Vintage bumper car for its classical charm, deeply attract fun-seekers and collectors. No need to look further, check out our best vintage bumper car for sale! We provide old dodgem cars for sale for kids and adults with 2 seats. Vintage dodgem cars for sale are operated by batteries or grid. And we provide different colors and styles of old bumper car for sale. As a trustworthy manufacturer, we promise the high quality and we are glad to give you a economical price. Besides, they can be invested in many venues: amusement parks, carnivals, parks, communities, malls, etc. Whether you want to collect it or expand your business, old dodgem cars for sale are a wise choice.

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Where do I buy economical yet quality vintage bumper car for sale?

We are committed to provide affordable vintage dashing car price for you. Besides, we have a 20% discount promotion in January! The Chinese New Year will be celebrated in February, and express delivery will be suspended at that time. Don’t miss up this chance and buy it now!

These are the specific price range and parameters:

Battery powered bumper cars


Product properties parameters
Size 1.9*1.15*0.85 m
Voltage 24 V
Power 300 W
Capacity 2 people
Weight 200 Kg
Speed <6.5 km/h
Battery 2 pcs 12 V 80 A

ground grid powered bumper cars


Product properties parameters
Size 1.9*1.15*0.85 m
Voltage 48 V
Power 350 W
Capacity 2 people
Weight 230 Kg
Speed 6.5 km/h

Cheap price doesn’t mean poor quality. As a professional manufacturer, Dinis is committed to provide best vintage bumper cars on sale for our clients. We own a factory with an area of about 20000 square meters. And there are several workshops in the factory. From cutting, welding, to make FRP, painting, our workers work diligently to manufacture old bumper cars for sale. And our vintage bumper car rides have passed quality inspection. Besides, we also test the bumper cars before leaving the factory, such as speed, collision, load-bearing capacity.

What ages of customers are allowed to ride the vintage bumper car?

Our vintage bumper car for sale are suitable for kids and adults. The safety belts can be adjusted to cater to people of different sizes.

Vintage adult bumper cars for sale

Vintage adult dodgem bumper car for sale recall the memory of adults’ childhood, and release their pressure. The capacity of our antique bumper cars for adults can accommodate 2 adults. Families, friends, and lovers can drive it together to experience excitement. Teenagers are the ones who love them the most. They driving vintage bumper car for adults fast and experience the excitement of drag racing that is difficult to experience normally. In this way, they experience the excitement in safety and become addicted to it.

Antique kid bumper cars for sale

The safety belts can be adjusted to adapt to the kids’ body shape. So kids can experience the joy of simulated driving. Besides, our vintage bumper car for sale for kids are family-friendly, so parents can ride them with kids to enjoy the happy time together.

How to make vintage bumper car for sale operate?

We provide battery and grid powered vintage bumper car ride for sale.

What advantages are grid powered vintage bumper car sale with?

Firstly, grid powered vintage bumper carts for sale can provide continuous power supply. As long as you set up the grid and turn on the power, customers can keep riding.

Secondly, grid powered vintage bumper car for sell are faster than battery ones when running. So they provide more excitement to riders.

Thirdly, compared with electric bumper cars for sale, grid powered ones are more classic. People of the previous generation basically drove grid bumper cars.

Lastly, grid vintage dodgem car for sale require almost no maintenance. Compared with battery funfair bumper cars, they don’t need to exchange the batteries.

What are the advantages of electric vintage dodgems for sale?

Firstly, the cost of vintage electric dodgem bumper cars for sale is lower. The venue don’t need to set up grids.

Secondly, setting up electric vintage bumper car sale is simple. You just need to surround the venue with some inflatable fences. After the bumper car arrives, you only need to install the battery and then you can start using it at once.

Thirdly, transporting vintage battery bumper cars is easy. Unlike grid vintage bumping cars for sale, they are movable, so they are more suitable for movable business.

What styles of old bumper cars for sale are available?

We offer various colored vintage bumper car ride on for sale. Besides, we can also customize vintage bumper cars to buy according to your needs. If you need, we can also add some cartoon patterns and LED lights to vintage bumper cars for sale.

Besides vintage dodgem cars for sale, we also provide new style bumper cars: inflatable round bumper boats for sale. They are battery powered. Round inflatable bumper car can spin under people’s control. And they will be bounced farther than classic car-shaped dodgems for sale. Riders can ride inflatable bumper cars on water or ice. And they are equipped with water guns. They are light and portable, so they are also suitable for investing.

What materials are vintage bumper cars for sale made of?

The materials of vintage bumper car for sale include FRP, steel plates, paint and rubber tires.

FRP of antique bumper car ride for sale

We manufacture high quality FRP which don’t include talcum powder. Talcum powder makes FRP look thick, but in fact it will crack after two or three years. We use multiple layers of fiber glass strands and polyester resin to create incredibly strong FRP. Even if you kick vintage dodgem cars for sale hard, there will be no cracks or dents on it. In addition, our FRP will not crack after being used for more than 20 years.

Steel plates of vintage dodgems for sale


For steel plates, we use national standard steels. They have their own serial numbers. This kind of steels are durable, and will not bend or break. So no matter how vintage bumper cars collide, they won’t be damaged.

Paint of vintage dodgem bumper cars for sale

In addition, We use 51 paint, a 30-year-old Chinese brand of paint. This paint is resistant to light, rain, cold, and heat. And it’s non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Rubber tires of vintage bumper car for sale

Besides, we choose wear-resistant and high intensity rubber tires.

Where can vintage bumper cars be used?

Vintage bumper car for sale can be used in various places: amusement parks, carnivals, parks, malls, attractions, backyards, indoor venues, etc.

Vintage amusement park amusement park bumper cars

As a classic amusement rides, bumper cars are so popular in amusement parks. Vintage dashing cars can recall the riders’ childhood memory and add charm to fairground. And compared with new style bumper cars, the speed of vintage bumper cars for amusement parks is faster. Besides, the appearance of old dodgem car for sale also simulate the real cars, and this advantage is not available in new styles.

Vintage dashing cars for carnivals

Battery vintage bumper car for sell are portable so you can invest them in carnivals and other mobile businesses. However, you need to be careful not to put the battery in during transportation. The battery must be transported separately.

Antique dodgem car for sale for backyards

If you are a collector, put some vintage bumper cars on sale in your backyards is a great idea. You may drive it freely and collide with your families, friends or lovers. Its antique style is full of a sense of age, making you feel like you are back in your childhood.

If you are interested in our vintage bumper cars, pleace fill in the blanks!