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Indoor Ferris wheel is Ferris we offer which are designed for indoor places. The sizes of them could be adjusted according to your needs, and the weight limits of them depend on size of them. Generally, they are mini Ferris wheel. Additionally, the age limit for people riding the indoor big wheel is 5 to 13 years old. You may set up them in indoor amusement parks, malls, bars, aquariums and so on. And its working principle is not complicated. We could provide double-decker Ferris wheel. Besides, we also provide outdoor Ferris wheels.

What styles of indoor Ferris wheels do we offer?

We provide single-decker Ferris wheels and double-decker Ferris wheels. They are in the shape of lotus leaves and decorated with cartoon characters. Besides, we can customize the shape and styles of them according to your requirements.

What are the technical data of indoor Ferris wheels?

Parameters of indoor Ferris wheel

Product properties Parameters
Area Size 6*4m
Height 6.5m
Voltage 380V
Power 5KW
Capacity 10/12 passengers
Volume 20GP(12m)
The back of the seat of the indoor Ferris wheel

Where could you set up indoor Ferris?

In fact, there are many places that you could set up an indoor riesenrad. For example, aquariums, malls, bars, indoor amusement parks, etc. As indoor Ferris wheel is kids Ferris wheel and mini Ferris wheel, we also have other outdoor small kids Ferris wheel which is suitable for these venues.

What is the age limit of indoor Ferris wheel?

In fact, indoor Ferris wheel is Ferris wheel for kiddie. We recommend children aged 5 to 13 to ride the indoor Ferris wheel. If children under the age of 5 ride the indoor big wheel, they need to be accompanied by parents.

How does a indoor Ferris wheel work?

According to the mode of operation, Ferris wheels can be divided into gravity Ferris wheels, spokeless Ferris wheels and viewing Ferris wheels. Indoor Ferris wheels are generally gravity Ferris wheels. The cabins of the gravity Ferris wheel hang from the wheel and are kept horizontal by gravity. And its structure is simpler than that of a Ferris wheel. The principle of operation of the indoor big wheel is two-stage deceleration movement. And the turbine reducer is used to decelerate and make the wheel move at a low speed. In addition, we use motors with well-known Chinese trademarks, which are durable and of best quality; and it ensure the smooth operation of the Ferris wheel.

In addition, the operational mode of kiddie Ferris wheel, double Ferris wheel, mini Ferris wheel is same to the indoor Ferris.

indoor clock Ferris wheel

Precautions for starting the indoor big giant wheel

First of all, you need to check the safety of the indoor observation wheels before starting the machine, which includes checking the external cockpit, safety protection facilities and internal motors for cracks or damage.

Secondly, several trial runs are required to confirm that there are no faults and freezes during operation before indoor observation wheel can be opened.

Then, you need to check the sanitation and check whether it is clean before starting the indoor big wheel. Clean and hygienic amusement equipment brings customers a good experience.

The precaution of starting it is same to double Ferris wheelkids Ferris wheel and mini Ferris wheel.

We also provide outdoor Ferris wheel!

Apart from indoor riesenrad, we also provide outdoor Ferris wheel. For example, kids Ferris wheel, double Ferris wheel, mini Ferris wheel and big Ferris wheel.

They could be invested in more venues, such as funfairs, theme parks, farms, waterfronts, carnivals, downtown, backyards, harbors and so on.

If you have a farm that is open to tourists, buying our outdoor Ferris wheel and putting it in your farm will bring you more income. Visitors sitting on the outdoor Ferris wheel can see nearly most of your farm.

You may also set up the outdoor Ferris wheel in the open-air bar. After drinking at night, guests ride the Ferris wheel to enjoy the night view. It is a great experience for them and add some additional income to you.

outdoor Ferris wheel

Our company is a professional manufacturer integrating design, production and sales, with a series of professional skilled workers. Many of our products are sold worldwide. Our company is with 20 years of experience and great reputation. In addition to indoor Ferris wheel, we also offer kiddie Ferris wheel, double Ferris wheel, mini Ferris wheel and big Ferris wheel. If you are interested in them, please inquiry us.

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