If you’re in the market for an electric trackless train ride, look no further! Affordable electric trackless trains from us(Chinese manufactuer) are now available for sale, offering a fantastic and eco-friendly transportation solution for various settings.

Trackless electric train rides can be used in amusement parks, shopping malls, or planning special events like festivals or weddings. Our electric trackless train rides are of diverse sizes, various themes and high quality, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride for passengers of all ages. The battery power supply method of them boasts remarkably low energy consumption and is environmentally friendly.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your transportation options and create memorable experiences for your visitors. Contact us today to inquire about our electric trackless train for sale to elevate your business!

We provide various themed electric trackless train for sale!

We manufacture many types of electric trackless trains. For example, we have trackless Thomas electric trains, trackless vintage electric trains, electric Christmas train, trackless hogwarts electric train, dragon trackless electric train, etc. Moreover, we can also customize themed electric trackless trains according to your requirement.

The first picture is Super Wings electric trackless train rides. Super Wings is a popular cartoon among kids. Thus, when kids see electric trackless train for sale on this theme, they will be more willing to ride it. Our Super Wings electric trackless train are almost exactly like the one in the cartoon. And we manufacture them with exquisite workmanship and quality materials to make them lifelike. Besides, it is semi-open to allow riders to stand up.

The second picture is elephant electric trackless train. To attract kids, we paint them in many colors. The elephant locomotive of the train is very cute and lifelike. And the details of elephant trackless electric train ride is well-crafted. Also, the material is high-quality. Additionally, trackless elephant electric trains are semi-open to allow riders enjoy the scenery better.

These are our products, but there are many more.

Parameters of electric trackless train rides

As for large electric train without tracks, we provide 16, 20,24, 27, 40, 56 and 70 seats electric trackless train rides.

Here I list the parameters of the 20-seat sightseeing train and the 40-seat sightseeing train. Contact me if you want know more details.

Notes: this specification is a reference for you, more details, please contact us!

20 Passengers Electric Trackless Train

Product properties Parameters
Capacity 16-20 people
Locomotive Size 3*1.05*1.86 m
Cabin Size 1.62*0.98*1.97
Coal Bucket Size 1.5*1.05*1.09 m
Power 4 kw
Battery 5 pcs 12V 150A
Turning radius 3m
Volume 20GP(6m)
Product properties Parameters
Capacity  40 passengers+2 drivers
Limit slope ≤5%
Cabin amount 4
weight 4.5 ton
Power Lithium battery pack/diesel engine unit
Running speed ≤25km/h
Turning radius ≥15m
Emergency Braking distance ≤0.5m
Locomotive Shape semi-enclosed/fully enclosed
colorful semi-closed electric trackless train ride for mall

40 People battery trackless train rides

40 seats trackless train battery powered for sale

Where are the most promising investment opportunities for electric trackless trains?

colorful semi-closed electric trackless train ride for mall

Strength of investing electric trackless train for sale in shopping mall

Electric trackless trains are usually used in malls and shopping centers in that they are safe and easy to charge. Thus you don’t often need to buy diesel which is consumed by diesel trackless trains.

In addition, investors don’t need to build railways that rail train rides run on. And electric mall trackless trains for sale are convenient to move and transport.

What’s more, the speed is not very fast so that they are suitable for viewing merchandise. Riders sit on them, tour around the mall and view various goods.

If you put it in the mall, kids perhaps ask their parents to come to the mall even if adults don’t want to buy something at first. However, after they come to the mall, adults may see something they want to buy and they shop.

Attractive electric farm trackless train for sale

Some clients buy our electric trains without tracks for their farms to attract tourists. Electric trackless train for sale helps people visit whole farms without walking. Clients make their farm into tourist attractions. For example, a client opened his tomato farm to tourists, and buy our electric farm trackless trains for his farm. Tourists rode these elecric trackless tourist trains tour around the farm happily.

And for these train rides are powered by battery that is convenient to charge, and you don’t need to buy fuel that is dangerous and difficult to transport. The battery is fully charged in 6-7 hours, lasting 8-10 hours depending on frequency, and can be used normally for more than 2 years, depending on the frequency of use.What’s more, the speed can be adjust as tourists like.

In addition, our ride-on train rides is also suitable for farms. It is open air and tourists could ride on the top of the train rides.

electric trackless train ride for farm
halloween backyard train rides

What merit do electric trackless trains for backyard bring to you?

A lot of customers buy our electric trackless train for sale for backyard to have fun. Not only children, adults also drive these train rides to tour around their backyards. Adults drive train rides with their children, or allow children to drive by themselves. As these trackless electric trains’ top speed is not high and speed can be adjusted by users, they are safe and suitable for backyards, village roads with few people, scenic spots, malls, amusement parks and so on. They are powered by battery and we provide a charger. It’s convenient to charge so that they are suitable for home. You don’t need to buy fuel if you buy this kind of train rides.

Besides, we also provide ride on train rides suitable for backyard.

