36 seats antique merry go round for sale

Product properties Parameters
Area Size ∅12m*4mH
Voltage 380V
Power 11KW
Capacity 36 passengers
Volume 40HQ(12m)

24 seats vintage carousel for sale

Product properties Parameters
Area Size ∅9m*5.2mH
Voltage 380V
Power 8KW
Capacity 24 passengers
Volume 40HQ(12m)

16 seats antique carousel for sale

Product properties Parameters
Area Size ∅7m*5.2mH
Voltage 380V
Power 4KW
Capacity 16 passengers
Volume 20GP(6m)

Antique carousel horse for sale are with old-fashioned style and adorned with many European style designs. They are suitable for kids and adults. We have carousel old rides with different numbers of seats and prices, like classic 36 seats carousel. And we offer various style antique merry go round for sale like antique sea themed merry go round and antique christmas carousel. We provide antique carousel for outdoor venues such as fairgrounds, parks and carnivals. And you may find them in indoor venues like malls. Apart from funfairs and carnivals, they can also be invested in orchards. Our company has more than 20 years of export experience, making reliable products that fit your business.


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Antique carousels for sale with different numbers of seats

We provide various sized vintage merry go round for sale with different numbers of seats. For example, 36 seats, 24 seats, 16 seats, 12 seats, 6 seats and 3 seats. In addition, we can also customize the sizes of the vintage merry go round and numbers of the seats.

Notes: this specification is a reference for you, more details, please contact us!

36 seats antique merry go round for sale

Antique 36 seats carousel horses are the largest carousels we have, and they are often invested in crowded places such as large fairgrounds, parks, carnivals. Worried that this carousel is not big enough? We can make larger antique horse carousel rides if you need.

24 seats antique carousel horses for sale

24 seats carousel horse antique for sale are medium carousels that suitable for waterfronts, small fairgrounds, and shopping centers. Nevertheless, if a lot of people in these venues, you may need larger antique merry go rounds. In addition, we offer 24 seats sea carousels, 24 seats outdoor Christmas carousels and 24 seats kids carousels.

16 seats on the antique carousels for sale

16 seats merry go round horses for sale are small antique merry go rounds that suitable for indoor venues such as restaurant, theme hotel and so on. We also provide other themed 16 seats carousels, including sea carousels, outdoor Christmas carousels and kids carousels.

What style of vintage carousels do we manufacture for your business?

In the range of vintage carousels, we also have a wide range of styles. Apart from following styles, we also provide vintage gold carousel, vintage sea carousel, antique wooden carousel horse. Moreover, we can customize style of antique merry go round horses you like.

double-decker merry go round for sale

Antique double-decker carousel for sale

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In addition to single-decker carousels, we also offer double-decker carousels. The double-decker carousel can carry more people, and it looks more magnificent. You can feel confident about its quality, because we use national standard steels and top-notch PVC. Its structure is sturdy enough to carry a double-decker carousel with riders.

antique animal themed carousel

Antique Palace style carousel for sale

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Antique palace style carousels are featured by European-style patterns and gold. Some of them have carriages. And we can add some cartoon characters to them. This kind of carousels are resplendent, and riders feel as if traveling in a palace While riding. As the most classic antique merry go round for sale, they are popular among riders and investors.

antique animal themed carousel

Antique animals carousel for sale

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The characteristic of Antique carousel animals for sale is that they are with riding seats looking like animals. We also offer a variety of styles of riding seats, such as giraffe, pig, sea creatures and ostrich. Besides, we could manufacture animals shaped riding seats you want.

Christmas antique carousel

Antique Christmas carousel for sale

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Antique Christmas carousel are full of Christmas festive mood, which is not only elegant but jubilant. You could set them in carnivals, funfairs, theme parks. As they are convenient to assemble, you could move one venue to another easily.

How do we offer antique carousels made for high quality?

The structure of the antique carousels

For manufacturing the top quality antique carousel horses, we use the best quality materials. The structures of our antique carousel horses for sale includes: national standard steel, steel structure parts, embedded iron parts, FRP(FRP Reinforce plastic), tarpaulin, polycarbonate board, spray-painted cloth and Q235 steel+ aluminum tube. Among them, sweep stay rods, cranking rods, and sweeps are made of steel structure parts. And center pole, platform and tracks are made of steel structure parts and FRP. Canopy of antique merry go round horse is made of FRP, and canopy of some other styles carousels are made of waterproof cloth. Rounding board is made of polycarbonate board and spray-painted cloth. Riding seats are made of Q235 steel+ aluminum tube and FRP.

