What is the energy supply of the ride-on trains?

The energy supply of the ride-on trains is Lead-acid battery. They are easy to charge, solid and safer than lithium battery. The battery is fully charged in 6-7 hours, lasting 8-10 hours depending on frequency. Besides, we will provide a charger.


Are ride on trains with tracks?

In fact, we provide 2 kinds of ride on scale trains for sale, including ride on trains forsale with track and trackless ride on railway for sale.


Is it trouble to assemble ride on railway for sale?

No, it isn’t. For track, you just need to drill some holes and fasten the track and railway sleepers. For train, we send cabins to you and you just need to connect them.


Is ride on trains for sale suitable for malls?

Yes, it could be invested in malls. However, we recommend you invest trackless ride on locomotives for sale as it is not convenient to set up track in malls .