Indoor bumper cars for sale offers an exhilarating and family-friendly amusement attraction. They can be a fantastic addition to any indoor entertainment center or amusement park.

These grid powered or electric-powered vehicles provide a thrilling experience within the safety of an enclosed environment.

They come in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes, making them versatile for different business needs.

Indoor bumper cars are equipped with innovative safety features, such as seat belts and shock-absorbing materials, ensuring that riders can have a fun and secure experience.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your business’s entertainment offerings or create a memorable experience for your patrons, indoor bumper cars for sale are a dynamic choice that can attract kids and adults.


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What are power supply methods of indoor bumper cars for sale?

There are two ways to power dodgem cars for indoor playland. There are suitable venues and respective merits of them. In addition, there are the parameters.

Grid powered bumper cars indoor for your business

Parameters of ground bumper cars

Product properties parameters
Size 1.9*1.15*0.85 m
Voltage 48 V
Power 350 W
Capacity 2 people
Weight 230 Kg
Speed 6.5 km/h

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Parameters are for reference only, please contact us if you want to know the specific details

Grid powered dodgems fit in amusement parks or other places with many customers, as they won’t run out as portable battery powered dodgems. Grid powered bumper cars run as soon as they are plugged in. As they rely on grids, they fit in firm venues such as amusement parks, dedicated bumper car fields, etc.

We provide ground grid bumper cars and ceiling grid bumper cars. The former is safer than the latter, and the latter is faster and more exciting. You may purchase them according to your needs.

ground grid bumper cars

Battery operated for sale indoor bumper cars for your venues

Parameters of battery powered bumper cars

Product properties parameters
Size 1.9*1.15*0.85 m
Voltage 24 V
Power 300 W
Capacity 2 people
Weight 200 Kg
Speed <6.5 km/h
Battery 2 pcs 12 V 80 A

Parameters are for reference only, please contact us if you want to know the specific details

If you buy battery operate indoor dashing cars, you don’t need to set up grids on the ceiling or ground. In this way, you save a lot of cost, and it is not troublesome to build the venue. You just need to surround your venue with an inflatable fence. And this venue is moveable so you may invest it in carnival and some moveable places.

Besides, battery operate indoor dashing cars fit in more places than Grid powered ones. Besides amusement parks, they are also suitable for shopping centers, parks, communities, large rooms, etc.

indoor multi-colored battery powered bumper cars

What are the advantages of indoor bumper cars for customers of different ages?

Customers coming to drive indoor bumper cars are of different ages; since the character traits of them are different, we provide various kinds of dodgem cars suitable for them. Please allow me to introduce our products for different ages now.

kids 2-seater bright battery powered bumper car

Release adults‘ stress and ensure their safety

As popular amusement rides among adults,  indoor bumper cars forsale for adult bring them thrilling feelings and release their stress of work. In indoor venues, they could crash and experience the thrill of hitting a wall and others’ cars. Meanwhile, they are safe in that our indoor dashing carts are robust.

1 seat bumper car for sale

Indoor dodgems for your decorated venues attract kids a lot!

Kiddies are more likely to be drawn by indoor bumper cars than adults in amusement parks, as they loving to play and don’t consider cost, and the scene where the cars in the room collide with each other is actually exciting.

If your venues are colorful, lighted, decorated with many cartoon or animal images, and the glass and door are large and transparent, they will likely stop and ask their parents to let them drive dodgem cars.

We supply cartoon, animal, ocean themed bumper cars for kiddies. In addition, you could customize dashing cars of themes you need.

baby toddle little kid indoor 1 seat bumper car

Advantages of & place for mini bumper cars for toddles

Indoor bumper cars for toddlers could help children exercise their limbs, make their limbs more flexible, and enhance their sense of direction. What’s more, they could bring toddles happy hours.

Some parents also buy indoor dodgem cars as birthday gifts for toddles and place them in backyards, large rooms or basements. Thus, indoor dashing cars for toddlers sells well among parents.

We have various themed bumper cars for toddles, and you could customize styles or sizes you like.

New bumper car for indoor venues are available for sale!

Recently, we have launched a new indoor dodgem – Indoor inflatable dashing car. It involves some advantages compared with classic dodgems: light, round and bouncy, and can be used on water and ice! So they are also called electric bumper boats. They are battery powered, and are easily charged.

Different sized indoor bumper cars for sale!

We manufacture different sizes of indoor dashing cars with different numbers of seats.

battery powered colorful bumper boats

1 seat indoor dodgems for sale

1 seat indoor dodgem cars for sale are of small capacities and spaces. However,  1 seat indoor dodgem cars for sale are suitable for kiddies and adults. The safety belts can be adjusted to cater to people of different sizes.

Different from car shaped 2 seat dodgems, they are round. And 1 seat indoor bumper cars can spin under the control of passengers, which bring more excitement to them. Besides, we can add some LED lights to 1 seat bumper cars to make them glow at night.

indoor big 2 seats ground grid bumper cars

2 seats indoor dashing cars

2 seats indoor dodgems are generally car-shaped which provide riders with a feeling like driving a car. The space of them are larger than 1 seat bumper cars. And 2 seats indoor bumper cars are for adults and kids. What’s more, 2-seater indoor bumper cars indoor are family-friendly, because a parent can drive it with a kid in it. On weekends or holidays, parents can ride it in indoor venues to enjoy parent-child time.

What places can indoor bumper cars for sale be used?

Besides ground, indoor fairground bumper cars could be used on not only ground but ice and water! And this kind of dodgem cars are powered by battery.

Indoor bumper cars on ice increase your income in summer. Generally speaking, the income of amusement parks in summer are not as good as that in autumn and spring. However, riders will feel cool and fancy when they drive indoor dashing cars in an ice-ground room in summer. And the temperature of the venue won’t be too cold. In this way, they could enjoy the fun of indoor dashing cars in hot days as well as relieve heat, so they will be willing to drive bumper cars in summer.

indoor round bumper car on ice

Where to buy fine quality indoor bumper cars?

When you want to buy high quality indoor bumper cars, you need to pay attention to these points of dodgem cars: material, durability, maintenance rate, safety, warranty period, etc.

We provide best quality indoor bumper cars for sale for you, and value our fame. Our dashing cars are made of metal or PVC material which are durable and safe. We provide one year guarantee, and gives establishment video/pictures/engineers directions and client manual for you.

Additionally, the material of our electric bumper boats is same to indoor bumper cars.

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Above all, there are a great variety of indoor bumper cars for sale. Have you found the bumper car you are looking for? In addition to indoor bumper cars, we also offer kids bumper cars, amusement parks bumper cars, adult bumper cars and electric bumper boats. What’s more, we also provide various types of bumper cars, carousels, flying chair rides, Ferris wheels and scenic spots attractions. If you are interested in them, please contact us.

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