Besides, the construction and material of our 36 seats carouselssea carousels, outdoor Christmas carousels and kids carousels is same to antique carousels.

construction of the carousel
details of internal construction of antique carousel

The quality of materials of the antique carousel horse for sale

All of these materials are environmentally friendly materials that do no harm to people. What’s more, they are durable, easy to maintain, and resistant to corrosion and aging. Apart from those material, the paint materials on the surface are all environmentally friendly car paints, which are not harmful to the people and are not easy to fade or peel off. From 3 seats small carousels to 36 seats big carousels, we guarantee high quality.

In addition, if you need riding seats, canopy or platform that made of wood of antique carousel horse for sale, we could customize them for you.

How popular are antique carousels among kids and adults?

How popular are antique carousel horses for sale among children and adults?

Vintage carousel horses, are also known as historical carousels, vintage carousels and old fashioned carousel, are widely popular among children and adults. When you open the search engine and search for “merry go round style”, you can see antique carousel horses displayed in the front. In addition, investors prefer to purchase old fashioned carousels as riders prefer antique carousels to other styles actually. We provide various antique carousel for kids and adults, such as cartoon antique carousels.

small antique carousel
medium antique carousel

What makes the antique carousel horse popular?

At first, it is classic style that has been around for years. And then, compared with many new merry go rounds, the classic ones are special and irreplaceable. Besides, the design of them are more exquisite and complex than new style ones. The rounding boards and center poles of antique merry go round horses are decorated with European style patterns, and with classic style seating rides which are like real war horses. Parents often ride these antique horse carousel rides in funfair with their children, and telling the history to the kids. People ridding on antique carousel horse will have a feeling of traveling back to ancient Europe.

Besides, we could decorate our carousels with antique patterns, such as our sea carousels, outdoor Christmas carousels, 36 seats carousels and so on.

Purchase vintage carousels at an economical price!

High price does not mean high quality, but low price may not guarantee the quality. Though we offer slightly higher prices than market prices, the quality of our antique carousel horses are guaranteed. We never use inferior materials to manufacture 1. Besides, our 1 will undergo strict testing in China. And multiple qualification certificates are required before they can be used. The price is reasonable and we ensure that the carousels will last for many years.

What factors does price depend on?

The price depends on sizes, for example, larger vintage carousel horse rides correspond to higher price. Apart from sizes, the price also depends on the amount of seats. For instance, 3 seats antique vintage carousel horse is economical, but antique 36 seats carousel will be more expensive. Besides, the price also depends on the drive mode. The lower drive mode is more affordable than upper drive mode, as upper drive mode carousel makes less noises. And you could put antique vintage carousel horse with lower drive mode in outdoor venues.

Discount and price reduction activities of old fashioned carousel rides

What’s more, if you purchase large quantity of antique carousel horses, or you buy them in our promotions like Christmas day, we will give you a lower price or a big discount.

How antique carousels bring benefits to you at the carnival?

Antique merry go round rides are with exquisite workmanship and intricate patterns, and has a touch of history. Riders riding on them are like riding in the palace of ancient Europe. In carnival, there are so many people. An antique antique merry go round horse will draw them to ride, which bring a lot of benefits to you. Riding on the carousel, riders feel the fun of riding, meanwhile they enjoy cheerful mood outside. What’s more, carousel horse antique for sale is portable and easy to assemble and disassemble, so it is convenient for you to set up in carnivals.

We also provide 36 seats carouselssea carousels, outdoor Christmas carousels and kids carousels for carnival.

Our company is with 20 years of experience and great reputation. Our firm is a professional company with our own factory, and the products are made by ourselves. In addition to antique carousel, we also offer 36 seats merry go round, kids merry go round, sea themed carousel and outdoor Christmas carousel. What’s more, we also provide various types of bumper cars, carousels, flying chair rides, Ferris wheels and scenic spots attractions. If you are interested in them, please contact us.

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