Thrilling scenic spots amusement facilitates are very attractive to people. And they can increase the income of the scenic spot and attract people to come to play. Sky bikes, cliff swings, and glass manufacturing amusement facilities, are all exciting amusement facilities.

The way to play sky bikes is to ride the bicycle from one end of a wire rope to the other. The way of playing cliff swing is that the tourists swing on the edge of the cliff. And they will be physically outside the cliff for a period of time as the swing goes up. The cliff swings and sky bicycles we provide are made of high-strength steel. And the safety protection measures are also very complete.

In addition, thrilling scenic spots amusement projects occupy a large area,and we also provide small venues amusement equipments. Besides, we also provide not scary projects which is for kiddies and family .

What are the structural details of the sky bike and cliff swing?

flying bicycle

Construction of the sky bike

The structure of the flying bicycles is the bicycle fixed to a steel cable on the frame. Safety device tether the rider  between the bike and the main cable above the cable. Rider need to strive to maintain balance.

thrilling cliff swing

Construction of the cliff swing

A cliff swing is a large swing with protection set on the edge of a cliff. It is taller and has longer ropes than a normal swing. The swing seat is connected to a chain, which is connected to a bracket at the top. In addition, safety devices to their seats ensure the visitors will not fall off the cliff during the swing.

These thrilling scenic spots amusement facilitates are of high quality and delicate processing. We are willing to give you the best products.

What are the precautions for riding flying bicycles and cliff swings?

As thrilling scenic spots amusement facilitates, sky bike and cliff swing may be too scary for some people. Thus, we recommend that you post a safety notice next to them to inform visitors in advance of their ride. These are precautions and safety notice:

What are the safety protection devices for thrilling scenic spots amusement facilitates?

We provide safety device for arms and back. It can wrap around a person’s arms and breast. It is also applies to glass-made amusement projects.

However, the age of user of them must be more than 14. In one scenic spot, two people fell off a cliff when they lost their balance due to safety suits, which were provided by another ride manufacturer. Apart from the quality of it is not good, the user is only 10 years old and thin. So safety protection device is not useful for him.

The safety device of the sky bike is attached to the top cable and the cable under the bike. And the safety of the cliff swing is connected by wire to the top of the steel frame and the seat for adding safety.

safety device of the sky bike

Where can I find a reliable manufacturer of thrilling scenic spots amusement facilitates?

In addition to the thrilling scenic spots amusement facilitates, we also have kids non-powered attraction rides, glass-manufactured scenic attraction rides, scenic attraction rides suitable for small places and scenic attraction rides for family. In addition to scenic rides, we also have sightseeing trains, bumper cars, carousels, flying chairs and Ferris wheels for sale. You are warmly welcome to contact us.

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