What is the most popular kid amusement ride? It must be kids pirate boat. Children pirate boat is a thrilling ride that swing from side to side, and the tilt angle can reach approximately 60-90 degrees. Children’s pirate ship bring excitement to kids and give them a sense of adventure. Because child’s pirate ships are popular, they are widely invested in many venues, such as fairgrounds, carnivals, parks, shopping malls, attractions, etc. As a reliable and professional manufacturer, we provide high quality yet economical pirate ship kiddie ride for sale in many styles and sizes. We provide 24 and 36 seats kids pirate ship for sale, and dragon themed, Caribbean themed kids pirate boat rides. Besides, we can customize the style of pirate ship for kid according to your needs.

 e.g. 24 seats viking ship ride for sale

Production properties Parameters
Equipment height 10m
Running height 6.7m
Rotation diameter 15.2m
Single side swing angle 50°
Capacity 24 people/boat
Running speed 8.3m/s
Equipment area 14m*7m
Drive power 15kw
Equipment usage fixed

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24 and 36 seats kid pirate boat, which one cater to your needs?

The 24-seater and 36-seater pirate ship kiddie ride have different sizes. 24 seats kids small pirate ship ride is smaller, and suitable for small venues and venues with low traffic. Meanwhile, 36 seats pirate ship kid are more suitable for large venues and venues with high traffic. Despite their differing sizes, both children’s pirate ship rides ensure the same level of excitement and joy for riders.

24 seats pirate ship kids ride for sale

24 seats viking ship ride for sale

Production properties Parameters
Equipment height 10m
Running height 6.7m
Rotation diameter 15.2m
Single side swing angle 50°
Capacity 24 people/boat
Running speed 8.3m/s
Equipment area 14m*7m
Drive power 15kw
Equipment usage fixed

36-seater pirate ship ride for kids for sale

36 seats swinging pirate ship for sale

Production properties Parameters
Equipment height 15m
Running height 11.7m
Rotation diameter 24m
Single side swing angle 60°
Capacity  36 people/boat
Top running speed 11.3m/s
Equipment area 16.6m*7m
Drive power 37kw
Equipment usage fixed

How much does a kid pirate ship ride cost?

Price range

$12000 – $49880

Where can you invest pirate ship kiddie ride in?

Kids pirate ship for sale are suitable for many fun places. For example, amusement parks, carnivals, parks, shopping malls, attractions, indoor playgrounds, etc.

What is the age limit for pirate ship kiddie ride?

We recommend kids over 3 years old to ride the pirate ship. Children of this range of age can feel the excitement of a pirate ship and have a sense of self-protection.

Besides kids, adults can also ride kids pirate ship ride.

pirate boat ride

Why do we recommend kids over 3 years old to ride kids pirate boat?

Kids over 3 years old don’t need the protection of adults, and they can enjoy the joy of the kids pirate ship play. Children under 3 years old are not very aware of the outside world, so they cannot be fully protected even with seat belts.

pirate ship boat ride

Can adults ride the pirate ship for kid?

Yes, adults are also suitable for riding on pirate ship kid. Many adults also need to play in the pirate ship kiddie ride on holiday and weekends to release the pressure and enjoy the fun time with families, lovers or friends.

What themes of kid pirate boat do we offer?

Dragon themed and Caribbean themed pirate ship kiddie ride are available for sale. In addition, we can also customize the styles of pirate ship kids ride according to your needs.

What is the charm of a dragon themed pirate ship ride for kids for sale?

The dragon themed kid pirate ship ride for sale is colorful, with 2 huge dragon head as the bow and stern. Besides, the colors of dragon kid pirate cartoon can be customized according to your needs. Its bright and delicate appearance can deeply attract kids, and bring them fantasy.

How do Caribbean themed kids pirate ship for sale attract kids?

The design of Caribbean themed children pirate boat is from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. Its appearance is vintage and simulated. So Caribbean style children’s pirate ship can attract kids who know the movie, and give them imagination space.

How do we manufacture the high quality kid pirate ship for our clients?

To make the high quality pirate ship kiddie ride, we use the best materials, including international standard steels, multi-layer fiberglass and old brand paint.

Materials of kid pirate ship ride

International standard steels: These steel plates are with their serial numbers that you can find them online. They are robust, rust-proof and not easy to break.

FRP: We have a special FRP workshop, and our workers use multi-layer fiberglass and polyester resin to make FRP. Besides, we don’t add any talcum powder to FRP, which make FRP look thicker yet easily crack.

Old brand paint: We use the paint with a thirty-year-old brand – 51 brand paint. It is smooth, weather-resistant and not easy to fall off.

production of swinging ship ride
FRP workshop of ship swing ride

Our professional manufacturing team

As a reliable manufacturer, we have more than 20 years of sales and manufacturing experience. And we have a factory over 20,000 square meters, with 60+ workers and 11 workshops. All of the production process are under strict supervision. Our dedicated workers and professional manufacturing team are committed to provide you the best quality child’s pirate ships.

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