The double Ferris wheel for sale is a small Ferris wheel and that the front and back wheels can rotate. Its appearance is somewhat similar to that of a kiddie Ferris wheel; that is, double giant wheel is colorful and animated themed. And double deck Ferris wheel can also run at night. What’s more, double deck Ferris wheel is suitable for children, and nevertheless it has some advantages over the single deck kiddie giant wheel. Besides, double Ferris wheel ride has high security and is easy to install. It is the Ferris wheel which is suitable for indoor venues like mall and outdoor venues like fairground.

What are the differences between a double observation wheel and a single-deck Ferris wheel?

Compared with the single-deck Ferris wheel, the double deck Ferris wheel has a larger passenger capacity and higher income.

double-decker Ferris wheel

More suitable for places with high traffic

The passenger capacity of a double wheel Ferris wheel is twice that of a single-decker Ferris wheel. And the footprint of double wheel Ferris wheel is same to a single deck Ferris wheel. It is more suitable for places with a slightly larger flow of people, such as amusement parks, waterfronts and shopping malls. Of course, it is also an option if your aquarium and farm have many visitors.

Double the income

In terms of benefits, it won’t take up much space, but it can bring you double income. So if your venue is not very large and the traffic is relatively large, you may choose it. Notwithstanding it’s a bit more expensive than a single-deck Ferris wheel, it’s actually worth the money.

colorful double deck Ferris wheel

Illuminated double Ferris wheel ride that can be used at night is for sale

The double Decker Ferris wheel is decorated with many LED lights of different colors. The sparkling LED lights are very beautiful even in sunny days or during the day, and will attract children’s eyes. They can also run at night or on cloudy days, and they are even more dazzling and beautiful at night or on cloudy days. In this way, not only will it bring you benefits during the day and sunny days, but also at night and cloudy days.

People often feel listless on cloudy days and are not in the mood to ride rides. But children will also want to ride when they see the double Ferris wheel for sale with colorful lights installed.

Since many parents work during the day, they can only take their children out to play at night, so the double-decker Ferris wheel with colorful lights has become the amusement facility that children will choose.

Additionally, we also offer kiddie Ferris wheel, indoor Ferris wheel, mini Ferris wheel and big Ferris wheel with LED lights.

double deck Ferris with LED lights at night

Is it easy to assemble the double Ferris wheel for sale?

It is very easy to fit. The structure of the double giant wheel is not complicated and there are not many parts. It is similar to indoor Ferris, mini Ferris and kids Ferris. When shipping the double Ferris wheel for sale, we can mail it whole, which is easier to install, but requires a bigger box. We could also disassemble them into many parts and mailed, which requires a small box. However, the installation will take more time.

We will provide you the detailed installation instructions, drawings and video. Any question during the installation, we will guide you at any time。If you need someone to help you install, we could dispatch engineers to help you with the installation. Nevertheless, you need to be responsible for the engineer Round-trip ticket, visa, salary that is 120USD per day, and others.

Side view of the double-decker Ferris wheel

The internal structure of the double Ferris wheel for sale

The support structure of the skywheel double Ferris wheel consists of a bracket and a base.

The lower end of the support is connected on the base, and the two ends of the shaft in the center of the wheel are fixed on the top of the support.

The shafts of each layer are welded together with five or six iron rods. And the iron rods connect to iron chain and the cabin. As the double observation wheel consists of two wheels, there are 10 or 12 cabins.

In addition, the two wheels do not necessarily run synchronously, that is, the cabins on the two wheels do not necessarily rise or fall at the same time.

Besides, fair double Ferris wheels are also gravity Ferris wheels, just like indoor Ferris, mini Ferris and kids Ferris.

Can adults ride the double-decker Ferris wheel?

To some extent, a double deck Ferris is is classified as a small Ferris and a kid Ferris. So we recommend that the riders of double wheel Ferris wheel preferably be children.

First of all, the space in the cabin is not very large, and the height is not high enough. Therefore, adults may easily bump their heads when sitting in it. And if there are two adults sitting in it, they will feel very crowded.

Secondly, the theme of the double Decker Ferris wheel is more popular with children in that it is cartoon-themed and multicolored. What’s more, the height of it is not high so adults and teenage passengers may feel childish or not excited enough to ride.

However, for younger children, such as under 4 years old, it is best for parents to accompany with them. In this case, an adult can ride double Ferris with the child.

What is the quality of the double-sided Ferris wheel?

The double Ferris wheel for sale doesn’t collapse or tip over despite it occupies the same area as a single-deck Ferris wheel and has twice the passenger capacity.

The double Decker Ferris wheel is made of steel, FRP and spray paint.

Our steel is q235 excellent steel. The protective bar of the cabin and the bracket are made of it, which is very strong and will not break or be corroded and rusted.

The spray paint is 3 Trees lacquer, a top domestic well-known brand. It has no pungent smell, is not easy to fade, wear-resistant, and resistant to wind, sun, and rain.

The quality of these materials has passed the national quality inspection and has certificates. If you need them, you can contact us and we will show you the certificates.

In addition, the material of double Ferris wheel is similar to indoor Ferris, mini Ferris and kids Ferris.

manufacturing process of the crab mini Ferris

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