens, parties, and indoor places including restaurants, circuses and cafes. As the seats amount of kid carousel can be customized, they are suitable for different venues. We provide kids 36 seats carousels, 24 seats, 16 seats, 10 seats, 6 and 3 seats. In conclusion, they are suitable for many places. Additionally, we also provide other outdoor carousels.

Sea carousel with LED lights at night

Restaurant kids merry go round for sale!

How fun it would be if a merry go round for kids was placed in the restaurants! Kiddies enjoy the fun of it while waiting for meal, so that their parents and them won’t feel bored. If cooking speed of your restaurant is a little slow and the number of customers in your restaurant is large, it is very beneficial to purchase a kid carousel. Kids carousels will bring you benefits indeed.

In addition,  our kids vintage outside merry go round, outdoor Xmas carousel, ocean merry go round are also suitable for restaurants.

What’s more, our kids merry go round carousel for sale is not high and has a small footprint, and we can also customize size and theme you need.

What is the drive method of the kids carousel?


ids merry go rounds are powered by electricity, and you just need to connect the power cord to the power source. And we will provide a removable control box that termination point in it. That is, you need to connect your power cable with the control box. What’s more, we could provide drawing that the power connection location plotted on. The power wire will be numbered, so you just need to connect them to the same number.

In addition, for electricity voltages in different countries are different, we could customize electricity voltage according to our customers.

Moreover, the drive method of our vintage merry go round, outdoor Xmas carousel, ocean merry go round and 36 seats carousel is same to kids carousel.

It is quite convenient for you to invest a kids merry go round

Investing a merry go round for sale for kids is not troublesome for they are convenient to install, dismantle and transport.

After browsing above content, do you want to buy some of them? Our company is with 20 years of experience and great reputation. Our firm is a professional company with our own factory, and the products are made by ourselves. In addition to kids merry go round, we also offer 36 seats merry go round, outdoor Christmas merry go round, sea themed carousel and antique carousel. What’s more, we also provide various types of bumper cars, carousels, flying chair rides, Ferris wheels and scenic spots attractions. Wait no more and contact us if you need!

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