What age is suitable for people to ride electric trackless trains?

kid electric trackless train for sale

Kids are fond of trackless electric sightseeing trains so that our electric trackless kiddie trains sell well. Kiddies would like to ride these trains to move around the backyard, parks, amusement parks, outdoor grounds and carnivals to enjoy the views and have fun. Many parents buy electric trackless train for kids. And they drive these train rides with their children in the village road to enjoy parent-child time. Speed of electric trackless kiddie trains is not very fast, and brakes work well. Therefore, the safety of riders is guaranteed. However, for the safety of the children, you had better not allow kids to drive trackless electric trains by themselves.

Our small electric trains without track are suitable for children, and the price is lower than large electric trackless trains. However, the quality of small or large train rides are guaranteed. We are committed to provide fine quality and good price for our clients. And we ensure riders’ safety and bring benefits to investors.

Beside it, we also provide kids ride on train rides with tracks and kids diesel sightseeing trains.

Electric trackless trains for adults

In reality, adults are also important customers in amusement parks. Adults need to ride rides sometimes to release pressure of life and work, and add more fun to life. So they often go to amusement parks, carnivals, outdoor playgrounds and so on. And as they can ride many rides by themselves, they can enjoy more rides than children. What’s more, some of them often go to amusement parks with their children; for their kids who want to play need their protection and help. We provide trackless electric tourist trains with fine quality and safety for adults in order to bring happiness and ease to them.

Our large electric trackless trains are suitable for adults, as adults are bigger than children. They could accommodate more riders and have a bigger capacity, so if your venue has high traffic, or your venue is large, you could choose large electric trackless trains for sale. Large electric trackless trains bring more benefits than small ones. And we provide high quality safety and security facilities.

We also offer adult trackless diesel train rides and adult electric trains with track.

How to choose electric trackless train manufacturers?

When selecting electric trackless train manufacturers, it’s essential to carefully weigh various factors to make an informed decision. Here are some key considerations: price, quality, safety, types, applicable places, applicable population, the profit that can be brought, etc.

Price: As a professional manufacturer, our company owns a factory and we produce trackless electric train rides by ourselves. Thus, we can provide affordable factory price for you. Meanwhile, suppliers and online marketplaces generally purchase products from manufacturers; and they increase the price based on the ex-factory price to obtain income in general. Therefore, buying trackless train ride for sale from us help you to save your money.

Quality: As a conscientious enterprise with more than 20 years of sales experience, we take great care of our reputation. We use best material to produce electric trackless trains for sale, including FRP, national standard steel, and top-notch 3-Tree paint. These premium material form exquisite, robust and wear-resistant electric trackless train rides.

Styles: We provide many styles of train rides for you to choose from. Besides, we can customize styles, sizes, colors, lengths, decorations, etc. according to your requirement. Additionally, we also provide electric train rides with tracks.

Applicable places: You could put electric trackless train rides for sale in many places including amusement parks, backyards, outdoor playgrounds, farms, scenic spots, malls and so on.

Applicable population: Electric trackless trains are suitable for all ages including toddles, kiddies, adults and the elders.

What range of sizes do our electric trackless trains come in?

Our electric trackless trains are available in a versatile range of sizes to suit a variety of needs and settings. Whether you are seeking to buy a battery powered trackless train for kids or adults; whether you’re looking for a compact train for a shopping mall, a local park or a larger, more spacious model for a bustling tourist attraction; we’ve got you covered. In addition, we can customize the size, capacity, width and length as your needs.

Our range of trackless electric trains for sale includes options from smallest, nimble trains that can comfortably accommodate around 10 passengers, to largest models that can carry up to 70 passengers. Both kids and obese adults can ride them. The width of small electric trains without track is short so they are flexible, and investing them in indoor venues like malls is a great choice. Meanwhile, the large electric trackless train rides are usually used in attractions.

The diversity in sizing ensures that our electric trackless trains can be tailored to fit any environment. From charming city tours to grand-scale events, they providing a wonderful trip for all.


The eco-friendly and convenient battery powered method of electric trackless trains

As a amusement rides often used in large venues, electric trackless trains should be used for extended periods in a single journey. Our convenient battery-powered electric trackless trains  is an exceptional choice for those looking to embark on joy journeys. The batteries of trackless train rides without tracks with great battery life create a excellent and carefree trip for tourists.

The battery life of electric trackless trains for sale can vary depending on the model, battery type and battery capacity. Our charming little train runs on a reliable and robust lead-acid battery system. Under normal circumstances, the battery life of battery trackless trains is usually between 6 and 8 hours. Besides, it also depends on speeds and frequency.

Besides, powered by efficient batteries, trackless trains battery powered produce zero emissions, making them a clean and environmentally responsible choice.


Our company is with 20 years of experience, excellent quality product and great reputation. In addition to electric trackless train rides, we also offer ride on train rides, Christmas themed train rides, tourist train rides and diesel train rides. What’s more, we also provide various types of bumper cars, carousels, flying chair rides, ferris wheels and scenic spots attractions. If you are interested in them, please contact us.

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